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Thursday, December 30, 2004

finally a day of R&R

posted by frances_sha @ 11:45 PM  
yeah! i finally finish formatting all the comps for my dad. initially i plan to finish by friday one. but as i was gian peng to use a kbox $10 voucher which is expiring this dec, i decided to rush my stuff to finish them on thurs so that fri i can go out and use the voucher. however, i was blur and forgot that fri is NYE. so meaning that kbox will bound to extort more money from us. so gian peng me will still lose even if i use the voucher. and so the ktv session muz be brought forward one more day. which is today. and btw, i had been banned to go out for the past week as my ability to finish formating all the comps is doubt by my mum (actually myself also doubt myself cos its realli v little time). so therefore if i want to go out on thurs, meaning that i will need to work 2 days ahead of my initial schedule so that my mum wont have anything to say when i go out on thurs. therefore i started to do OT from mon-tues, by bring home the pc to reformat. and this caused me to sleep every nite not earlier than 3am. and on wed nite which is yesterday nite, i stayed in the office until 9pm to finish off my last comp. last night stay caused me gastric pain terribly as i missed my dinner and lunch that day. anyway i was glad that i finish everything by 9pm last nite as i thot i will have to stay up until 4am to finish everything.

however, things are not gg on smoothly as what i thot lo! early this morning when i was on the way to meet jerry, lingxin, kunfeng and yuquan(kf fren) for ktv, my mum called and told me that theres some prob with the head office comps and ordered me to go over to head office(at macpherson) immediately. so niao! i was already on the way happily to kbox. so happy and relax after working for so hard for one wk. and now she want me to cancel my R&R and work again??!! no way! but i just told her that i will call the head office first and see what the problem is. after calling them, i find that the problem is a small prob, as well as a big one, cos i am not confident of solving it. haha.. anyway i told my that it is immpossible for me to go down there to solve the "small prob" at tt time and forsake my dear ktv pals. so my mum take for granted that i will go ktv first and go down to office once i finish my ktv haha! well actually i dun have such plans as i already agreed to go shopping with tt niao william after ktv.

well, today went to ktv with kf, yuquan(kf fren), lingxin and jerry. haha. ya so jerry got to meet up with this "legendary Mr A"! hahahaha.. and i think jerry was again facinated with singing wu ding with kf. well jerry, u already had wc, next u have will, and now u still want to go for kf. so greedy. nv save him for me. haha! well.. but i muz say that i think i realli succeeded in uncrushing him liao! :) yeah finally for being tied down to him for almost 2 years... well the first song yuquan sang was duet with him. and after that is all duets with him also. kaoz! singing all the love songs together leh! in front of me! is he trying to tell me something??!!! but so what?! anyway suprisingly i find myself feeling nothing for him liao. i think if in the past if i see such scene i will go toilet to cry liao..so does that means that my feeling for him is gone? well and i even find him quite compatible with yuquan and told this to jerry. well. i realli find that they looks compatible. haha yah i think she looks so much compatible with him than me. well actually i feel that he is rather close with her. always saw some hanky panky gg on bet them. hope that they are together one day! hehe..

heh.. haha as usual we always "cheat" kbox when we go. haha! cos this time round there is another free rider again. william is psychoed to come to join us at ktv after his meeting haha. so he reach at around 1pm. but it's really not v worth it cos our plan will ends at 2pm. but haha william best loh. at the counter outside, cos there usually will have a chart. so if u reach there later than ur friends, u juz need to look for ur friend's name outside to check which room ur friend is in and look for him/her. then the counter pple will add one more person in the bill. however, william is best loh! why? cos he dun recognise my name, but tell the person his friend is Koh XX.. hahha. since when my surname is koh! hahah.. sympathy to that room. will have to pay for one more person if they nv take note of their bill hahah.. ok back to will, then after that he msg me ask which room we are in and come to find us. so when he is in there, haha.. it seems like the kbox staff there (includ the manager i guess) are quite blur. here unlike the prev time when we go to the paradiz branch, where wc and will have to take turns to go toilet in order not to be found that we have one more extra person. well, today no one left at all everytime even when the staff comes in to bring in drinks or food and even when the manager comes in for the bill. hahaha.. nobody realise that there are actually 6 person there and our bill only reflected 5persons. but it doesnt realli matter to us. cos in the end some pple not sharing with us, so the rest of us is stil paying the same $6+.. then on top of sneaking in one more person, haha we stayed there to sing until 3.30pm while we are only suppose to sing till 2pm! hahaha.. kbox is good. nv chase us or cut our songs away one.

well.. will is niao. once he came in, he started to ORDER me to sing this sing that and said that the purpose of him gg there is to hear me sing. then after that he played with the coaster. so childish.he think he is filming shuan tian zhi zun loh. and hallucinate that the coaster is the cards. then he started throwing the "cards" at me but its actually the so-much-heavier coaster. and in the end one of the coaster hit my mouth and so my lips hit my teeth. so niao! it realli hurt and i think i felt a sore there liao. if tmr i get an ulcer, he shall get it from me. then after that he commented that y i wear my demure shoes and commented that i shldnt anyhow wear new shoes. muz keep them until they are out of fashion or keep until they turn foggy then wear loh. so niao.

