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Monday, May 30, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:28 PM  
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: hey ah e
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: we din watch ra today
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: we watched monster in law instead
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: and we went to the food fest
† FranceS_shA says: how come
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: so sad u cant join us
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: cuz the ra is a documentary
† FranceS_shA says: realise that that porn movie not porn enuff for u all is it
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: so it may nt be nice
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: yah
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: it is nt porn enuff
† FranceS_shA says: haha i just knew
Fang tai [ CALANG PTE LTD ] says: we want the hardcore one
† FranceS_shA says: omg.. u are damn chor.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 12:26 AM  
yeah i am so happy today.... cos my boss told us that they decided to extend us for 2 more months!! hm.. but on the bad side, i think i got to forgo most of the orientation training... maybe can only go for the hard skills... then got to take leave to go.. dunno can take leave or not.. but anyway i am so happy that money will keep flowing in until the start of my sem.. lalala...

tmr i will be going cheonging with yanfang after my church prac... can consider my first cheong since the prev one i went is a pub.. thumper pub...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 1:00 AM  
today i went out after work with SMU peers.. after dinner at Terra, we went to the board games stall at Liang Seah St. find it a really rather nice place to gather and catch up and to relax and just chill out! well its that this place, they offer a range of card and board games... and are all the super ulu kinds.. then i realise that all the games they offer there all can play for quite some time one.. so customers will tend to stay longer.. so they can easily earn more! btw, the cost is 5 bucks for 2 hrs per pax.. and subsequent hours will be $1/hr. and this price is just for sitting there and use their board games.. u can order drinks and food if u want.. and of cos they got other packages more exp.. but include drinks and some snacks... but in the end we also din eat anything cos we went there after dinner and we stay there for abt 3 hrs.. but we onli manage to play 2 kind of games...

initially it was fun. but at the end something had happen which makes me feel super uncomfortable. i know its all for jokes.. but jokes have certain extend. and jokes shud onli involve some pple and not anyone. and most importantly... FIRSTLY not joking at the EXTENTION EXPENSE of me. SECONDLY dun build ur ego at the expense of me. and i believe this is not the first time i am saying all these.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 12:50 AM  
你没问我 我能回应什么
用眼神说 我怕我会听错
要不要 继续互相折磨
你看我 我看著你寂寞

手已经围好城堡 心也已经备好浪潮
别说你还没感觉到 我所给你的微笑 不只微笑

Love you Love you Yes I love you 你听见了吗
我只去 你想要去的天涯

Love you Love you Yes I love you 你还没听见吗
能不能请你放下 放下那愚蠢挣扎
我害怕爱情就像 盛开的花
一错过 眼泪也没有办法

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 10:25 PM  
after tmr, i would have considered workin at this company call schneider electric for one week. and despite our greatest attempt to work super slow, we are still working too fast. well... the work that is predicted to occupy us for one week, we have almost finish by today, which means in 3 days. sianz.. both kor and i have to think hard what to do for the following day everyday. this is damn difficult and stress.. stress cos nothing to do. Jerry say he thot this kind of situations onli happens in NS camps...

well the thing is that our manager, Edna, had gone on full day course for one week, and left some work for us to do, which she predicted that will occupy us for one whole week while she wasnt in office. and she had onli inform her assitant, Florence, on what she had assign us.. so when the assitant see that we are doing so fast, she even ask us not to do so fast..she say if we finish them before Edna comes back, then she got nothing for us to do. muahahhaha.. what can we say? so we realli got to slow down our pace by alot alot more... even up till the stage where i sugest to jerry why not i delete all his files so he can start doing them all over again. but then my this super KS kor is super KS to save all his files EVERYDAY in folder named by dates all in his CDRW.. he say like that he got all the differnt versions.. if one day he did something wrong can just trace back and take wat ever version he wants.. so my threat dun work on him at all.... bleah.. but no doubt this is a smart working.

