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Monday, July 24, 2006

my thots. my life

posted by frances_sha @ 9:16 AM  
oh lord... pls control my thots, my life and my thinking.

and dun let them go wild.

sometimes i know that i shudnt think that way.. yeah.

I think my mind is going out of control soon. no.. i think its already out of control sometimes...

this is sickening.

Lord, would You please send me the person which i can talk to?

Sunday, July 23, 2006


posted by frances_sha @ 12:47 AM  

lio say on his blog that the post-world cup symdrome is that ppl are all not talking abt socce anymore..

haiz. i must say that my post-world cup symdrome is stress, headaches, more paper cuts on my fingers.........

realli getting sick of my work sometimes.

well my work is actually to verify the no of claim cards. the $30 instant strike cards. if u bet with singapore pools, every $30 u will get one card. so if u scratch something, u can claim at the betting counter. then the betting counter will claim with singapore pools.

haiz.. as the match advance, my job is getting tougher and tougher...

and plus BOSS is a damn headache thingy. cos the stupid Supply Chain Management open a new class in BOSS 1b... damn sickening, clashes with my marketing research.

and hate it somemore when u have limited friends that can take OM classes with u... but must really thank Joyce for helping me bid at her office! yup, and after that we had a series of sms converstation. she suggest we should hold an outing.. hahaa to celebrate mine and charmaine's bd.. hahahaha super belated. yeepee! look forward to this outing man. too stress and too many unhappiness in this holidays.

haiz. anyway, i made a brave decision to end my work early. in some sense i am happy! cos des also work till end of july. then i will end next friday. then we can go swimming again! so long never swim already. miss the swimming pool and sauna!

but I feel so bad leaving Hui behind cos she's my secondary sch friend.

haiz but no choice lah.. i realli busy with alot of stuffs.. and my parents keep asking me to quit also. hopefully the new temp that take over me will work well with Hui..

ah.. finally got a few pics i had long wanted to upload..

haha.. recently had been burying myself in that cut-off-from-the-world place ----> school jamming studio......

its at SOB basement 1 car park.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

y call it cut-off-from-the-world?? cos theres simply NO RECEPTION, NO WLAN.
u go there u can't communicate to the others at all.

and every door there is damn heavy. i think i u are not careful, ur hand might got chop off by the doors.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
hmm... my birthday dinner, with my parents and des, at 寒舍 at Esplanade..
wanted to go there cos some time ago, theres a variety show that talk abt food and theres this v v fierce chef which scold ppl in every episode.. call Sam.. and he's from this restaurant. so wanted to try their food.

really yummy! and super nice ambience...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

really love the sparkling wall there!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the infamous Cereal Prawns!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and from the Zoo trip, schneider family day 2006!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, July 20, 2006

posted by frances_sha @ 1:22 AM  
first and foremost, add on to the list of pple who gave me late birthday wishes... well they may be late, but better than nothing.

1) K
2) Edna!! surprise right? my ex-boss from my temp job one year ago! and she still remembers my bd!
3) huijuan

hmm... dunno i left out who..


remember what was my favorite birki? i did had a post in Feb that mentioned abt my favourite birkis...

and i haven been buying it is mainly cos its price.

now, it cost 120.44 SGD (raise liao since feb) on footshopping, and it cost more than $150 in store!

i dunno y is it so exp lor...

haha surprisingly and amazingly, i found an exact same pair! but its from neckermann..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am overjoyed.

it cost me a mere $29.90... i can buy 4 pairs. LOL

Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy 23rd Birthday to me

posted by frances_sha @ 4:58 AM  
hee.. one year older again!

and its the first time i gonna spend it with him!! =)
des's so mysterious about my birthday celebration... the very day he still nv tell me a single bits or pieces...

thanks to all who remember my bd!! yup yup.. despite the fact that its bidding period.. i think everyone is just so much into bidding, who will cares abt my bd? well thats including myself man. i am so busy i also din bother to think of how to celebrate my bd... initially mummy ask if i wanted a bbq at my flat's roof garden, but i was too lazy to plan, so call it off..