my demure shoe which i bought on xmas day.

oh then after that he say he go and try on the shirt which lingxin bought for him for xmas present. and he say it looks v nice. so i get the implied terms: on xmas when he look at his present, he feel his present sucks. kaoz! how can he judge lingxin and my taste like that! and niao him say that it looks nice bcos it is worn on him. oh then after that i ask jerry did he nv wear his gay shirt. hahah! u know what he says? he say that he shall keep that shirt till CNY then wear that it! wow! juz see how's the diff. from this we can see how much jerry treat yf's present. he highly regards her present and feel that her present is so good that can only be worn during the CNY where he could go around wearing it to show to all his relatives that it's the shirt bought by his darling loh! opps.. ahhaahhaa!!

then will spotted my new tai tai bag.

i thot he recognise that it is a new bag and ask me to pass over for him to see. but it's not loh! u know what he did? he went to try to squezz in his laptop into my tai tai bag. SO NIAO!!!!! can u imagine ? such a demure bag with a heavy laptop inside. then wat? he left to go for lunch after sitting in for abt half an hour. and he left his laptop in my bag. so he muz be expecting demure me to carry it for him! making use of me again! and after he say that its for my own good. wtf. and i was really kind to him to carry it for shopping loh. from cineleisure walk all the way to taka.. and i really cant stand it liao. lingxin also like look at me and ask "are u sure u want to help him carry this thing all the way?" kaoz what had this world become to. so i decided to stop helping him. hahah. lucky i succeeded and make him carry my bag instead. btw, jerry finally manage to finish his film today after taking pic at the kbox there... haha. that film gonna be his memories of his first smu holiday.

well. the purpose of gg to taka is bcos will need to get a new bedsheet. with jerry of cos. haha. i got alot of edvidence. but all in lingxin hp. haiz cos my hp batt too low to take pic liao. so sad. then the 3 of us (me lx and jerry) accompany him to buy his stuffs. kaoz. actually jerry stay there can liao mah.. this kinda things we are so awkard being there... hahah anyway, in the end it seems that both of them cant get down on the same design as will likes stripes alot. and jerry likes those cute cute ones. but there wont be any cute cute stripes bedsheet around. so i guess they will go and shop for more in days to come. anyway, will still bought himself a stripes bedsheet. btw, we met jian xun at the home fair at taka. haha.. he was shock that how come i know the niao will.. and as usual, he pester me ask when can me and joyce meet him to continue our bible study classes. then after buying the bedsheet, will continue to shop for his house phone. and after that, we are all bit hungry and we decided to go down to mac and which we met jian xun again but this time with a beautiful lady.. wow.. and lustful will keep eyeing at her. and yar. i experience quite a lot of touch from him today again. but everytime he deny that its a touch, say its a kick, a pinch.. whatever.. and he even say he wanna show me whats call the touch. yucks! so i tell him he shld demostrate it on jerry instead so i can see a clear view. haha! back to mac, ya and i met lingyun there also. haha. lingyun lost her voice liao. yar then juz when we are abt to sit down at mac, my mum called me and ask me to go home for dinner. and said that my dad is coming to pick her up at far east plaza and she asked me to go over there so my dad could pick me up also. so i told them that i am not joining them for dinner and i got to leave for far east plaza now. well, intend to give lingxin a lift. but that gian peng will also gian peng the ride. so he also nv eat at mac liao and left with me and lingxin to far east plaza. but before gg there, he bought a sundae. oh yar so juz now after he bought his bedsheet, he actually took out his laptop from my demure bag and place it in the paper bag together with his bedsheet and his house phone. so now, its like .. he keep nagging and naggin, saying that he cant eat his sundae with him carrying all these stuffs. so niao. expect me to carry for him again! initially i dun want to carry for him one. pls loh can u imagine how heavy the bag was? inside theres his laptop, which already weight abt 2kg, then got his bedsheets, and his house phone. kaoz. but i give in to his naggin and see that he realli had a prob carrying all his stuffs and eating his sundae at the same time. so nice me decided to help him. haiz what had this world come to? gals shop with the guys. and had to carry the things they bought??!!! will, u are so fortunate that u met me loh. and i carry all these heavy stuffs and to walk from Taka all the way to far east plaza. lucky he finish his sundae at lucky plaza and carry back his stuffs. but no use liao, my hands are all red by then. so cruel to me. make demure me carry such heavy stuffs. will, u owe me a lot of favours loh. u better do something. tell u i like the pink E800 liao. pls go and get it before they are all gone cos its a limited edition.

well.. realise that i had so much to say tonight.. haha.. anyway, i will continue to bakup on my xmas nite bloggin. and hopefulling can finish it soon.

