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Sunday, February 27, 2005


posted by frances_sha @ 2:48 AM  
ok. pple are complaining that i have not been bloggin for a long time. u know who lah hor. like that also complain. i busy mah. and nothing worth me bloggin also. well will just do a short one.

oh yeah. today i learnt mahjong. haha! so wat if i am christian. well it was even my christian bro and sister who are teaching me mahjong today! mahjong is fun! think i'm getting bit addictive to it and i was even trying hard to look for a netmahjong software that i can download so i can practice hard at home and next time defeat my mahjong kakis haha! haiz too bad until now i still haven found it. so anyone if u have, kindly send me k..

haiz. this term break shucks. and its coming to an end. next mon sch will reopen. reopen?! haha i dun have a little bit of feeling that i have gone thr a term break at all. and now coming towards me is the worst hell of 5 weeks! and after that would be heaven liao!!! and after that shall go for more and more ktv hahah! and me and kf also set liao to go ktv together after exams. and must brush up my mahjong skills also.

anyway think show u all some er photo. since pple say i am er. so wat.

Due to overwhelming comments that the photo i previously posted here is damn er. I decided to remove it...

my chor shoes made my leg like that. the blister damn chor loh. so damn big. i nv seen such big blister before.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2 movies in 2 days

posted by frances_sha @ 11:38 PM  
today i watched the 2 second movie for the week liao.

yesterday valentine's day, i think this year v-day for me was quite a good friendship day. despite the fact that yanfang say its "Singles Awareness Day".. anyway i was quite contented although i din receive ANY FLOWERS at all! instead have to accompany kor to buy flowers for another person.. but him, he thinks that treating me a meal is better than giving flowers as eating is more practical. totally dun understand gals. gals hates to eat cos eating bring gals nearer to their enemies. but anyway, i shant complain so much cos i was being treat to quite a fabulous and super full meal at crystal jade La mian. here i must clarify.. not that he wants to treat me to eat something good.. but just that there are no other choices that we can both agree on(cos he is v picky LOL. this dun eat. that also dun eat).. so in the end crystal jade is the only thing we both agree on... but the lunch ain't free as there are no free lunches in this world. he is treating me cos firstly he wanna thank me for the present i brought back from australia.. (not like someone else... take my present still bully me like siao.. so mei liang xing).. and secondly, he say he accidently agree to buy meimei blue tulips. and she say must be from holland V one.. haha and y he needs me? cos he dun even know how a tulip look like. and a blue tulip is so hard to get loh. so in the end i tell kor to get a different colour tulip and then leng her by keep insisting that its blue hahah..

anyway, at night i went to watch Constantine with joyce yanfang and corinne.its was not a bad show.. but just that the aircon is damn freaking cold.. and is blown right to our heads. poor yanfang's famous big valley is frozen there loh. i think snow is about to fall on her mountains as well..

today ah chor joyce and i went to orchard to book her birthday cake this sat.as usual. she is damn chor. we were taking the same 171 with mark chong. YES. YANFANG! LISTEN HERE. we saw mark chong. implied terms: he has no car. back to chor joyce.. she so niao to go and pretend that she is his student by saying hi to him..

Chor joyce: eh hi prof!
prof: *looks very friendly with his smile but wondering who the hell is this gal* eh hi!
Frances: *bo bian have to say hi also* Hi prof!
prof: going home both of u?
chor joyce: not really.. we are going for shopping.
-damn niao leh joyce. tell prof that i am gg shopping..like so free like that..-
Frances: oh no no.. not really shopping.. just that she need to get a birthday cake from orchard and i am accompanying her.
chor Joyce: oh prof u going home?
Prof: yah yah..

