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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hand Foot Mouth Disease.. Confirmz!

posted by frances_sha @ 9:37 PM  
today my doctor told me this.....

"Hand Foot Mouth Disease.. Confirmz!"

wth?!?!?! i how old liao... still kena this kind of kiddish disease..

well, as des always say i am little girl.. haha so maybe thats why..

i have been having high fever on wed.. then after that sore throat got worsen day by day.. it is so painful that i haven been eating.. now there are about more than 10 ulcers in my throat.. thats y its soooo painfull.... doctor still say that one need 3 days more to heal.. die liao.. i haven been like eating so terribly before in my whole life sia.. all the good food smell so nice and i am so hungry. yet! i can't manage to swallow anything at all... its just so difficult!! and what can be worst?? my wisdom tooth giving me trouble at this point of time..... my right side.. haven plug out one.. its swollen and painful..... so tempted to go for another surgery plug it out once and for all... but i think now i got this HFMD no dentist will want to do also..

well basically on thurday, blisters start to surface on my fingers and toes.. and now beneath my feet.. the feeling is like u have alot of sand and stones in ur shoe when u walk..

doctor gave me a 5 day MC.. ask me stay at home dun go out.. cos its contagious.. thou not very contagious...

haiz me still haven confirm employment leh.. if 5 day MC means one week no work. meaning a quarter of my pay gonez leh.. anyway i negotiated with my boss.. hopefully my boss is nice enough to let me take medical leave.. haha..

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