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Sunday, February 25, 2007

my house as a gambling dent.

posted by frances_sha @ 6:49 PM  

had a poly mates gathering on Friday night at my house..

as usual, i only called those closer ones.. sweehong cannot come cos he work night shift.. so sad... we ordered pizza from canadian.. quite disappointed.. cos we all still feel that pizza hut make better pizza..

after dinner decided to play blackjack.. with desmond being the banker. hmm. now everybody think that desmond is a super gambler.. cos he really behaves like one! .... and huimian even asked me if desmond gambles often. cos he showed professionalism in being a banker and a player.

extracted from qicheng's blog... think its quite funny...
"the bet was small lo.. 10-20cents only... somehow 5cents was introduced into the game.. in the end there was even a bet with 5cents on it... some more blackjack... haha.. it was so funny... the banker was so happy to see a blackjack on a 5cents bet... then huimian started out "investing" on other players... meaning adding bets to other players... somehow it turned out quite successful.. everyone started doing the same stuff... bets everywhere.. make the banker so stress.."

yar.. so in the end i think des lost abit.. banker also can lose one leh...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and a group photo of us........ thanks to leemin's tripod.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
from the left: Joel, Leemin, Huimian, Des, Me, Qicheng, Warner

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I am back...

posted by frances_sha @ 4:34 PM  
yeah.... hahhaa this is a rare post! cos i seldom make the effort to do write on my trips. haha but i am going to write for this.

Trip: Cruise on Superstar Virgo
Date: 18th Feb ~ 21st Feb (Chu1-chu4)

well its a 4D3N cruise trip with stopover at Penang and Phuket.. hmm not really say stopover, cos the stopover is a mere half a day.. lol

18th Feb
well its sunday, so went to church in the morning, after which we're lucky that a friend from church volunteered to send us to HarbourFront.. if not i think we'll have a hard time looking for a cab in Punggol and on Chu1 somemore.... We arrived at HarbourFront at about 2pm.. and wow. the queue is super super long. In the end, we took about 1 hour before we really get on board.

and each of us get a access card like this.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
its your room card, access card to all restaurants and also your "credit card" on board as they dun collect cash on the ship, everything is charged to the card and we will settle the account at the end of the trip.

we found our cabin.. oh yar by the way, show u how our cabin look like.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

there's no window, no balcony.. (if u nv seen a cabin with balcony before. let me tell u. its-damn-shiok!!!!! *envy*) well of cos not envy that they have the money but i dun to get a balcony cabin, but its becos when we booked that time, they are left with the most expensive non balcony class cabin... errrrr damn irritating lor.

and i found this in our cabin...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
which tells us what are the activities every day. so everyday is a new copy. like camp like that. got time table one.. lol

yar, then we spend some time unpacking, then we go out to
1) self orientation around the cruise and take pictures,
2) book our tours to Penang and Phuket
3) book our "gala-dinner"

pictures time:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
at Deck13, the highest deck before the cruise depart.. with Sentosa as background

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
mummy & I, with harbourfront as background.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
daddy inside a lift.. well the cruise looks damn luxurious.. even the lift.

so after taking the pictures, we get down to the reception area to book our shore excursions to penang and phuket. cos its not compulsory to really get down the cruise when the cruise stop at these 2 places, so if u want to get down and walk walk, u can also choose to join their tours, they have different tours of different genre and interests, from massage to shopping to snorkeling..
however when we reach there, we are so disappointed that the tour that we wanted to take part for Penang is already fully subscribed! we thot we are damn early already, but still too late... so we've got no choice but to get a free and easy for penang. as for Phuket we signed up for the shopping tour since mummy wanted to buy those thailand foods but dunno where to buy cos its our first time to Phuket...

as for the GALA Dinner... well, there's this leaflet in our cabin saying that "Tuesday night (our last night on board) is a very special night for us....... invite you to the GALA dinner. Reservations needed... reservations starts 4.30pm" ok. we reached the booking venue at 5pm, and again its fully booked.... y is everybody so kiasu?! and i really hate star cruise for this. they like to create disappointment eh... and a deeper probe into a staff, we then get to know that this Gala Dinner involves all the main restaurants on the cruise. so no reservations=no entering. no main restaurant dinning = dine only at buffet. wth... say its soooo special night. but its just for how many people? and so let the rest of us be not special? we reached there only at 5pm lor... i wonder how many people can't get this Gala Dinner... they say its a special night.. so y is it that only that certain amount of people get to be special? isn't it very unfair for those who din get to reserve it. and its true, there are many people starting to create a nuisance at the reservation table when they learn that its full. really dun see the whole point of this gala dinner leh. they say u still have to dress in evening gowns and suits to attend it. what the....

19th Feb
daddy took the effort to get up at 6plus to see if there is sun rise, however to his disappointment, its raining....... yar so no more sun rise.. and he din wake me up, he only told me all these during breakfast.

had breakfast at this western restaurant call Bella Vista... their interior is gorgeous. really like that place alot... and their food i must say its the nicest of all the restaurant on the cruise.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
nice right?! having breakfast by the window, and out of window what u see is not cars, not roads, not buildings, not trees, not grass... but........... sea!!!

yeap then we walked around the whole cruise again... and take more pictures. we finally reached Penang at about 12pm.

we need to actually take a tender boat to reach Penang cos the pier at Penang is too shallow for the cruise i think.. so it has to actually stop quite far away, and we will take a smaller boat to reach the shore. and the same goes to Phuket as well..

well, took this pic while on the boat. i think star cruise really took great care of the cruise man. its a 7 years old ship! but it still look brand new! and look at those balcony of the balcony class! *envy***

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

when we get to Penang, we are lucky we din take their shopping trip (its our alternative to the one that is fully subscribed) . cos we got a cab ourselves. the cab fare to the shopping centre is only 20ringit (before bargain). yar its darn exp. and my mum dun like to bargain one.. so we just took it. well that shopping trip that star cruise offered, went to this place and the other shopping centre as well. each person is S$18 lah.. no lunch or what... so its just the transport alone.. yar so in the end we only spent 40RM in total for transportation. thats like what one person would pay for wat star cruises offered.

we've got not much time, cos have to be back on cruise by 6pm.. so in the end we just shop at one shopping centre and caught a movie.. Protege.. in canto! shiok..its been so long since we watch a canto movie.

