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Friday, October 28, 2005

ACF Election 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:50 PM  
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

first two dates

posted by frances_sha @ 12:26 PM  
its the second time we dated this week.

the first one being a lunch break on monday before my CAT project. we went for lunch at City hall soup restaurant. The first date was a nice one, just set aside the fact that he was late 10 mins. and furthermore i was 10 mins early, this made me waited 20 mins for him. Blah. >,<

after all the compliments of Deuce Bigalow I heard from Joyce the ah chor, I went to catch it with him last nite. well, the i was expecting much more laughter. so does Des. haha and we must agree that its a gross movie. so much gross scenes. was thinking did we made the wrong choice of watching this movie. maybe we should have watch 40 yr old virgin instead. haha wonder whats our next movie. =)

after the movie des said that I am heaty due to lack of sleep due to too much chatties with him. so he got me 2 bottles of herbal tea and said that one is for me to bring home to xiao jing my mum. LOL i told him this would definitely make my mum start thinking alot of things. so in the end i suggest y not we sit down and drink them up. and so we become gangsters and sat at the Macdonalds tables. we chatted and i showed him how i looked 3mths ago. haha when i was so damn chubby. i know now still chabby lah but not as chabby.

we also had a one night tampines central tour. Y? cos at ard 10pm i wanted to go home and we realise we can't find the bus stop that 34 stop. we walked for 20mins, from TM, to ave 7, to ave 4 and yet we still cant find the bus stop. so he suggest that i take a cab cos its getting late and its kinda dangerous for me to walk alone at my area. He wanted to send me home but i told him not to cos he has class the next day.

well, to conclude on this 2 dates, one thing i can say about him would be that he is the kind of guy who dun like to go dutch extremely. this made me owe him alot of money... the lunch, the dinner, the movie, and last nite he die die sai a $10 note just bcos he asked me to take cab home. resulting in me owing him realli a lot of $$ LOL

actually while on the cab i realise i cant help myself keep thinking of the flashbacks of him opening the cab door for me, and asking me to give him a call when i reach home. shit. lingyun told me to pray and dun gan qing yong shi. ok i must control.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 10:38 PM  
I was flattered today. not trying to show off the following conversation. but just for my own momento sake.

even my frens say u quite prettwee leh....:P
wah u show ur fren my pic?
e MIC outing
hahaha.. u show who???????
hehe u dun hafta know~
juz know dat my frens say u pretty lo~
ur fren ger ?
both - guys and gers
haha 9 gers 1 guy is it
haha - 3/3
in fact all e guys agree
pride lifting? :P keke
haha.. hmm. secretary ought to be pretty rite?

then i was showing him some nerd pic i took in Circle camp... those buddy and I took during the first nite.. when we were sooooo shag.

but haha
sleepy still can look sho nice arh
now i am nice in any way in ur eyes. yeaahpeeeeeeeeee

anywayz, juz wondering
on ffriendster u mentioned ur hometown's hong kong...??
yah i was borned in HK
oh u view my friendster profile
so wat. i also view urs
haha and i forgot to turn off the annoy
haiz.... must ya?
later let u know i keep viewing ur profile. opppsssssss did i just let it out???
my frens all commented u looked pretty - veri hong kong-er look
..... dun make me happy leh. nobody say i look like hK ger loh
i SHO dark.... tan i mean

oh .. then u tell ur fren say i come from hk then they say i got HK er look rite
oh no
i only realised dat dis afternoon when i waz viewing
they mentioned last nite
sho i waz quite surprised
they actually guessed rite
last nite?
wah how u let them see
u bring ur laptop to pub ah
or u save my pic in ur hp?? *blush*
or u make it ur wall paper? *blush**blush**blush*
hehe.... dun tell u
eh btw, u keep saying ur fren say i pretty... then u leh
yah i agree
if not prettwee where will show other ppl rite?
y dun u say not pretti how to be ur secretary LOL
hahaha... yeah dat too!

then after that we went on to talk abt christian and non-christians not possible being together... and i quoted from one of my friend who told me that he doesnt like his gf to be christians not bcos christians no good, but he sees the problem if the relationship is a serious one.

sad to say.....
i might agree with him.....
but depending on how staunch e person izz....
haha y sad to say leh
hhaha... u think neh?
huh... dunno leh...

hmmm.... i thot this was quite obvious... and my heart felt like stopping for a sec.
then after that i went on telling him abt the story between me and kf....

