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Monday, August 20, 2007

my last semester in SMU

posted by frances_sha @ 2:11 AM  
time really flew......

so fast its my last sem in SMU.

remember that i only got to know abt blogging in SMU.
and i set up my own blog in my first semester in SMU..
and now.. its my 7th and last sem.......

got back from the States on wed's night.. 2 months is not very long.. but yet alot of things have changed, at least for church i think there are so much changes.. even the floorplan of level3 changed.

enjoyed so much in the States. its an experience that i will never forget..

life is so amazing hahhaa. this moment u dislike this person, next moment u find yourself talking and confiding to this person the most. and u thot u are close to this friend, but actually not that close afterall..

actually there are so many things in USA i wanna blog abt and i think i shud cos its so worth blogging... it gonna be fun if i were to read what i blog abt my trip like 5 years or 10 years down the road.. or maybe dun need so long cos now i read what i wrote 2 years ago can make me laff like siao... haiz but then i am just plain lazy.........

anyway this is my timetable for this sem... if u wanna know. haha decided to include my bids as well.. show ppl how i showhanded my e$... din really showhand lor.. still got 16+ left.....

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