ya.. so today we realli realli cho bo.. firstly, jerry was late for work.. and despite of getting down to work immediately, we even went to upstairs canteen to eat breakfast for half an hour.. then when we came back from breakfast, we even chatted for another half hr.. hahaha.. and by then its almost 10am... then for lunch, jerry sugested we go and gian peng jack's place student meal again... and cos the student meal is onli offered after 1.30pm, so we have to go for lunch later than the normal 12pm lunch break... so we actualli decided to go off at 1pm, after showing Florence how fast we did liao.. but anyway, Florence came back from lunch at 1pm, and she thot that we have had our lunch and so come and tok cok with us for another half hour.. and in the end we onli got to leave office at about 1.45pm... haha so off we went to AMK central's jack's place.. actualli its quite far.. considering our office is even further off than NCS and motorola.. well it takes us abt 20min to reach AMK central.. and yar in the end we had an almost 2 hr lunch... and we got back office at 3.30pm.. then we decided that we cannot talk cock again although we dun have much to do... but we still go back to our individual seats and console each other that 2hrs will pass very easily and we can leave the office at 5.30pm soon.... hahah but then until 4.30, we realli stare and stare at our screen until we realli feel so much like sleeping... especially after a super full student meal... so we started to chat again.. haha realli not easy leh.. chat also chat until nothing to chat liao.. very difficult then reach 5.30pm and finalli can go home...

actualli yest i already did v v little.. but today did even lesser... that time before jerry comes in they still say want to take in 2 more temps.. 2 of us already like that.. i realli cannot imagine wat will happen if theres realli 3 temps doing this project... theres simply nothing for each other to do loh... and both of us realli dun wish to end this project so fast.. cos this job is super good.. ambience good, environment good, colleagues also v fun loving.. working hours, pay everything is good... its realli a good job thats hard to come by.. I think i will be damn sad on the day when we realli finish the whole thing....

oh yar.. dun think i can go for redang diving trip liao.. cos recently take up a tuition assignment that got to teach on sat.. its a P2 kid staying in Fernvale, sengkang.. super ulu part of sengkang.. actualli i abit scare of taking this P2 kid.. cos i nv dealt with such young kid before... onli taught older like P5 and Sec1... older kid if they dunno they will at least ask.. but i think young kids like P2 they wont.. hai got to build bonds with her first also... stresss.......

Monday, May 16, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:49 PM  
thanks to those who are concern about my job status.. i have manage to secure my job doing with excel charts!!! and today, i was told my pay is gg to be $7.50/hr with CPF... instead of the initial 7 bucks.... damn happy... and the workplace is in AMK so not so bad.. onli abt 40mins bus ride... i feel i was so right that time for being so picky abt jobs.. if not then it'll be quite bad for me to resign a job after working for onli 1week...

well my job basicalli is that i am given a so call project.. the thing is that every month, they got to come out with a number of charts showing like sales and other stuffs.. then the thing is the data is in a super big table.. like ard 80 plus colums with 20 over rows.. so its like a lot of info inside.. so i got to develop something in excel that it is smart enuff to extract the relevant data for the relevant graph.. and so that every month, instead of copy and paste figures into the chart manualli which they are doing.. they can just paste and overwrite the whole table and the graph will update automaticalli....

lucki they are good to me and tell me i can get one more fren to work on it together cos they scare i dun have enuff time to work on it cos they got to submit the reports by the end of june... initialli wanted wish to work with lingxin since she know excel quite well.. i think much better than me.. haha... but in the end she got her own commitments and cannot work with me.. :( so i was left working with my kor... but quite happy lah.. since he did quite a lot today cos he was solving the most tideous part of project hahahah...

oh ya.. and i met my poly fren, Huihui, who is also studying in SMU now doing her internship there... wat a small world... so today 3 of us went for lunch and had a great chat together...

actualli today kor and I realise that we are doing kinda too fast haha.. we are afraid that we can finish everything in even less than a mth.. then its not to our advantage... now i thinking dunno if its possible to take leave hahaah.. so that i can go for my redang diving trip.... realli very very very eager to go... redang redang!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 12:17 AM  
haiz haven been blogggin for the past days.. dun even have time to online.. actualli now i realise y. cos i have been watching VCD.. haha borrowed a series from Lingxin.. and everynite i will be watching at least 2 episode.. one epi is more than one hr.. so 2 epi can take up my whole nite..

anyway, after 1+ weeks of job hunting, i finally see some results.. as in tmr i will be trying out the job.. so i shall do a short blog..

the co is in AMK, and the job is all abt using excel.. i duno how confident i am.. but this co is rather wierd i feel.. they dun do face to face interviews.. only phone interview and they can decide whether to use the person or not.. of cos it doesnt mean i am confirm employed now.. but i said this because i was rejected by the co before.. they ask me if i know how to do macro with VB.. and SAP.. which i dun even hear before. anyway now they say got another vacancy, doing excel also.. but no VB or SAP.. well i am not that kind of person who will say they know everything and in the end when employed, they realise that u are lying all the while.. i dun wish to lie.. so i said i din touch excel for some time.. but i can refresh in a short period of time.. so they tell me to go down tmr to try.. and if they think that i can make it, i will start immediately.. as in continue to work until the end of the day...

so today i have been brushing up my excel skills.. and just now i even went to lingxin house cos she did macro and advance excel during her IDA job before.. haha but in the end realise that she forgot most of the stuff and so we end up chatting most of the time.

well.. got to sleep... and pray hard for tmr..... oh ya.. and i got this job from a v cute agent.. if got time shall blog more abt how cute is this agent.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:50 PM  
This is so true about me. What about u? take the quiz!