Monday, December 27, 2004

running nose christmas.. =C

posted by frances_sha @ 1:41 AM  
I regret to inform that the blogger is unfit to blog for the past 2 days because she had been busy being a toilet paper girl(actually toilet paper is too chor for the blogger. i am using toilet paper girl[i mean only the phrase] juz becos its more commonly used. anyway the blogger is using the soft paseo tissue paper- the one that even the niaos would like to use it for their nest. note that this doesnt imply that i am niao bcos i dun use it for nest.)

she had been feeling headache and dizzy the whole day, with a super ultra nv-stop-running nose. wonder is the prev night's "2.4 run around parco" the cause to activate the nose running??
well, had used up 3 packet of tissue today while out to my 6-yr-nv-met pri sch friend shuhui's birthday party. I nearly fall asleep while driving on the way home just now. Thank God that i am still save and sound to blog now.

btw if u wonder y i am so sick and i am still bloggin in this wee hour.. well all thanks to my mum. i said i wanted to take panado, but panado is finished liao. so she say that panado is no good for health, and she suggest me to drink very concentrated tea. and so i drank 2 cups of v concentrated tea. those really dark ones... and now i cant sleep.. no doubt i still feeling super headache and sleepy, but i cant really sleep!

hope that tmr the blogger will get better. cos she had a number of secrets to reveal about her discovery of some of the underlying hanky panky other than those above the tables.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

MIC outing

posted by frances_sha @ 10:19 AM  
yesterday went for the MIC outing... a ktv session at Sunlight KTV. it was quite a last minute decision. cos i was again waiting for the 'legendary' Freehand software to arrive before i can format the computers. and again, i did not come. so until this noon then i will know if i can go. and again, as i was leaving the office, my mum comp suddenly had problems and i was ordered to solve it. so in the end i arrived at the ktv only at 2.30pm where we are suppose to meet at somerset mrt at 1.30pm or outside sunlight ktv at 2pm.... normally i am nv late for ktv session. cos its the same principal like i going for my organ lesson. the latter u r, the more loo gee u are.. so today i lose out alot(this thing i am quite gp.. 30mins to me is alot)...

there are abt 10 person there. of which 5 of them are ex-cos. haha so jialat.. which means actually theres only 5 person attending the outing. anyway i was glad that elaine also went. cos previously jio her for the ktv session she say she cant come... too bad i nv take any pic today but the seniors got take pic using digi cam.. but dunno when then i get to see the photos...

the seniors put in some games in the session. cos meant to break the ice. haha. the first game the loser is the president. then her forfeit is to go out to another room.. ask a stranger to come to our room and sing a duet with her. well she was lucky that there's a room with only one guy! haha.. so quite easy.. tat guy is quite easy going and since he is alone, no need sec thots and he came over... they sang "Ni Zhui Zhen Gui"... a song by jacky cheung and gao hui jun. well i muz comment that tt guy sang realli quite well.. but come to think of it.. he quite poor thing, come to ktv alone. sing to himself only. haiz hope i wont be like that one day... but i am worrying.. cos i used to think that shopping alone is silly and show how lonely u are... but i realise i have been shopping alone quite much.

alright the second game is done in teams. and before the start of the game, i already predicted i will lose. cos firstly, i am in same grp as the president. secondly this round is damn hard.. we are suppose to link song names. i am realli bad at song names. haha and yes we indeed lose. our forfeit even more worst. my team got 2 gals plus a guy. so they make us present the song Ai Ni by cyndi wang. haha. and the guy is suppose to sing it and we gals are suppose to dance. so chor. i nv dance loh.. but how.. lose liao muz admit defeat lah.. so dance abit loh... haha.. think i am even more sporty than the president who juz stone there. btw, i think this guy in my team is cute. he's quite shuai and sing v well. haha. its realli very well. comparable with Mr A. but definitely more shuai than Mr A. hahhaha... enjoy listening to him singing Shin songs. so powerful. wonder if he got gf or not... muhahhahahah.. kidding....

well. i won a present at this outing for being the most participating member. haha. the last outing i also won the prize. haiz how great it will be if i am as participating in class.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

what am i doing nowadays??

posted by frances_sha @ 10:58 AM  
more and more pple are wondering what am i busying these days.. so busy that i nv come online liao.. i am sorry that made u guys miss me so much. >;<

well.. haha know why am i so free now to blog. haha cos i am downloading the bloody slow and damn long service pack 2. y? cos i need to refurbish about 10 pcs at my dad office. and i have about only 8 days to do it. sian. and y i need to refurbish so many pc? dun be niao and think that my dad business is selling pc at sim lim sqaure (at least one of my fren had already thot so.. ). actually is bcos theres a revised in the intellectual property law, that from 1st jan 2005, any person caught using pirated software will be considered as a criminal offence and can be jailed. so my dad is paranoid about this and afraid that there's isnt any pirated copy of any software on all his company's PCs. so need to reformat all the pcs and re-install everything. so after this task, i think i can reformat pcs with my eyes close liao.

however, due to our human nature that human always do things on the last minute, seems like all singapore bosses are rushing to get their license done. including my dad. haha. so it takes the licensing co as well as freaking macromedia to take a bloody long time to get the paper licensed and CD media done. waited 1 week plus liao. still cannot have them. as time passes, meaning that i will have lesser and lesser time to reburbish all the pcs. if i dun have enuff time to do, then i have to continue doing even after school starts.

