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Thursday, September 29, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 1:03 AM  
had my lunch with joyce and cher today.

nothing special. just that I think i visit the sch kopitiam so little that i feel this lunch is special.

and special bcos of who you ate with.

even though you can be the only person eating.

I realise I din have the chance to eat my lunch with anyone this sem due to the nature of my timetable. which is quite sad. bcos i think meals is a useful ways to foster communication.

today I finally have the chance bcos my QM prof is sick and cant teach and the TA is only coming in at 2.30pm. oh ya and he finished the class at 2.50pm. make me go there for just 20mins. some people even come when the thing had already ended.

ya back to lunch...


I treasure the lunch.

I enjoy the lunch.

thanks for making my lunch memorable. seriously. pls dun say i leng cos I dun see that you see whats in my heart.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pics Galore!

posted by frances_sha @ 1:58 AM  
ok haven beeen really blogging about my lives recently.. since i just got hold of some pics from meiqi, shall do a big pics blog today!! yupyup.. hehe

FIRSTLY, hehe i am so happy i finally gotten my long-waited adidas watch!!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
finally decided on the red one. and more happy is bcos citychain having sale so i got a 10% discount!

ok last week, i have.....


newbie sha first time met the barflies... there are so many of them.. went to ktv. ok this is my
1) virgin expensive karaoke sia. paid 20 bucks for it. haiz sunday afternoon... but damn long. from 4pm to 11pm. so quite worth it lah. plus all the fun we had together.. ok super worth it.
2) virgin big group ktv. nv been to ktv with so many people before! think there are almost 16... (excluding MIC ktvs hahhaha)

too bad no pics to post...

well, looking forward to next bar outing. *grins*


hmm. ktv again. 2 ktvs in a week... after so long of live without ktv. i say long it means really long ok. think the last one i had is end of may loh...

anyway saturday ktv is MIC one. our first club outing for the new sem!!! first freshie gathering session...

too bad dear din join us... so sad.. and think some of my batch pple also din come.. like elaine, robin, alvin etc....

BUT................. anywayMIC rocks!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

me with the freshies... too bad without desmond..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and more....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the ktv ended at 6pm and they went for dinner together while off i went to meet lingxin and jiayan for dinner.. hmm.. really long time nv meet them liao and had quite a good chat with them. actually i think the main purpose of this meeting is bcos lingxin and jiayan want to get their birthday present.. haha but i din have the time to buy yet.. so its only the 2 of them exchanging present.. and make me feel so paiseh.. so wat. i told them the present i buy must combine with xmas present and next yr birthday present also. lalala....


went for Virtuoso's audition. the sight of the environment outside the audition room is enuff to make me panic sia. there are so many pple. and everyone is practising hard by looking at lyrics, listening to mp3 players etc... think i shud have taken a pic... *regrets*

haiz then me and dear decided to go to the staircase there to practise.

haiz but i din get in. as usual. according to Aries, there goes 3 plates of chicken rice. but i beg to differ. shud be 2 plates only since sch kopitiam is so exp. 6 bucks can only buy 2 plates. maybe also not enuff.

well but dear got in.. also as usual. I am gg to open a fan club for her! Ivy Fan Club. her favourite colour is hot pink so all of us got to wear hot pink on final that day!!! whos interested in joining? currently no membership fee needed. all u need to do is to invest in a shocking pink top.


the Vocal Training workshop by MIC for Art Fest Week... nothing special.. dear and I were the FOH.. so we gotta set up everything and conduct some intro bla bla...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thursday, September 22, 2005

yeah yeah yeah!!!!!

posted by frances_sha @ 1:28 PM  
muhahahahhahahahahaha i am soooooooo damn happy. :)


haha cos i finally see my weight scale starting with 5....

haha so am i also telling the world that my weight have been all along 6... or 7...?? well who cares. so what. i am ah e.

haha i know weight beginning with 5 is no big deal. but it is to me. unfortunately.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 9:51 PM  
Let's all wish Yanfang good luck.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Monday, September 12, 2005

back from BALAI. not BALI

posted by frances_sha @ 12:48 AM  
ok peeps... i am safely back from BALAI. not BALI.....
yes.. its at Karimun which i need to take a 1.5 hr ferry ride there. not by aeroplane one....

anyway, now too tired and lazy to blog abt my trip and interesting photos.. but shall blog abt something which i found out tonight.......

