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Sunday, June 17, 2007

greetings from USA!

posted by frances_sha @ 12:31 PM  
hello everybody!!!!

thanks for all your well wishes before i fly!

after flying for more than 48 hrs..... (flying plus transiting) i finally reached New Jersey on 13 June 2pm (singapore time 14 June 2am)...

the journey was so jia lat cos our flights from washington to NJ got cancelled twice... twice ok?! due to storm.....

in the end we had to even sleep in the airport overnight. cant get a hotel room cos all the flights are cancelled and so all the hotel near the airport had been taken up... lucky we got goup the blanket from plane so we can use it when we sleep on the chairs in the airport.. lol

from 3 boarding passes to 6 boarding passes. rocks right?

and first time ever, din bathe, din brush my teeth for 48 hours. when i brush my teeth after 48 hrs, first time see that the foam from my mouth are yellowish. yucks!!!!!!

hahaha have to sleep soon cos i need to wake up at 4.30 am tmr morning for my tour again. will blog more when we reach LA next friday i guess..

btw, check out our web album: http://picasaweb.google.com/laffatusa2007
blog: http://laffatusa2007.blogspot.com

oh yar yar!! just got alot of adidas from the factory outlet! jackets at 16 usd!! and black leather adidas watch at usd 29.99!! adiddas tops are below 10 bucks! really going crazy...

take care everyone!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

UCLA package!

posted by frances_sha @ 2:45 AM  
yeah! finally gotten my UCLA package at last!

met up with lingxin, fred and allan again.. this time we made our ISIC from the STA, then head down to NTU to collect our packages and discussed abt our trip!

yeah........ my International Student Identity Card. hopefully it returns me great offers. spent 15 bucks on it k..

my UCLA package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so excited man..... so today's meeting not a bad one.. we more or less list down clearly where we wanna go during our NY trip, and where we planned to go in all the weekends that we have in LA.

Itineary for NEW YORK
12th (tues): reaching at evening
13th (wed): statue of liberty, downtown (ground zero, Brooklyn, century 21)
14th (thurs): atlantic city (refer below for details)
15th (Fri): atlantic city (refer below for details)
16th (sat): midtown (empire state bldg/GE bldg, central park)
17th (sun): uptown (yankee)
18-21 : coach tour to Niagara falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, etc which i forgot what liao.

Tentative Itinerary for 14-15th JUNE:
6.30am: wake up
7.30am: depart
10.30am: reach atlantic city- sighseeing, shopping, makan
4pm: head down to wildwood/morey's pier for sighseeing
7pm: dinner with friends from morey's pier
10pm: head to hotel for check in (bathe/ zzz)
6.30am : wake up
7.30am: check out then drive to Cape May for sighseeing (since its just 30 min drive away and atlantic city's shops not open yet)
11am: head back to atlantic city for more shopping and makan again.
4pm: head back to new jersey

yeah..... no more ben & jerry's liao... realise that ben & jerry seems not so popular in the US leh. cos the tour agency that we booked for our canada tour (recommended by my auntie) have not heard of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream factory. then my auntie din even heard of ben and jerry's before... haiz and its very far.... need 5 hr car ride from my aunt's place.. so we scape it liao.


school term: 25 June to 2 nd august
arriving on: 22nd June
depart on: 14 August

so this is what we planned for the various weekends we have at California....
weekend 1: 22/23/24 -- orientation around LA
2: 29/30/01 -- Hollywood
3: 6/7/8 --- Disneyland (yeah.... happiest day on the happiest place on earth!)
4: 13/14/15 -- San Diego zoo etc
5: 20/21/22 -- Mexico
6: 27/28/29 -- San Francisco
(Corinne, i forgot when are u coming to LA? this period are u still at San Fran?)

then from 2nd-13th: Las vegas, grand canyon, more of LA etc

yups.. thats abt all........ soooo excited abt it! leaving in less than 2 weeks liao! whewwww! =)


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