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Saturday, April 30, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 7:12 AM  
ok i have been super lazy after exams. and seems like realli lot of pple have been asking me why am i not blogging these day.. ok lah actualli is not becos i am lazy. but becos firstly theres not much things for me to blog, and secondly, on the other hand, theres too much things for me to blog also.. too much until i am so sian to start. hahhahaha... hm... anyway... wat have i been busy these days? i am kinder surprise by myself that i can be so busy in the holidays.. so let me see what i have been doing for the past 2 week..

haha last week .......

MONDAY: last paper, econs. after that went for my diving theory lesson at tanjong pagar.. basically its at jacki's shop. as usual, ah chor is super late. the class suppose to start at 12pm, 11.45 am she is still at home. it turns out that the class is super small.. only 6 person(incl us) and both of us are the only terribly late persons.

TUESDAY: went KTV at tampines.. well.. i must say that tampines KBOX sucks. dun even go there again. ex and bad service, bad food.. then went to yanfang's grandfather's wake and at nite is my first pool diving session. that first training almost make me die. firstly, that diving instructor, jacki made us swim 8 rounds.. haha though its only half the normal pool size but already can make me and ah chor almost dead.. cos i din swim for ages.. dunno abt ah chor.. then after that make us tread water for 8mins.. then after that is a whole series of training like breathing skills, mask skills... and the training ends 1045 and we have to quickly bathe and leave there fast to catch the last train at around 11.30pm.. think i never take last train before leh. i am always a good daughter and go home early one... dun stay out late... think the diving training make me chor. make me reach home at 12.20am...

WEDNESDAY: with only 4 hours of sleep, at 6.30am i woke up and off i went for the orientation faci retreat. all the way in bukit gombak. and i hated this.. they tell us to come at 9am.. and in the end we stone there for 1 hr... so niao.. because there are always pple late... and we end up there feedin the mosqitoes... and its said to be an RETREAT.. but i dun find it a retreat afterall.. cos basically that day we dry run all the games.. and there are like breifings after briefings.... like the whole OC plans etc... well.. upon knowing all the plans.. i concluded that our batch is most fortunate haha.. we got to sleep in air-conditioned SR... this yr freshies got to sleep in the mosqitoes-filled tents... but of cos, i can't escape it also.. unless janice can let all of us go her house to sleepp hahah.. its a whole day event and at the end of the tiring day i still got to go for my devil diving training. and of cos it ended late as usual.. but i think its slightly earlier than the prev nite cos we get to board the second last train i think...

THURSDAY: went out shopping with chorrinne, chorstal and ah chor... hehe the objectives of this shop is to buy birthday presents for sommmeee pppeopleee... haha anyway in the end we din manage to get the right present and i think we need to do more shopping again. BUT i bought clothes for myself! hehe... POA at far east is having crazy sale again... and i bought 2 tops at $5 each. $5!!! then after that i went home early cos i am demure and i love my family. i went home for dinner, whilst the 3 of them went on to watch Sahara.. then at nite i spent 3 hrs packing my diving trip bag haha.. and suppose to sleep early that nite cos the meeting time the next day is 6.45am, so meaning to say i got to wake up at 5.15am latest... 5am!!!! but in the end i still end up sleeping late cos i simply can't get in the bed early..

**NOTE NOTE: soooo... as u can see, this week i have been coming home super late.. and tired.. where got time to blog?! and i am a slow blogger... so cannot blog at the expense of my sleep..

FRIDAY-SUNDAY: my Tioman Diving trip...

firstly we spent about 6 hrs travelling i realise.. 3 hrs of bus ride from singapore to Mersing, and 3 hrs of boat ride to pulau tioman. so during the 3 hrs boat ride, ah chor and I took some pic of cos. there are nothing much to do also...

and sadly to sad, i already got sunburnt even before i step into Tioman. got it on this boat ride. cos we all have to sit on the upper deck and all our bag are in the lower deck... and i din bring my sun block up... and i was wearing that sleeveless top (see prev pic) and yar... when we reach there and changing into my swim suits, i realise that i was burnt terribly on my shoulders. =(

we did a total of 6 dives there.. the first dive already gave ah chor and I problems when its only about 3m deep. ah chor have problem equalizing herself in the water when descending and she keep complaining that her ear hurts and is block. and for me, the problem is i can't land properly. they are damn niao to put us in place where there are sooo many sea urchins... then everytime i thot i found a safe place to land, but in the end without me knowing, i have been swept slightly by the current to a not-so-safe place with full of sea urchins... and normally they are all behind me.. so when the instructor is pointing them to me, and when i looked, i became sooooo terrified and off i pump my buoyancy deflator and offf i went all the way up to the sea level. too gan chiong lah. cos the torns realli looks damn scary. soo.. after i went all the way up, i am suppose to descent again. i hate descending. I also have problems equalizing.. just that ah chor is worst than me. so in the end the first dive is all abt going up and down and up and down...