reading yanfang blog about all the movie reviews, i find myself such a poor thing. the last movie i watched is school for seduction. and this holiday what movies i watched? only briget jones and sch for seduction. i missed The Incredibles and National Treasures. everyone watched on their own. then some watched with their dear ones so thin skin me would not want to go and watch with them and light up the whole theatre. i am so destiny to be alone.

anyway, glad that this week there's no more practices at night. so happy :) juz that on the actual night, 24th dec need to go for final rehearsal at 5pm. oh ya.. we are informed that we could only wear white round neck tee on that night cos we will be wearing the choir gown which is a low neck one. so sad, cant wear my fav colour (black) clothes liao. but on the bright side, it will be the most budget xmas i have as i do not need to shop for xmas clothes hahahha..

Monday, December 20, 2004

people are missing me

posted by frances_sha @ 4:29 AM  
hey. people are missing me.. and pester me to blog. but all dears, so sorry i was damn tired these days.. like last week, except for mon, i need to go to church everyday for prac for xmas items. meaning tues, wed, thurs, fri, sat(one of the event date), sun(gg for service, so not counted la.. haha)... and some of the days we will even prac till 10.45 and i will reach home near 12am.. haiz..

well.. so now u know y i forsake my blog for so many days liao?? but tired is just one of the reasons.. as usual.. church politics can make me feel sian and helpless also.. 2 events i performing, both got church politics problem.

as usual, our singing are criticised.. and YY couldnt take it... and starting to get pissed... and in the end she slammed her file and said that she is not singing liao and started crying... and the same goes to our pianst, kz... then me and yimei are like so dunno what to do... sometimes i cant understand y some pple can take things so seriously.. but maybe tats bcos she is YY.. her character cant help it.. however glad to see that her new bf alvin is realli good to her.. can let her scold anything she wanted.. and nv rebut at her.. and can even console her.. haha.. which we can nv find these kind of attributes from 'the prev alvin'(anyway, dun get confused, its juz that her prev and present bf are both called alvins)..

then again for Ben.. haha got to confirm that he is act quite sensitive also. yimei ask him to sing softer cos he sing v loud. well.. he interpreted it as 'yimei say my singing sucks'... wats wrong with guys nowadays man.... but i told yimei that many times during our normal service practice, ben could play a lot of things on the guitar.. but everytime during the actual service, he nv play at all.. and juz anyhow played.. so i told her.. now he sing so loud rite.. maybe actual day he dun sing at all... haha gotcha.. he realli almost pang sei bryan.. and like only bryan is the only male voices.. so in the end pple commented that gals voice are too strong so theres too much trebble.. so the thing become quite sharp...

however from all these conflicts, i give thanks to God. give thanks that He put junmin as our leader.. and i realli see how God lead him and us thr all these practices and i learn from him as i see how each time he can resolve the conflicts, how he depended on God each time. i think theres so much for me to learn from him as being a leader.

then for the prac with the church choir which we are performing on 24thdec... haha also not v nice experience. as we, as the young and unprofessional.. one who nv been thr the formal classes of choir singing.... we are singing with the professional uncles and aunties from the choir who might have even started singing before we are borned... so the first 'comments' we heard is "haiyo.. they are singing with 'kid's voice'.. how to blend with them??" this is quite hurting to hear when we go for prac for the first time. then after abt 3 practices, we are finally given "extra lessons" by the instructor. so we are taught to sing in a way which "we should not focus too much on the lyrics" cos at youth service, the songs we usually sing like pop songs with more focus on what lyrics u r singing. in other words, the yao zi must be clear. now we are told that our this characteristic is clashing with the choir and we should not focus so much on the lyrics. so we are taught to sing certain words 'unproperly'.. so jia so fake.. so unnatural. then when me and yimei are pracising ourselves, i find that in the end, instead that we should NOT be focusing so much on the accurateness of our lyrics pronounciation, however we end up focus so much to get the fake and unnatural way of singing out the lyrics. Then the third critisization is that whenever someone sing a wrong note, the choir appear to look at us. and we heard "cannot everytime sing by feelings one. muz go according to score".. ok this point although i admit its true that we must follow, but i believe that its not always us making the mistakes.. in fact the mistake part is the most highest part where all of us cant reach.. so obviously its not us making the mistakes.

haiz. how come it realli seems that i am bloggin all the dark sides of my church haha... well dun get the illusions tat my church is dark ok.. but indeed i would say that my church is both warm and cold... mm however at least throughout these practices, i got to know yimei better. she is such a nice lady.. haha i admit that i heard too much rumours abt her that she is suck up, diff to work with.. haha. but in fact i dun think she is. she is a nice sister that can juz talk abt anything. and anybody. so she can talk to any age group. so powerful. great comm skills. and i am glad that we did share similar point of view on all things.. well, this is a wonderful start with her.

ok nv know that i blogged so much today. think i miss my blog quite a lot. so i gonna sleep liaoz.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

sun tanning day

posted by frances_sha @ 9:57 AM  
initially wanted to "do my homework" last nite. but i was too tired to do so after the intensive prac for this sat event. so i shall do it the next morning which is now. anyway i always hand in late homeworks one.

yesterday together with lingxin, yanfang, joyce and jerry, we went to east coast park AGAIN. haha its the third time i went to the beach in a sch holiday. and i believe theres more to come eh.

and again this morning i am rushing to go out. so for more exciting stories to come, pls stay tune at http://francesxue.blogspot.com

in the meanwhile u can enjoy the photos we took under the sunny sun yesterday at East Coast Park.