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

taken from someone's blog.................... hehehehe...

congrats Frenie!!!!

hahhahaha anyway, got this from KF's SD card. guess it must be his project mates. so in another words, they are NUS guys. haiz.. abit cmi.. except for him. lalala he looks damn beng in this pic lah. haha but he looks damn cute too.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Friday, September 09, 2005

what a hectic week

posted by frances_sha @ 11:01 PM  
I am glad that I just finish my hectic week 3.

this week, i handed in

a 10% CAT assignment,
a xx% QM assignment,
a 10% 500 words career essay
a 15% resume+cover letter

and i had marketing research and readings to be done for marketing project,

a xx% finance quiz to study

a xx% QM case study (yet to start)

on top of all these, still got MIC virtuoso meeting, this weekend's Balai mission trip meeting, and tuition, and mental stess that comes from my poor EQ.

I am damn tired. and now i feel so free. =)

anyway I am going to Balai, Indonesia tmr for a short mission trip with my church friends. we will be going there to evangelise (ie spread gospel) and do home visiting.

will be back on sun nite.

dun miss me too much! =)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Real Run 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:11 PM  
well.. saw my pics online. and they are available for sale. hahaha..

anyway, its from the run i went on last last sunday. together with my ex-collegues. of cos there's primate. and theres chuk and zhen.

its a 10KM run around Sentosa. I woke up at bloody 6.30 am that SUNday loh....

but feel so siok after the run. although i got aches from my buttock.... hahaha

this is my number bib... WO0090... i thot my no. is nice. but too bad wasnt picked at the lucky draw.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then theres this photography company who is around taking pictures of everybody and uploaded them on website for sale.

at first i thot they were the media, and Mandy, my ex-collegue, who was running with me say they will only take pictures of those who were running.... haha so i pose as running pose whenever i see them hahaha... and smile some more. hahahhaha think that leads to the reason y i got so many pics...... hahaha

haha i see other ppl only got 2-3 pics while i got 5 pics uploaded!!!

noticed i was carrying a bag when i was running. its wasnt that i GP the locker fee.. but then we are so sway that we are the first one who din get the locker. in another words, the last locker was given to the person in front of us in the queue.....

i think mine is still a small bag loh.. poor primate is carrying the SMU haversack... so big and bulky. and carrying it throughout the whole 10km run somemore.

I ran 10KM for 1hr 43min and 58sec.

Not that bad... out of my 31 collegues who went for the run, I am ranked 23.
out of 973 female runners in the run, i am ranked 876 hahahahha...

so wat, primate ranked 30 out of 31 loh. haha sorry. k*r... not out to make fun of u.

well, then besides all the photos, i also earned myself a New Balance Dri-Fit tshirt and a New Balance Shoe bag that day.

oh.. not forgetting i paid $20 registration fee. =_=!!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 1:36 AM  
school is going into week 3. and as what i expected, school is not starting well for me. due to the various problems i have before sch starts, I have been worrying abt starting school way before 22nd aug. and my dearest friend keep reminding me that things wont turn out as bad. but still, i think things turn out even worse than what i expected.

tones of work is not as bad as what problems that interpersonal conflicts can bring to me.

and without me realizing, I found that I obtained myself the membership to the group of unwanted group mates.

Its always normal that some people just dun work well with some people. And i understand and i remember the bad days that we work together. but now whats bothering me is not y YOU dun want me to be ur group. but is y NOBODY is asking me to be in their group.

am i really such a bad project mate? am i really such a bad person to work with? my best friend keep telling me not to think of the bad sides so much and think more of the good sides. but under now this circumstances, i cant help myself to think that i not really do belong to the unwanted group mates group. and to me, its really an insult to belong to that group.

its true that in some proj, i really dun do well. but its not that i want it. but its just that i do not know what i can do. and i know how different people's expectations can be. and u said u CRIED. so does that mean that i LAUGHED then? is it really so fun and comfortable to a person when she sees that everything she did is shit and dunno what else can she contribute? and u think its so fun that a project mate is seeing other project mates are doing things which herself is not capable of doing? and so u said u believe in karma. so everytime u cried, u are cursing the other party will cry one day as well. congrats. ur curse is working.

well seriously, I do not know whats going on inside me but yet the facts tells me that the problem lies with me. and yet the saddest thing is that i got nobody who can/willing to advise me on whats wrong with me and share and work with me. so now what else can i do? soul searching and... still soul searching.. and start telling myself that I shall do projects with the wierdest pple. since i am one of them.

and now this is only the third week. when is week 14 coming?

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