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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Work Work Work!!

posted by frances_sha @ 4:59 PM  
NOTE: wrote this post sometime ago and save as draft.. haha also dunno its saved as draft.. and forgot abt it.. so now then posted it up..........

yeah! finally got a job!!

haha actually this holidays i haven been trying hard to look for job.. basically I am just waiting for my previous employer, Schneider, to give me a temp job. cos their pay is good.. yar.. so the schneider pay is my "RP-Resistant Point", as well as my "TP-Target Point".. haha from my nego for biz course..... so its sort of like anything below $8/hr, i am not really willing to do.... haha.. rather stay at home and slack......

well.. this job that i am getting.. it's abit exceptional case.. anyway the pay is $7/hr.. and the lobang is from Sophia. Last week, she sms me to email to her superior my resume.. actually I wasn't sure if I shud send or not.. cos I still think that I should wait for news from schneider. haha but in the end, at the late night at 2am, I finally think that Schneider dun really want me anymore, and decided to send in my resume. The company is Singapore Pools.. the one at Paradiz. dun really know what am i suppose to do there also. But a good thing is that Huihui is also working there, and she started on monday already.. yeah! so at least there's someone i know!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gathering with Sophia & Hui

posted by frances_sha @ 11:13 PM  
went out with Sophia and Hui Hui on saturday.. I can't even remember the last time i saw them! well thou after secondary, we went to the same poly, but due to different courses, we seldom see each other.

time really flies, and realise how long i have known Sophia.. more than 10 years.. haha one of my longest friend. still remember I knew her back in a tuition centre when we were in Primary 5. I was always a quiet little gal since young, maybe due to lack of siblings and also frequent change of environment at my young age, therefore leading me a little introvert. So, I did not have much friends at the tuition centre back then. But dunno y i will always remember Sophia. After not long, can't remember who was the one who left the tuition centre, and before I could ask for a contact number, one of us is gone. During that time, gone is really gone. No emails, no blogs, no hp, no msn... no way we can contact. however, we met again coincidentaly at our secondary school during one recess.

I always remember Sophia as the sweet little girl(maybe cos she pretti so I will never forget her.. LOL). and very hardworking too! but dunno y she will always get v nervous during exam and will get not-so-satisfying scores during exam despite studying so hard for them. well, after about 3 years since we grad from poly and haven met her, she's still as sweet and pretti as ever, and still as hardworking studying at SIM.

Well, we met after my organ lesson at about 12.45pm. as usual, Hui is forever late. lol... and cos i need to check out the close circuit camera at my dad's shop, so we head down to Far East Plaza first. Haha, but I couldnt really solve the problem (expected), so i decided to join them for shopping at level1.. din buy much, except for the pearl necklace.. it was cheap! 1 for $5 and buy 2 get 1 free. so in the end i bought 2 and sophia bought 1 and we each pay only $3.30..

beside shopping at far east, we also went to visma atria. Afterwhich we went to have our lunch at the newly open Pepper Lunch Express at the Douby Ghaut XChange in the MRT station. haha thou it was newly open, but it was my 2nd time there. I really love Pepper Lunch! But cannot eat so much cos its rice... *pout* Pepper Lunch Express is great! cos they serve the mini pepper lunch, which is a rather small portion, and make me less guilty after eating it.. haha! and it is also relatively cheaper than the normal pepper lunch.. about half the price only. Sophia and Hui haven tried before, so bring them there..

after lunch, we decided to sit down and have a coffee chit chat and we went to the TCC and surprisingly, is the TCC at SMU! haha finally, since we moved to the city campus for 1 year, this is the first time i step into my school's TCC! Had a great nice chat, and of cos took our pictures!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me & Sophia. wearing our newly bought pearls....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Hui hui & I. love this pic... but too bad it's a bit to the left...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sophia & Huihui.. taken by me...... nice shot right?

All pics taken using my pink Nokia 6111 by the way....... the pic are small cos pics on my blog will only look good if they are small.

anyway after our TCC Taitai Tea time, Sophia need to go report for work. and i see that since desmond will be knocking off in 2 hours time, i might as well go PC show walk walk and wait for him. Huihui is nice to accompany me! find this time PC show like nothing much.. maybe cos the previous one is a market spoiler.. 3 levels PC show.... so this round is only 1 level, kind of like only 1 third of what we had experience from the previous one....... haha..

however, still manage to caught some gadges that I am dying to own...

firstly is the canon IXUS 65... so thin! and the screen is so big!! Love it so much!

next is the new nokia N72. really love the pink one! haiz.. but this phone is only for show at the PC show, not for sale. des says will only launch in Jul/Aug... hmm.. Jul? haha my bd in Jul.. dunno will i get a N72 for BD??

Thursday, June 01, 2006


posted by frances_sha @ 2:20 AM  
Just finish watching a whole series of Korean Drama Series.. haha not Da Chang Jin.. this one only 27 episodes..LOL thou intend to buy da chang jin in china that time.. but was too exp for us to buy so we choose something else instead.

the show is called 这该死的爱, The Death of Love.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

take a look at the trailer........

the reason y we buy this series is quite amusing.

cos we want to take a look at rain........ heard that he's one of the hotter korean star now..

thot should be v shuai, but turn out that both my mum and I dun think that he's really that shuai. but he has a v v well-built body. and thou he's not that shuai, but as u watch the series on, you will slow find that he has some attracting points which will make u feel attracted to him.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and by the time i finish watching the whole series, i actually find rain quite cool.

its a very sad love story.

Rain's brother had a gf initially, but when his gf one day become a famous korean star, the girl's mother ask him to leave her, which makes him very sad. To make things worse, a rich man fall in love with her and release to the media that he want to marry her.

Rain's brother was very sad and he accidently fell off the building and became a vegetable man.

Rain wanted to revenge for his brother as he believed that the girl had deserted his brother, led him to fall down from the house building and become a vegetable. And he started his perfect plan of revenge with starting to be the girl's bodyguard.

However, he did not realise that its impossible to love a person deliberately and its even more impossible to stop loving a person anyhow when you have started loving the person.

So in the end he fell in love with the person that he wanted to take revenge for.

in the very end, I dun quite understand cos the environment actually permits them to be couple, but rain actually died in the end..... and the most amusing thing is he died of cold.


well, on the flip side, I love the songs in the show alot alot alot.....

all the songs are damn nice!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

going to find the OST now! ciao!!

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