Monday, December 13, 2004

busy sunday

posted by frances_sha @ 5:34 PM  
haiz. initially wanted to blog in the morning.. but in the end i think its better to work first cos i know that i will not be able to go kayaking tmr if i cant finish my work today.. hehe so
now more or less done liaoz..

well.. yest was a busy sunday for me again.. but better than the prev one cos i have one lesser prac to go.. but dun think it makes any diff also cos i also stay in church from 11am to 5pm..
this sat will be the performance liaoz, i am kinda starting to worry after going thr the sunday prac.. think we gonna pray hard...

practicing in progress.. alvin, chuanyao and kaizhen...

then after the prac i went down to Orchard to look for my mom as i need to get a gown to wear on my cousin wedding soon in HK. mm. sadly speaking, theres so many nice nice ones.. and not too exp.. but i-cant-wear-them! shucks. really hate shopping for gowns. make me feel so demoralise.

haha.. but i was glad that i finally found the right bikini for me. yes, yanfang, i finally bought a bikini. its a blue one. bought it at the bikini shop opp my dad's shop at far east plaza. The
lady boss is kind enuff to give me a 10% disc.. haha i took a pic and da-da!

and cos last nite my dad went for a wedding dinner.. so in the end me and my mom are suppose to hang ard at orchard until my dad come and pick us.. which means we are suppose to stay there till ard 10.30.. however we find that by 9.30 most shops are closed liao... so in the end we did something terrible to urselves... opps.. haha we went to Haagen Daz! no choice lo.. being the only place that closes at 12am in that area. mm.. at first realli feel quite guilty cos the time is already 9plus.. still eat ice cream.. haiz. but think of my favour Macadamia Brittle and Strawberry.. cant think so much liaoz. so we ordered a chocolate fondue.. haha got everything i liked! too bad by the time we are ordering, we are told that there is no more fondue for 2.. only left for 1.. no choice loh.. we had to order that.. so within a short period of 15 mins we finish the fondue.. where we are suppose to stay there for 45 mins.. haiz. too bad this is ice cream and ice cream cant wait. so after hoggin the seats for 15 mins, we decided to order one more.. if not quite pai seh.. so we ordered a banana spilt. feel so gulity of myself.. eat so much ice cream.

anyway, i got a $10 voucher from kbox! it will expire 31st dec. so muz go soon. anyone interested?

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Junhao and Jenny Wedding

posted by frances_sha @ 11:19 PM  
Today went to a church wedding of a quite a close friend of me in church.. well, they are seniors of mine.. haha.. used to see jenny keep rejecting junhao at first..i think for about 2 yrs.. jenny still dun accept him as bf! haha but i wonder what junhao actually did in the end that touched jenny's heart.. hehe and best thing is i am surprise they got married so fast after starting the relationship.. below are some of the pic taken today:

the big youth family!

the small timothy fellowship(my fellowship) family.. but dun bother to look for me inside.. cos i am at my baptise class with xiaoyu when the photo taking took place.. sianz!

timothy fellowship take two

haha lucky i brought my own digi cam! so what if i missed the photo taking session? i can still take pictures myself!

and of cos how could i missed the chance to take an intimate pic with the bridegroom?!!! muahhaha (omg how short am i... no la act is the the bride and bridegroom too tall liaoz..)

xiaoyu aka fish and me!

me and emcee of the day, Weishun.

my mentor and me.

me and the proud mother-to-be, amy.

haha post one more pic juz to show how big amy's tummy is.. anyway the expected date of delivery is end of Dec.. which is quite close liao..

he is my photographer for most of the shots. thanks Weiliang!

naughty BRYAN TAN! ask him to help me take a photo, he took my cam and face it himself.. what a gross photo haha...

well anyway, i am a calculative person. i still help him take photos. ermm.. well bryan(left) and yimei(right) could be the next weds!

late night chat with Mr A....