the second day are more training dives where we do all the skills that we learnt in the pool.. like flooding of mask and clearing of the water inside the mask, and practising removing the whole mask and wear it again.. did that alll under the sea.. oh ya.. and the second day first dive is terrible.. we went all the way down to 12m. damn deep for the first timer.. ear super pain.. and the mask skills also made me cry alot..

so the 2nd day first 2 dives are mainly training dives where we prac our skills in the sea.. and the 3rd dive onwards is considered our leisure dives where we just go down and just swim around leisurely. so in the sea what we saw? hmm.. of cos we saw fishes. clown fish is cute.. and we saw sting ray.. and many other sea water fishes... those v colourful ones.. and ya damn lots of corals.. ya and we saw turtle.. itss soooo cute swiming in the sea! i think i am kind of like attracted to diving.. and now i am craving for more.. read that smux is organising one to redang in JUNE! wanted to go man!!

Andy, our diving instructor at Tioman:

haha and ah chor and me realise that we have been calling his name wrongly only when we got our certification . haha we thot he is Alan. so paiseh... think he is super nice person.

for the first and second nite, basically we did nothing but talk and play cards. There's simply NO ENTERTAINMENT at tioman. (maybe except for the prata meal on the first nite) haha maybe thats the reason y ah chor came up with the soliciting idea. haha and no no... she is not selling herself.. but she took up the row as a mamasan and sell her boys. she super zi high. and the guys too.. damn zi high with her. actually she is trying to use her boys to ask them to manage all the gals that's near jacki (our pool instructor, also the boss of the the diving sch). haha but it seems useless lah.. cos we found out that jacki would be forever be with where the bikinis would be. too bad ah chor never wear her bikinis.. maybe she shud have just strip herself lah.

so who is this jacki???

and 2 of the boys.. haiz poor adrian and alan...

anyway the 4 of us(ah chor, me, alan and adrian) plus 2 more person, zijun and gabriel (ah chor, we took pic with them rite? where are the pics??) went through the theory and pool session together.. so we are kinda closer compare to with other divers...

and the third day woke up super early at 5.30am again. we have to go for 2 dives that day before we depart from tioman at 12.30pm... so tats y we need to get out so early.

another pic on boat..

we are always on boat.. cos when we go out in the morning we will only come back in the evening.. so other than diving in the sea, we will be on the boat. we even have our meal on board.

yar.. then took pic with gian peng sai also.

well, i guess my trip would be more fun if he is not there. yar and ah chor, no need to emphasize that will tends to lean towards u. PUI! no need to build ur own ego at the expense of mine. i already feel so extra.

and the group photo of the Dive Tioman:

I know its blur.. ah chor lah.. post such a blur photo.

there are more pics of me and ah chor taken in the sea while diving.. by one of the fellow diver who got a water proof casing for his camera... will post them when i got them..

yar.. with this i am proud to announce that i am now a PADI certified open water diver. most probably going for advance diving course too!!

wow thats only for last week. have to stop liao. got to go for jogging.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

first weight lost program.

posted by frances_sha @ 10:00 AM  
I have start my first weight lost program!
well, my mum commented that I gain weight during this study season is due to long hours of sitting down. It means that i have not been actively moving enough and thus result in low calcories burnt. ok. noted. Therefore i started my first weight lost program. cos according Lingyun, she said that a person could burn 7 calories/hr while standing, compared to only 3 calories/hr while sitting. hahha i know that 7 calories and 3 calories is VERY little. but every bit counts okay! somemore the amount of calories burnt while standing is more than twice when u are sitting.

THEREFORE, my first weight lost program is to stand while studying. however, i find that while i stand, the book seems too far away from me to read when i place it on the table. SO, i decide to do something.