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by Ellen!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 2:24 PM  
one more week had passed... its been the second week of vacation liao. last week i am still slacking the whole week away....

MONDAY: went for the first aid training... afterwhich went for the $6.50 set lunch at jack's place.. after that got my first sports sandals at bishan.. just for the wednesday kayaking.

TUESDAY: went ktv with lixia and her friends..

WEDNESDAY: kayaking expedition.. initially wanted to make my tan marks on my shoulder less obvious.. by putting sun block on arm, and sun tan on inner shoulder.but in the end results seems like the tan just gets even more obvious. and at the end of the day i bring home a even more tanned body.

THURSDAY: went to have lunch at jack's place again.. with jerry kor and elaine. afterwhich went to watch the interpretor. my kor and i feel that the show is bit disappointing as it doesnt realli thrills as much as i expected.

FRIDAY: met kf for lunch and ktv. went to this legendary "free-flow drinks ktv"... yar.. and also the "shark fins soup ktv".. this ktv is at a super ulu place in chinatown.. its along on the 3rd level of a shop house. despite for the uluness of the place, i must say that the price we pay is actualli quite value for money. its only 10 bucks.. and its nett.. no service charge and gst. and theres free flow of drinks.. the range of drinks are kinda wide.. got hot and cold.. got honey drink somemore.. then soft drink got coke sprit orange.. free flow drinks are realli impt here.. i can chorly drink as much as i can to protect my throat... then towards the end everyone got a bowl of shark fins soup.. haha well.. although the shark fin's soup cmi.. but i tink is quite good liao.. got a bowl of hot soup... and ya.. theres tibits and theres no charge for it.. for songs wise.. the songs are new.. within expectation.. just that the song system not v user friendly.

SATURDAY: sat i bought a new MP3player!! yeah.. finally.. actualli i din realli say want to buy.. but just happen to reach J8 early before my organ class, so i went shopping awhile at BEST.. and see that they have super promotion.. got this Creative MUVO square FM.. 5.0G storage.. at $259. only the first 20 sets..

hehe my new mp3 player

knowing lingxin always looking for a mp3 player.. so i called her.. and by the time she arrived, left onli one set of blue, the others pink, white, black all sold out liao.. left one set of blue and many sets of green.. the green is muddy green.. so not nice.. lingxin and I both wanted the blue one.. and theres onli one set left.. but theres a BLUE display set.. and after some negotiation, the salesman agreed to sell the display to us at $199.. but of course either one of us must buy the last blue set first.. so in the end i said i will buy the new one.. and so lingxin can GP the $50 discount.. realli a good deal loh.. $199 for a 5.0G mp3 player.. so after buying, she treat me to Ding Tai Feng and we had a good time chatting.. haven been chatting with her for long time.. so i enjoy the lunch v much.. :)
after the lunch we are suppose to go city hall to meet KF for bowling.. and initially the activity is planned to go archery in Jurong.. but in the end those who been there are not able to come.. and nobody knows where is it.. so i suggest change to bowling at marina square.. and pathetically onli got me, KF, xiaoyan and LX.

oh ya! when half way thr the lunch with lingxin, my samsung phone suddenli got low batt and so i change to my nokia phone.. and u know wat? haha an alert alerted me telling me that its xiaoyan birthday! omg.. if my hp din go low batt and i din change phone, i will be so paiseh to forget that that day is her birthday! then later i meet her and will be so paiseh.. without knowing its her birthday.. YAR..so we have to buy her a birthday cake and we celebrated her birthday at the bowling alley.. happy to see that she is happy and suprise as she din expect us to know that its her birthday..

took some pic of the cake using lingxin's hp.. so waiting for her to send them to me.. anyway, i took some pic also..

here we have.. the birthday gal and me:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the birthday gal bowling:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

top scorer lingxin bowling:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

KF bowling (actualli he dun bowl. he is just placing down the ball):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my bowling skill is too ashame to post my bowling pic here liao. so dun have pic of me bowling. haha..

Sunday, May 01, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 1:51 AM  
i realli need to learn to put down some things that are not meant for me to hold on to.
If i am able to let go warner, wat other incidents that are too big for me to let go?

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