-- then it became leng liao.. prof alight at newton mrt station bus stop--

so niao.. snatching with yanfang beloved mark chong from her.

and we went to paragon to make an order of her birthday cake. as usual.. joyce is so niao again..just bcos she is paying then she think she can be niao..pity to the sales gal loh.. too bad joyce is just chor by nature. just like yanfang. joyce is sooo damn picky. just like her beloved primate. then she will just say that the cakes are so chou like nobody business.. then after that she needed a bigger cake when normally the cakes sold are standard size, she just chorly told the gal "y cant u just tell the cake chef to make a bigger cake?" then i will have to re-phase for her.. telling the gal that she is inviting a lot of ppl. so a small cake like this wont be enuff. we probably need a much bigger one... and in the end it took us 1 hr to choose her cake. after that we tot that we might be late for the next appointment and we decided to take a cab down as that place is not very accessable.

anyway after that we went to gian peng NTU Welfare day lobang. we went to watch Seoul Raiders for only $2! although the place is rather wulu.. (at shaw towers @ beach road) but the theatre is as good as lido one (anyway they are both under shaw brothers) or i would say even better that lido cos the aircon is not as cold. the show is nice. and i makes me so chor as i laff so much. lucky i din bring yanfang to go for it.. if not the whole theatre will be leng by her super damn chor laughter. and lucky i only asked chor joyce if she wanted to come on the day itself if not, she will jolly well wear SMU SSU jersey again.. maybe will even wear SSU's super short chor shorts (to suit her chor behavior) then wear the SSU jacket with the super big golden SMU words embroided at the back.

(OH shit! its seems like i have been niaoing joyce alot in my this entry... what if i get the same fate as my kor? but she is really niao wat.. muahahhahah as well as niao yanfang)

and NTU welfare club also quite niao. only after me and chor joyce rushed like siao to shaw towers then we realise that the shuttlebus that fetch NTU students from NTU had just left NTU only. and lingxin say that the show will wait for them cos NTU booked down the whole theatre. so niao.. and in the end the show is delayed for 45 minutes loh! so chor leh... wasted my 1 hr.. then i would have one hour less to finish my learning journal and reading of my comms project research articles.

and oh ya. so sad i lose my lovely SMU waterbottle. i think i lost it after watching Constantine. think i left it at the seat there... so sad leh.. vanessa lost her bottle someone gave her a new one.. dun think i will have the same good fate as her.. :'(

Thursday, February 03, 2005

missing u guys

posted by frances_sha @ 6:04 PM  
realise that i haven been blogging for abt 1 week liao. haiz totalli no mood to blog these days. have been quite worn out. but i think the following weeks will be worse.

anyway, in about 6 hours later i will be departing for australia. and the feeling of missing u guys came back to me again... just like the previous time when i went to HK in early Jan. this time gotta go for 8 days! haiz. and just now after having lunch with yf, and when we are abt to part and she is heading home cos she have no more class; haha i said tat we wont be seeing each other for more than a week.. and i felt like giving her a hug man. haha but in the end we din cos i feel its just now the norm. this trip have left me a lot of worries and i guess i wont be gg out of town during sch term if not necessary..

so wats so worrying for me?

firstly, its the comms persuading memo that i have to write. lucky mark chong is kind enuff to let me hand in on next next mon, instead of next fri. but it also means that i only have sun to do. but sun i got to prac with yf for our duet singing competition (only if we realli got in hahahah).

secondly, i have to do the 50 qns econs mid-term quiz by next next mon 8am too. hopefully i got the answers for the quiz too.. but i feel that its also time that i shld realli start mug for econs.. but it seems realli hard for me cos i realli hate reading. so i guess econs will be just like biz law. sianz.

thirdly, comms project!! haiz our presentation on week 8. now is already end of week5. so meaning we got only 2 weeks left. and i have 1 less week to do research for my part of project. and i still need to get my pink shirt as yf dun approve the only pink shirt that i currently owned.

forthly, stupid MIC have audition for the duet singing competition. haiz and the audition is on next mon.. which apparently i cant go. so in the end, desperately, i sent in a recording of me and yf to them. hoping that they can judge by the recording. haiz if they dun accept, then we gotta withdraw from the competition liao. and yf is v sad and dun want to withdraw. so i feeel that i am realli sorry, and i feel v bad.

and lastly the most worrying is abt my LTB project. i think our LTB proj is so screwed up. realli hope that money can fall down from the sky.

and i am considering shld i bring my laptop to australia to do my comms and econs. but think its quite sian rite. gg for tour still got to do work. i am so niao to myself.

haiz realli cant bear to leave. i will be physically there, but mentalli in singapore.

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