Da DA!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hehe. yes! can u believe i can use a music stand as an "exercise instrument"? my music stand have one more good and practical use.

and in case u can't see clearly what i am studying from the above, i am studying FA ok. the theory parts leh! so those chors, dun zi high on ur individual blog and tagboard and accuse me of not studying.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then tmr after FA, TWC will appear on the stand.
follow by Econs text. I am good. I am studying diligently. =)

Monday, April 11, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 10:01 AM  
i cant believe this. during this study season, i put on weight. i weighted myself last nite and i am shock to see that i put on 5KG!! :( *cry*
I think its becos i move too little, and all the junk food that i ate these weeks. haiz... potato chips, chocolates. sianz!
I think i have to plan my weight lost program during this holiday. i need that determination. where is my determination?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:21 PM  
i have been taking 156 driven by the same bus driver for 2 consecutive days. how do i know? well, believe me or not, the bus driver is damn zi high. singing loudly all the way. i can even hear him when i am sitting at the last row. he is singing some v old songs.. and keep singing the same song. very loud somemore. and i quite pei fu him loh. he can sing non stop all the way until sengkang. I think he must be thinking that by doing so, he is providing extra entertainment for his passenger. however, i find him super freaky and quite scary. then he like to horn alot. he anyhow abuse his horn loh. so scare, dunno tmr will i be so sway to kena his bus again or not. think i shall take down his bus plate number next time.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:56 PM  
today i went around taking picture with the 2 ah chors, my kor and robin. jun jun is part timer haha.. and heng heng is our guest of honour.

very proud of this pic. we are gg to submit this pic for SCENE 469!
"We're Copycats But SO WAT~" shall be the title of this photo. haha!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

under duress, i have been induced into taking this photo.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
but so wat! according to touchy will, horoscope say cancerians is touchy wat.

Monday, April 04, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 12:15 AM  
just because last nite ah chor sms me "i love you" so today i went to do colour for my hair. and i do it ang. i love ang. i hate everybody else. but i got no pictures of my new hair colour to post. so pls come to sch and ask me for lunch if u wanna see my new hair colour. i am in desperate need to look for pple to lunch with btw.

ok anyway i wanna go into my blog main topic....well this gonna be our last 2 weeks in our bukit timah campus liao.. i think i gonna snap down as many place in SMU as possible before i leave this place. such a nice place.. anyway i am proposing a photo shooting session around the sch campus on tues after TWC class. anybody on?

below are the pics i took during my Econs class break.. think its so fun. shld take more.

OUTSIDE LIB AT LOWER QUAD.. MY econs proj group: me, jerry kor, elaine
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

me and elaine!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Robin Loves Jerry. Jerry how can u do this. u betrayed lucas!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ok a more decent pic of robin and jerry after their indecent acts.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

elaine, super zi-high robin and me
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

OUTSIDE LIB ZHONG YUAN cafe.. another pic of my econs grp
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

kor, me and Da Niao:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ok i had my speech last friday also.. finally.... its killing me loh. and worst is that in the end, YF say she say mark is marking mine with lots of 3s.. die liao... anyway took some pic that day too. janice was wearing a gown. her topic was about beauty pagent.. so she wore like that.. so sweet! i just cant resist to take a pic with her even though i dun really know her.

Janice and I:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyway i shall post this funny pic of mark also.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

wonder how he fare when he wear like that for speech with that crown on his head.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yanfang Birthday

posted by frances_sha @ 2:42 AM  
yeah... projects are finally over. and i am so glad to fail 3 person in my LTB peer evaluation. they deserve it. haha! so wad.

anyway just back from ah chor birthday celebration part 2(to me its part 2, but to her dunno part wat liao...) we went to Thumper pub at Goodwood Park Hotel, got ah chor, her Bro1 Will, my kor Jerry, me and JC. initially dun wanna go one cos i dun wish to go home late cos the next day got church. but in the end will say that we wont be gg home so late so i went... and luckily i drive, cos they chorly stay out v late. so me and JC went home first.

although i adapt to that environment better than JC.. but i still feel i was so leng throughout the whole night. cos i dun dance.. and JC also.. in the end i was lenged with JC.. so now i can understand how joyce feel when she come KTV with us and dun sing. just like me.. go there and dun dance. but anyway i dun expect to dance also.. cos i thot we are gg to a pub where we can sit down and chit chat.. dun expect that its more like a club then a pub. below are some pic we took:

The Group Photo:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The 2 Vs brothers:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ah chor and kor:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and lastly ah chor and me:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yesterday, we went for ah chor yanfang's BD celebration part1. went to Holland V NYDC..
so sway my cam half way through no more space for my CF card... so most of the pic on shujun CF card.gotta get from her soon... anyway below are 2 pics:

Ah chor and her chor one slice BD cake:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ah chor hugging "a primate":
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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