posted by frances_sha @ 9:21 AM  
hahhahhahaha.. last nite i had a good chat with Mr A! although not v long(abt an hour) but i think its fruitful i feel.. initially we are discussing abt today's cell group by sms.. but after 5 smses, i feel that its so troublesome, so i gave him a call.. and its already about 1.15am.. haha. so we talk from today cell group to jenny's wedding.. and to his push music.. then after ard 20 mins, i started to say that i wanna sleep liaoz. but dunno y some new topic came up again and we continue to chat.. and in fact this thing goes on abt 3 times.. haha.. then he say y not call his house as he feel quite uncomfortable to talk for long time using HP.. haha i thot: isnt that i said i wanna sleep liaoz.. u still ask me to call ur house?? haha.. but even so.. even iam so sleepy, i still call his house as we are half way thr a discussion.. haha.. and u know wat?? sometime later, he asked me y i am not online these days!!!! muhahah (act i am blocking him, sometimes i juz dun wanna let him know that i am online...) actualli i will block him every now and then... and everytime i am juz wishing that he might miss me if he hadnt seen me online for some time.. haha gotcha! this time he realli notice! i am so trilled!! so i told him i am busy these days.. no time to go online.. haha opps i said a lie.. haha i shld have asked him if he miss me is it... but normalli i am not as flirtish with him as compare to some other pple... (hehe yf u noe who..) so its quite abnormal to ask such qn... haha as usual.. we keep saying lets end the call and go to sleep.. but we keep continuing after that.. haha yah everytime like that... then last nite he even said oh.. he is not sleeping so early.. so if i wanna chat longer, he can chat with me... wahahahahha... well.. but in order to preserve my gal's dignity.. (haha) i decided to end the call at 2am.. and anyway i keep recalling that smsing him the wrong msg incident.. and that discomforts me alot... and partly also bcos i intend to jog this morning at 7am.. so i betta sleep.... and so we ended the conversation.... but i was so excited and trilled that i cant get to sleep! luckily i can still wake up today to go for the jog.....

anyway, yest was not as boring than wat i imagined it to be. cos at first i thot i will rot at home the whole day... but later lingxin called and asked me if i have sound forge and the ktv i downloaded... so i brought my portable hdd to her house cos i dun wanna stay at home also.. well.. watched a movie at her house that i wanted to watch very much last time but din get to watch.. tat's "new police story 2004".. nice movie indeed.. haha and even i finish watching the movie, lingxin haven even finish transfering the files! haha guess she had got quite a lot of stuffs from me yest..

Thursday, December 09, 2004

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my initial planned time table for today:

10-11am: see prof tham
11am-1pm: format laptop at CIT
1.30pm: go home and continue to backup my house comp (hopefulli can format today also)
5pm: start cooking dinner
7pm: go for pract

however the actual timing becomes:

10am: look for tham, the chart indicates "be back soon"
10.20am: look for tham again.. still not back
11am: tham office door there still "be back soon".. (he dunno wats the meaning of soon ha..)
11.30: gorilla say he will go and see if tham came back already or not.. so i assume that if he's back, he will look for him first.. but he say no.. say wanna get me to be ginea pig. however, he is still not back by 12.30pm.. so confirm is went on his own..
1pm: yf and i decided to "save" gorilla.. so we went up to show our existence..
1.30pm-2.30pm: tham talk to us.. think he's realli nice to tell us so many things.. from study to worklife.. juz that by 2pm i guess me and yf are so damn hungry..
3pm-4pm: formatting my laptop at CIT
4pm-5pm: jc helping me to install some programs which i can actualli install them myself... but thanks anyway...
5pm: go home
5.40pm-7pm: rushing like siao.. got to prepare dinner, bathe, prac on guitar awhile, eat dinner..

so my whole day is gone like that.. and i din manage to format my house comp.. and i was bit piss off by my mum.. she wants me to finish off my work(some computer refurbishment) first.. if not she dun let me go out and play... sianz! y cant she like lingxin parents.. they can understand that this is my holidays.. and to lingxin parents they feel that students shld relax or have the right to relax during holidays.. but mine is totally opp... haiz. so sad.. think next wk if got kayak i also cant go liao.. movie.. shopping all cannot go... i rather die.........

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

kayaking again

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today is considered quite a fine and sunny day.. as compared to yest when it rains the whole day... yest is realli sick cos i still wake up 7am.. wanted to go and jog.. but the rain stops me from doing so... sky dunno so hardworking for wat.. where got 7am rain one..

well today when kayaking again.. but the people gg is rather not the same as the prev time.. this time round with joyce joining us.. together with her "3 warriors" (who is suppose to protect her in case she kena capsized.. but think they got bribed by gorilla liaoz.. LOL).. and lingxin came along also.. so in total 10 of us went...

today is not sunny.. so din get tanned alot.. =( but the waves is quite big.. which sux.. make me feel seasick.. and joyce and lingxin already give up half way liao.. so i wasnt realli happy today.. not fun.. no sun.. big wind.. big waves... and even rain so heavily after we bathe.. so kena wet again.. then somemore today i knock my forehead against the paddle.. so pain now.. think tmr will orh qi loh.. i knock it when dunno how come, i am drifted back to the shore by itself.. and i mean realli back to the beach! so when i was trying to push the kayak back into the sea, however the current is too strong and juz when i was about to get into the kayak, i fell into the sea and the kayak capsize itself so the paddle which is inside the kayak fell out and knock my forehead.. so sway... so chor.. so paiseh.. and no one is helpful enuff to help me.. so i was so desperate.. trying hard to go back to the sea and failed.. haha luckily there are 2 uncles there willing to help.. but according to yf and lx, they look abit errrmm.. but anyway was realli grateful that they help me push my kayak into the sea..