any targets now~?
targets ah. u think leh?
well i'm ur boss not ur mind leh
how i know neh?haha
u lei
haha...i asked first ;p
hmm... actually i myself also dunno
actually i think u urself also dunno rite
erm yar i also dunno
haha.. do u think i have a target now?
haha i duno....maybe?
ya i also think maybe
haha think gers in love look veri cute LOL
haha. so am i cute?
haha -yeah~

tired to continue posting like that.... haha anyway, i dunno what is on his mind also. I kinda have a forbia on him. I scare he is just trying to trick me. i scare later if i admit, he will boo... me. I felt i was so pessimistic. cant help it. i was rejected too many times le. :(

Thursday, October 20, 2005

NKF test

posted by frances_sha @ 11:13 AM  
haha just xin xue lao chao went to the NKF Health Screening..

hmm.. ok lah quite happy about my results.. thanks to my dieting plans. i think i can open weight lose center liao.

Let me flaunt my results LOL

Height: 159cm
Weight: 58.6KG

BMI= 23.2
(slightly overweight, healthy range is bet 18.5-22.9)

the person told me that I need to lose 0.5KG.. cos the correct weight for me is <58.1KG.. LOL, zhao zhi dao go and pee and shit first then go for the health screen. 0.5KG only mah...


Waist!!! 76cm (wat is it in inches ah???)
Hip!!! 93cm

sorry no chest so cannot use it as vital stats. LOL

and my waist hip ratio is 0.82
(female should have <0.8, so i am slightly above)

Body Fat = 32.0% / 18.8KG (meaning out of 58.6KG, fat will contribute 18.8KG)
(female should be <30%. haha ok i need to diet more)

Blood Pressure : 112/79
(this one i got the best results of all. LOL)

ok all of u should go for this health screen... u get a free bottle of new water leh! hahahahha

Sunday, October 16, 2005

more term breaks plsssssss

posted by frances_sha @ 1:06 AM  
hmm... finally reaching the end of my term break. :(
this coming week is a bad week again cos i got 2 proj presentation and a quiz. shucks. i still want to catch 40 yr old virgin with boss leh.

anyway lets see what i did in this 1 week of term break... haha

seriously i think dunno is it my memory's failing me, or that what i did during the break seriously dun worth me remembering... yah.. I find that i cant really recall what i did for the whole week.

basically is projects after projects, tuitions after tuitions cos my tuition kids is having their exams soon... but luckily I still manage to create some entertainment for myself.

went to a MIC outing on thurs nite.. went to this hark music cafe where they have different themes every nite. Thurs is audience nite so audience get to perform songs on stage, or i would rather use the word "sing" cos most people are really not performing (haha including myself).. to me its just more like a pub where u can just sing to the crowd. however i am amazed at the crowd there. at about 9pm, its already full house and new comers have to wait outside for a table. compare with Ark cafe, Hark is doing so much better.. and i dun see y.. cos Ark is having so much higher quality performance. well anyway, i think Hark open up this cafe just for their students, providing them a platform to perform, and i think if they are going to rent a space at kbox or wat, they would incur more cost and there is no income also.

here are some pics i took that day!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyway, boss brought a xiao meimei to the hark outing that day. well, somehow, seems like everybody got to know the shocking fact of how young tat ger is. well the ger is just 16 yrs old! n my boss is same age as me lah.. 22yrs old leh. hmpf. and some of us are atonished by the fact that boss got such a "young gf"... haha..quite pretty somemore.. nice figure cos v tall... even taller than boss..

actually that ger is not boss gf lah. but then they quite intimate loh.. they sang a duet together.. and when she was singing a solo, she got some problem with reading the chinese lyrics, he even go on stage and help her by whispering in her ears. just imagine the proximity yourself. LOL then they came together, and they left in pairs also. he said that he is bringing her to go look for her bf, which is also his friend.. and according to my boss y he brought her is bcos she just finish her exams and he is just bringing her out to play.. haha someone even comments that if his friend ever see how they behave on stage (refering to whispering lyrics), think the friend will hoot him.

hmm.. my boss keep saying that from young till now no gers like him. he said that all his friends from pri sch till poly always got gers like them except him. so i wonder why. i realise that theres always gers beside him loh.. no matter where i go, i will see him, and standing beside him will be ger(s). so i think that even if there's a ger who like him, she might see this problem and will not go on further cos he couldnt give her the sense of security.

saturday was kayaking with Tim fellowship at Macritche reservoir.. yesh.. at macritche reservoir.. something new eh.. hehehe. i thot that the place would be muddy.. but however the place is kinda nice.. and pple who went down said that the water is clear and not saltish compared to kayaking at east coast..

haiz but i din go down.. y????? haiz due to unforeseen circumstances. so sad!!! and this time round i am like announcing to the whole world. i need to explain cos i am the organiser of this kayaking event and i need to explain y i cant go down. hmpf!!!!

