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Monday, October 30, 2006

celebration time!

posted by frances_sha @ 2:55 PM  
yesterday was our first year anniversary. well, thou not the first relationship, but this is my first time celebrating first anniversary.. It's really an enjoyable one, although the fun part came after my CB project meeting cos have a presentation today.

nonetheless, 29th October 2006 was a superb memorable day for both of us! dar promise me that we will have a memorable sight-seeing day..

we started off meeting for a late lunch at 2plus.. and we went to Bakerzin! haha he knew that I've been longing to eat there, so this is quite expected..

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after lunch, we went to a place which I have been longing to go too, after looking at Eileen's picture on her friendster. The DHL balloon!!! thou now the haze has gone down, but still the pictures are damn blur.. kind of feel that its not worth it.. but still i enjoy the ride with dar! the scenary is still great enuff, still breaktaking! not too rocky, but still will swear from time to time. Some people are so funny that when we asked them to help us take a picture, she say sorry she can't cos she can't move. LOL~

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next we gotta meet aries to get the MIC keys from her. so off we went to The Cathay cos she was there, watching movie with her beloved new "boy toy", the small ears, aka racoon small ears aka winston. LOL!!! new nick invented by me! yeah! haha yeap, if i din mentioned this before, winston and aries is the 3rd couple of SMU MIC. lol.. marcus is getting worried as he told jessie, our president, that we should stop avocading romances in the club. hahahaha

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anyway, at the cathay, we've got not much to do cos the beloved newly formed couple haven't finish their movie, so we went to shop around. and so we happen to go in to the known-to-be-biggest-in-asia The Addidas Flagship store. well, dun think its really big thou. moreover, so what with biggest-in-asia? they dun have sizes!! their biggest gal size is 34.. (wth) & men's biggest size is only Small. (wth square). we are rather disappointed, cos we really like one of the jacket very much, and thought that it will be even more meaningful if we could get them on this special day. however, they dun have the right sizes, so we shall wear on the under-sized jackets and take a picture with them.. hahaa.. anyway when we left the store, the store assistant suggest that we make a trip down to their suntec store cos there might be stock over there..

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when we finally met aries, we're off to our dinner place.. with regards to the venue, dar kept his mouth sealed right till the end.

I was as excited as a little gal when i was there. LOL but on the other hand, i was not happy with dar cos he nv remind me to wear nice nice. then make me wear so awkard there.. with my bertula slippers.. argh!! nonetheless, I was really gan dong.. and we took lots of pictures there! even in the toilets. really really a nice place.

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after dinner, dar decided that we should hop down to suntec since its quite near, to get our addidas jackets.. when we got there, we are so disappointed that the gate was already pulled half down.. haha.. but thanks to my super naggy persuasion, they let us in.. well, its quite a big business leh. 2 adidas jackets.. LOL... anyway, thanks to its ulu location, sizes are available there! and we finally gotten our adidas jackets as we conclude the day of celebration... :)

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this is a collage of all the da tou zhao we took.. haha notice that all da tou zhao we took is forever with me on the right and dar on the left!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

busy busy busy!!

posted by frances_sha @ 12:50 PM  
argh.. enuff!! there are so many things i wanna blog abt.. like my vivo city trip which is like in week8,but no time. damn it. why am i so busy? sometimes i slept at 7am and woke up at 8...

hopefully after this sat i will be less busy...

well y this sat.. its VIRTUOSO FINALS!!!!

yep.. if u came last year and think its good, i can tell u, this year it will be even better!!!

show u a clip of one of the finalist in the semi-finals:

and our guest performer is malaysia project superstar female champion! i think she sing even better than kelly lor.. so much better..

so go and grab ur tickets now!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

i dunno what title to put after thinking for 3 mins

posted by frances_sha @ 9:04 PM  
hahaha.... basically i have some rok jak to crank about...

firstly, i am happy cos i went to the pool today. for the first time in this sem. haha now they have the excel system like the gym for us to log-in.. so no more writing on papers... and now they've got the pin lockers! and more lockers now also.

there seems to have more people swimming now also... there was like abt 6 person in the pool when i got there.. well i know 6 is not alot, but i thought it used to be like zero people in the pool.. lol.............

ok secondly. I am not happy. cos after swimming, des and i went over to bras basah jack's place, wanted to eat the student meal. but now the student meal is only available to primary and secondary school students. pui... make us walk all the way there... and worst is the set lunch is also over... so i thought y should we still be eating there? haha so we just stand up and walk off... so now the only place with good set meals is at 3nines. but i went there on monday they were close. i hope they are only close on that day and not close for good....

ok thirdly. Elvin told me he's signed up for the work and travel USA. he say the registration deadline is sat... which is 7oct... I dunno how.. there's quite a no of things that are holding me back... well firstly is MIC. cos we always have lots of planning during the summer. we'll have election, then hand over, then plan for next vivace, next virtuoso, club activities for next sem and stuffs... i dunno should i just leave jessie alone to all these... and secondly is i dunno should i do a internship. cos this will at least give me a taste of working in a corporate world.. and most likely to secure a better job when i grad. anyway my mum say if i can get a high pay job(>$2500) then go for it.. and now my mum's friend, who's working in an investment bank says the job market for this year is very good and the fresh grads that they are taking in are taking home $3500 and above as starting pay and she keep asking if i wanna go for internship at her company... this is so tempting. then of cos desmond will be an issue too... 3 mths shuo chang bu chang shuo duan bu duan.... i really dunno....... and now we have to make decision and commit to it liao! haiz how? anyway who is interested to go?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

this thing rocks!

posted by frances_sha @ 1:15 AM  

Create Your Own!

eh.. i come across this accidentally and love it so much. then upon study every single part of this 'rockyou' thingy, i think there's a function that Joyce must use. its call the scratcher. lol.... joyce, u can use it for unglam pics of the unfortunates, then we shall scratch and reveil whos the unfortunate one everyday. LOL

RockYou Scratcher | View

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