then when waiting for the shuttle bus which bring us back to bedok, jerry intend to take pictures cos it seems theres still a long way to get the roll of film to finish.. haiz... and joyce is so niao.. so not sporting.. taking photos onli ma.. in the zoo u have to pay to take pic with gorilla leh! now its free... u still run away... LOL

and finalli went to watch sch for seduction liao.. ever since we watch white chicks we have been aiming to watch this movie.. however dunno is it bcos the movie is realli too lousy.. or i am too tired.. or i am too sianz... i feel that its a boring movie.. juz that some parts are quite funny.. but feel that the whole story is quite meaningless.. bit disappointed.. then i din manage to link anything or anyone to that show... such a let down.. then that yf sitting behind me. laff so loud.. so chor.. anyway she will apply all those things that the movie taught to cheong tonight.. which is now.. and she say she will get attached after tonight.. (wats the implied terms? ask joyce..) then after movie we finallli took our first long awaited neoprint.. also quite disappointed.. cos we took so many.. but dunno y in the end we onli got to choose one... and not a perfect one.. but nvm la.. got chance take again.. and from this neoprint incident, i realise that gorilla's advance jap std is onli a primary 2 std.. LOL so he cant translate those jap instructions for decorating the neoprint to us.. haha.. so jc, u can forget abt asking him to translate ur jap porn.. oppps.... jk..

and tonight went to church for practising for xmas event.. shucks they choosed a stupid song for me.. that pa rum pum pum!!! yuckss. this song so monotone. and i think its not good for female voice loh.. shld get ben to sing la.. y me.. hope they realise it.. haiz...

haiz conclusion today is sad.. in fact have been sianz everyday.. such sianz holiday.. :(

Monday, December 06, 2004

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yeah. finally got this pic from elaine hp.. taken using the better generation nokia camera ok.. mm can see that this cam can take a bigger pic.. and in turn, yanfang eyes is also bigger. LOL

okie i shall continue my madness life.. really going mad liao...

a good day start...

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I read that exercises done in the morning is better than doing it in the evening as there will be better metabolism throughout the whole day.. and i think in fact i really need an increase metabolism rate badly as its in the genes that my whole family metabolism is kinda low.. so we ate v little but get fat easily cos the burning rate is too low... well.. Today is a good start! I woke up at 6.50am this morning! and start for a jog for 30 mins! and 30mins non stop leh! haha.. i cant imagine myself having so great determination to do that.. based on the fact that i slept at 1.30 last nite.. and i haven been joggin for ard half a year liao.. at first i thot i wont be able to wake up one... LOL... but somehow.. i've got a strong determination.. and i hope this determination would go on.. maybe i should jog everyday in the morning.. or go swimming. ah.. maybe can go back NYP to swim.. mm.. shall ask lingxin to go along... and ya.. badminton games also.. who's interested???

then after that since its still too early for breakfast.. i did my quiet time with God.. i seldom do it in the morning.. cos i always reserve it for sleep.. but i think the feeling is good.. being starting the day with God in my heart and soul...

anyway after that i had a good breakfast with my parents.. which i think i have nv had a good one with them for sometime cos i have been always in bed even after they left for work.. and today we are deciding on where we wanna tour during the CNY holidays next year.. and as usual.. my mum"encourage" me to bong tang my friday class.. so i will have one whole week of holidays..(according to her.. cos she say I mon no class, tues is the CNY eve, and according to her, she say CNY eve muz be no class also.. and then wed+thurs is CNY.. so skip fri lesson, then plus sat and sun will have one week hols.. LOL) anyway, our conclusion is maybe going to sydney to visit my cousin.. so i am so looking forward to it...

my new timetable

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ok finally got something in mind that i need to do...

1) watch the vcds i borrowed from will.. haha nearly forgot all abt tat...

2) back up my laptop and my house comp.. and reformat needs to be done..

3) wed night practising for christmas event..

4) thurs night practising for this sunday service.. and i gonna be the guitarist for service the very first time(hopefully..).. kinda nervous and excited sia... then i think i muz practise more at home first...

Sunday, December 05, 2004

rotting week to come..

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i am proud to say that beside wednesday, i have TOTALLY no plans at all for this coming week.. this is a v terrible feeling inside me.. initially zhen and noodles want to come my house play maplestory one.. but in the end one say got work, the other go for comm service.. sian! how??! am i going to rot like that for the week?

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sister Night

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today i notice my skin started to peel.. and my mum say that i look as if nv bathe properly cos i looked dark. and those places where my skin is peeling, they are lighter.. so it really looks like i nv bathe myself clean.. and i think its quite horrible (as a gal).. haha but today was quite happy cos someone say i look better after tanning.. :) this would be a great encouragement for me to go for more tanning on wed.. and i am so looking for forward to it...

alright tonight my church fellowship is the annual Sister's Night.. so the program is put up by the gals.. act tonight program is quite good.. but the attendance is really super lousy.. juz look at the pic.. and i believe even a nursery kid can tell me how many pple came...

haha.. but something surprisingly happened.. kunfeng was the first to reach! we r all simply amazed cos he is a well known late king who only comes for fellowship at 8pm while it started at 7pm..