20th Feb
got up at 6.30am.. cos have to get down the cruise to go Phuket at 8.30am today.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

then after coming back from Phuket trip, remember? its tuesday night, got that leng Gala Dinner.. but before the dinner, they actually hold a cocktail call the cocktail session with the captain. equally leng rite. so the captain come on stage together with all the other management heads in their full uniform to give speeches and take pictures with people.. like ma chiam celebrities like that. and so i realise that of all the 26 nationalities on board, i think only the china chinese, taiwanese and singaporeans were there, trying to get a glimpse of the captain while all the ang mos were all still sunbathing at the top deck. well, the captain looks yandao thou. look like brad pitt!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yar then after the cocktail is the start of the gala dinner which we are NOT entitled to go.. and as we went up to the buffet restaurant we realise that there are many people there as well.. hahah same as us, can't manage to reserve for the gala dinner. there are so many people that we can't even find a table for 3 of us! so since we are not very hungry, we decided to make ourself hungrier by.... going for a swim. lol

and while swimming, we saw the beautiful sun set!!! yeah! i've taken a picture with sunrise in Australia and now i have a picture with sunset as well! its awesome!!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

21st Feb
well, so soon, its the last day of the cruise trip already. din do much that day, just more and more photos... lol

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and we decided to have our first and last dinner at our favourite restaurant, Bella Vista.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yup thats about all.... to end this let me share with you....
The Picture of the Trip............. love this picture the most...... argh. sea, i love you so....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday, February 17, 2007


posted by frances_sha @ 12:05 PM  
Chinese new year is round the corner again!!

and tmr (Chu 1) i'll be leaving for my cruise trip! well every cny usually my family would go on tour... this year we have been running out of places to go.. cos firstly normally my holidays were limited cos i need to go back to school on chu 3.. well so we can only go to near places.. yar and so we have run out of places to go. and in the end we decided to take the exp-and-nothing-much cruise trip...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

we're going onto the biggest cruise!! the Superstar Virgo. its damn exp lah. i think the same price can go taiwan liao.

yar talking abt taiwan... actually we can go taiwan. so y are we not going? hahhahaa cos when we book the tour, i forgot that CNY actually falls on week 8!!! hahaha got a big scolding from my mum after i told her this. haiz... yar lor.

but never mind.. never been to cruise also mah. anyway my cruise trip will depart on chu 1 at 4pm and will be back on chu 4 night. its a 4 days 3 night cruise trip with stopovers at Penang and Phuket Island.. haiz but then not gg away for too long is also good cos immediately on thurs and fri i have project meetings =_= anyway, i dun have autoroam.. so nobody can find me, even if i have, i dun think there's reception in the sea right?

so hereby wish all of u a Happy Lunar New Year!!!

anyway, i've decided to go for the most expensive summer ---> applying for UCLA.. and i am at the stage of deciding what to take. btw i am only taking one course there cos no point take 2 course and make myself busy until i got no time to travel hahhaha and 2 courses means higher school fees and have to apply for student visa.

I will be going with lingxin, she'll be taking communication mods cos she needs to clear them.. for me, i think i will take mod from their management school as the UCLA Anderson School of Management is recently selected by BusinessWeek as the best business school... but not sure the exact course that i want to take yet.. so looking forward to it!! been looking thr zuji.com to find out roughly what are the prices like to fly to USA... haiz minimium is $1700... and lingxin said her dad wouldn't want her to take a not-so-famous airlines so i guess she might be settled on SIA.. SIA price is like $2500 !!! haiz really hope that i wont spend like $8k lah cos i think most probably i am financing the trip myself.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

long time no see

posted by frances_sha @ 5:00 PM  

actually i blogged something.. but not completed, and i stopped for some time.. think can dun post liao.

hmmm.. recently has been bothered alot by this what-to-do-this-summer thingy.

1) summer trip to UCLA
2) internship
3) BSM to silicon valley (anyway application close liao and i din apply ahhahaha)
4) mission trip to korea
5) USA work and travel

yup.. nowadays i think i got psychoed by the OCS ppl that an internship is v impt.. and cos i really dunno what i wanna be 10 mths down the road.. then des say i shud have taken an internship. but then actually the place i wanted to go most is UCLA, but is the most exp one.. roughly speaking is abt 8k, inclusive of intensive travelling.. lol even stay at taiwan for maybe 2 days...

well why UCLA?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

haha actually i just wanna go USA... and i know i can never make it to a term exchange with smu... well, UCLA is suggested by lingxin. after some research, found out that UCLA is the world ranking 12 university!

well last night actually went out for dinner with lingxin, ohh we went to swiss culture! finally hahaha ate that cheese fondue, and cos we are popular members, we've got a complimentary chocolate fondue.. well actually i felt that the chocolate fondue taste so much better than the cheese fondue...

oh yar.. so lingxin and i had an exciting time talking abt our prospective UCLA trip! hollywood and disneyland are all near the school! and we will visit NY also, and must go to las vegas as well, and many many other places!

hmm.. anybody interested in joining moi? =)


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