well kayaking at macritche is nice.. but just that the rates are steeper. $10 for one hr.. compared to $10 for 2 hrs at east coast.. then the area that u can kayak is also limited.. and the rules there are rather strict. u cant do capsizing there.. the pple/trainer will actually come and "scold" you.. but it make senses lah. cos that is reservoir mah.. eventully the water will goes to our stomach.. how can we dirty it anyhow??!

pics pics pics!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

casual dating?

posted by frances_sha @ 8:18 AM  
Your Ideal Relationship is Casual Dating

Maybe you're looking for love...
But mostly you're looking for fun.
You could get serious with the right person.
For now, though, you're enjoying playing the field.
What's Your Ideal Relationship?

hmm.... casual dating? y this result? does that mean my ans show i flirt alot? dun think its accurate leh.

or i think maybe is bcos my ans shows that nobody who is serious will get serious with me?? haiz... but then i think i am kinda old to do casual dating liao. maybe 5 yrs ago is still ok..

Sunday, October 09, 2005

one week past

posted by frances_sha @ 11:09 PM  
ok i realise that my blog is dead for a week.

well, i am dead as well... cos week 7 is totally hell for me.

I have stop going bar also.

i think beside for QM mid term, every thing dun look good to me.

firstly, CAT midterm is gone.

secondly, marketing midterm is gone as well.

thirdly, did on the exactly same finance proj as cher grp. and the worst thing is that we have different values and different conclusion. I dun think this project is one that allows for 2 different conclusion. its either a profitable proj or its a losing money project. cannot be both. so only one of us might be correct. so good luck to both of us.

this week i had a couple of first times.. all thanks to finance project.

firstly, i took a cab home with mid night charges from school for the first time.

secondly, first time realise that actually theres a pull down gate at the barrier.. and it will be pulled down at 12am.

thirdly, din bathe for 2 days. not really i wanted but its just accidental.

cos on thurs nite, our finance proj ends like 12.30am.. then took cab home.. and cos the other grp members are going to do some additional stuffs on their individual slides, so i said i will compile after they all have done since i am always the compiler. but i am not going to wait for all of them to finish. so i told them to email their slides to me when they are done and i will sleep early and wake up at 4am the next day to do it.
then when i got home, i was so tired that i just take out my contact lens, brush my teeth and fell asleep. and i did set my alarm... and somehow, my alarm fails me again. sian.. and i am shock to see that the time is 7.05am! and we are suppose to meet at 7.30am! haiz.. i let my grp down. lucky my part is the intro and i dun need much prep actually.. in the end i managed to reach sch at 8am and start doing the compiling.. lucky not that much to do...

haiz should have guai guai taken deS's morning call service.
btw, deS is a cute MIC junior of mine who said he is gg to open business of giving morning call. and the following is his ads....

" *ADVERTISEMENT - SPECIALISED MORNING-CALL GIVER* Trained in the most advanced and primitive ways of giving morning wake-up calls, we are dedicated in irritating you to the maximum till u get out of YOUR bed and feel like whacking us! Different methods include non-stop 20-min calls/ to your doorstep hammering and banging of your front door yelling your name like u owe ppl $$. All this only at $12.99! "

but then i am nt gg to pay him though.

and ya.. so in the end i din get to bathe since wed. LOL..... but dun think anyone smells me.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 10:04 PM  
I brought my cell group to oasis on saturday... well initially is really only my cell group. then in the end poor bingjing's grp only got himself so he join us... den kunfeng grp only 3 person so he also chap in.. in the end we become a big group of 9 young adults playing some kiddish interesting board games. basically i cant believe that we spent a freaking 3 hrs there playing only 2 games. we played Sequence and Cashflow. cashflow is damn stress!!! haha we played for like an hour or more and nobody had gotten out of the inner round yet.... its really a time consuming game. no wonder the boss bought it then.

well on a separate note, i actually went to bugis to meet my cell with kf. he came smu to meet me.

haiz. y he come leh? i am quite surprise actually..
but i think i think too much le.
but anyway i am happy. =)

but sometimes his actions often leave me wonder a lot of things.

firstly, he can go ard helping other gals carry their stuffs and nv ask if I need him to help despite i am carrying the most heaviest one.

secondly, he always help others set up and keep their equipments and i noticed he NEVER EVER helped me keep the instruments that i used.

thirdly, he can ask everyone if they want sweets and then not asking me when i am only sitting beside him. until he left one and only then he ask me.. and tell me left one last one. "______"

so who really am i to him?????
i shall think of more incidents to come.

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