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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I want a SLR!!!

posted by frances_sha @ 9:23 AM  
have been super slack in my life recently... think must be cause of final sem syndrome.. lol

anyway ever since i come back from US, i think i'm quite rather determined to take up a super expensive hobby! =p learning professional photography!

so.... have been actively reading up about SLRs and am quite settled with this camera recommended by crystaline (she say is jeff recommend one la)...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

she say this is suitable for beginners.. think will cost me abt $1300.. but i think its worth it cos i think it will be good if i can bring a SLR to my 2 trips to HK and Korea at the end of the year!

well have been thinking and thinking for very long.. cos i feel that i should learn something first before deciding which camera to buy so that i can buy one that suits me. on the other hand, i feel that i can't learn anything without getting myself a SLR! haiz contradicting!!!

anyway my determination to learn photography leads me to my first step.. which is to go for SMUSAIC activity last friday. well, they had a basic lesson on photography, teaches stuff like aperture, ISO, focal length, exposure etc.. and i realise my current point-and-shoot SONY W70 cannot satisfy at all! none the less i still love my sony camera lah. she's been with me throughout my whole USA trip and there're pics that fred's exp camera cant capture but mine can! lol... i think i will still keep my sony (despite the fact that the dial is crazy and its getting me crazy) even when i get a SLR..

after the lesson by SMUSAIC, we went out for a photoshooting ard the school.. they say our photos will be put up for exhibition at i-forgot-where.. wonder when is it.. hopefully mine are choosen! the following are some of the photos which i liked alot.. all taken using my point-and-shoot SONY camera! enjoy!!!

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