Friday, December 03, 2004

blog got bug.. my maplestory also got bug!

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OMG y am i attracted to bugs(lucky not litterbug).. dunno since when my blog is "disfigured".. i am unaware that the tag board of my blog is shifted to the bottom... since i have not been using IE.. as i am used to firefox now.. i din know my blog is cock up until recently when i am campin in sch.. and when i was checking my blog thr the school comp where firefox is not installed.. then i keep waiting and waiting for the tagboard to come out.. thinking how come it took so long.. and in the end realise that the whole right column is shifted to the bottom... and now when i came home.. hoping to try to solve the problem. i realise that i dun get this prob when using firefox.. only IE got prob.. wth.. and i cant find a solution to it. think i might as well change the whole skin..

then nvm .. the next bug i get is from maplestory... wanzhen and huimian have been buggin and buggin me.. tell me how good maplestory is.. so i decided to give it a try.. and haha. i used 3+ hours to download the whole program leh! its over 100Mb.. well.. and now i cant start playing.. dunno y.. theres always an error popin up after i log in and choosed the country.. i guess the problem had got something to do with firefox.. .. so sian..

and ya.. i am finally back home cos the CF camp is over... think the most beneficial thing i got over the days is tat i knew many new friends.. as someone adviced: in smu, u should know as many ppl as possible.. so i am glad that thr this CF camp, i got to know over 20 new friends.. and i also learn how to play bridge as well...

and i realise that most(maybe i can say all) of my friends have already watch the incredibles.. and i haven.. and even gorilla also say its nice.. so i think it muz be nice.. wanted to watch so much then tat [WiLL] disappointed me by tellin me that he could not find the dvd to lend me liao.. Lengz :(

Thursday, December 02, 2004

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due to the recent news report on Frenie Times, paparazzi have been followin closely to the president of "so what" club aka NLXCB joyce aka Tom and Jerry movements.. and the great photographer from frenie times, lovely cute Frances manage to trace that they are having their lunch TOGETHER at PS on 01 dec 2004, time bet 12.30-1.30pm.. Posted by Hello

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ok.. now Tom is looking thr a v sincere proposal by Jerry.. and this proposal is call weddin proposal... simply look at how sweet Joyce is smiling.. we can expect whats inside the proposal... 1) love, 2) care, 3) 5 kids 4) big apartment 5) Luxurious car.. whats more??!! Posted by Hello

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内幕消息!! the great "lovely and cute Frances photographer" found out that Tom and Jerry are gettin married! and they are forever quarrellin with each other.. but so what.. 打是疼,骂是爱! LOL

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

my long awaited KTV session

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mm.. i missed ktv so much.. and finally today i went with Lingxin, Joyce, Jerry, William and Weichong.. at the expense of CF camp.. haha. i bong tang CF camp to go ktv.. anyway i feel realli leng at CF camp.. i find myself diff to bond with anyone.. so the only motivation for me to stay there is to learn more God's words... but this motivation obviously isnt strong enough.. so sad... but i tink we are juz humans.. so we(esp me, who is considered a highly sentimental person..LOL) would need to be ard with pple that will click with u.. and also *seems to love u more*.. (note the asterisks cos maybe i feel some ppl love me but in fact they dun..LOL)

and today i realise that i am really really a LINK queen!! besides linkin movies, i can even link songs now. muhahhahha... and quite a couple of funny things happen today at ktv..

firstly, i choose wu ding. hopin to make joyce to sing it with jerry.. but that niao joyce die die also dun want to sing.. so in the end the super sporty weichong took over and sing as a gal! haha.. wc best... then the most funniest part is the ending.. where the gal will sing: 让我爱你是谁.. then the guy will sing: 是我... hahaha. but now its 2 guys singing this... like so errr.. so chor...... all bcos of crappy Joyce aka Tom lah!!!!!!!!

secondly: jerry was singin 情非得已.. so at the begining.. theres this part: "难以忘记初次见你 一双迷人的眼睛" muhahha.. so obviously.. jerry is singin this song affectionately to Tom aka Joyce la!! hahah.. so sweet... then after that got one verse is "你的天真 我想珍惜..." hahaha.. then i say.. Tom where got 天真 .. muz sing "你的chorness.. 我想珍惜..." muhahhhahaha!!!! LOLOLOL

but sadly today ktv became quite leng towards the end.. and i think this is the ktv i went where we had the least songs on list la.. so when it became quite leng.. jerry is so good to try to make joyce not so leng by entertaining her by teachin her Jap! so sweet of jerry!

and everyone is so niao.. keep wanted to take pic of me and william.. even my dear dear lingxin whom i have known for more than 8 years also join them! wth.. u all will be expecting my invoice ok.. its not free to take pic of the us ok...

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my dear dear lingxin and me...at kbox today! :) Posted by Hello

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