thanks to...
1) Dar
2) mummy (with a yummy cake for a growling stomach!)
2) Jerena
3) Lingxin (intl call from HK!)
4) Zoey
5) Sophia
6) Huimian
7) Ivy
8) Jessie
9) Corrine
10) Crystal
11) Charmaine (3 Cs in a row)..
12) Yaoyuan
13) KF
14) Yeeling
15) Jiayan
16) my dear incoming mu tou, Aries
17) Xueli
18) Joyce
19) lio
20) leemin

Monday, July 03, 2006

New tagboard.

posted by frances_sha @ 2:30 AM  
got a new tagboard cos my old one is dead. dead as in nobody update until it got blocked off.....

so an excuse to change to a flashbox! but kinda sad the old post are all gone...

haiz.... tmr working again. gotta wake up at 6.30am again. 8am report work is bloody early.

its been about 3 weeks i worked there... and gg to get my salary for june soon! yeepie!

haven been blogging for sometime.. cos i am real busy!

Mon to fri is work from 8am to 5pm. but always OT will 6pm at least.. then got tuition(wed and fri nite), got MIC meeting (every mon night).....

well actually its not that i got nothing to blog. i got lotsa pic to blog! recently got my poly chalet and went to zoo! thanks to schneider again(my last year summer job co).. LOL... one year ago went to their family also.... with Wanzhen. it was at Sentosa, and took pics of birds fighting eh... hahaha this year its at the zoo! so long nv been to the zoo. and this time round went with des. it was so fun and we stayed there from 9am till abt 4.30pm! walked the whole zoo.. damn tiring.

well i cant get to sleep now, despite that i only have abt 4 hrs to sleep, or even lesser.... and bloggin abt my zoo trip is abit too outdated and timewasting cos of the uploading of pics........ but the zoo pics are nice.......... but i am lazy... haha! so maybe i blog abit about my work...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

hee. my pass... temp pass also got pic. rocks rite? And I am glad i am in the M&S (Marketing and Sales) department. good for resume! hahaha despite the stupid work that i am doing.. read on.........

my job is that basically if u bet soccer with singapore pools, above $30, you get a scratch card. and if u win something, u may claim your winnings with any betting centre. then these betting centre will claim the winnings from singapore pools. then I will need to process the claims and verify them...... erm.. maybe not verify, but just the first-checker, my sup is the one who verify..
so i am the one who is the first line qc, remove any staples if the betting centre return them with staples... and put them in a certain order before passing them to my sup..... then before that, i need to sign to endorse. so one day i think i can sign like dunno how many hundreds times.......

well maybe i shall follow Joyce's style abit. LOL..... complain about some idiotic people at work in order to take it all out of my body. hahahah

ok lah.. actually not very bad or wat, cant be compared with those that appeared in her blog.. (but dunno the situation she mentioned are exaggerated or not)

anyway theres this betting centre, at cheers Upp Changi.. from the first week (meaning first week of world cup, as spore pools doing this scratch card only for the world cup), they had been pasting each and every winning ticket on a piece of a4 paper. They had been told that they should bunndle everything together with a rubber band instead, but they forgot. so my sup called them up to tell them not to do that again.

then the second week, the same thing happen again. and its even more tickets. meaning i have to take out the tickets from the scotchtape one by one more tediously. and best of all, they did so much and forgot to attach their claim form with their signature and shop stamp.

now the third week. and again. I dunno whats up with this shop lor...... and its freaking abt more than 120 tickets that i need to tear down carefully one by one in order not to destroy them.

can someone tell me where is cheers upp changi? argghhhhh

and on another note, i realise ppl reacted quite uneasy when they learn abt my job at spore pools. everybody thot i go and do counter girl and sell bets is it?!?!

leng..... then now when pple ask me what i work, I must say the whole line "singapore pools ADMIN".

oh yar forgot to add that i was too busy to blog is also partly cos my mum bought 2 new korean series again and is watching them nowadays. anyway after finish watching that [这该死的爱], i also watched [豪杰春香](sassy girl- no no not that movie) and my mum recently bought [我的女孩] and [我的名字叫金三顺]. well... so far i think [豪杰春香] is the best.... not as boring and slow paced. haha a point to note is that in [我的女孩], theres a character looks super alike with vanesse. ermm spelling like bit wrong.. but i mean the vanesse who act in Liu xing hua yuan.. just that he's abt 1size smaller than him. in [我的女孩], he also act as a rich family's son....

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