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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

thankieeee my dear roomies!!!! muacks

posted by frances_sha @ 1:42 PM  
and so my roomies nv forget my birthday at all!

lingxin explain to me that they din deliberately forget my birthday.. the incident goes like that..

on 6july, its the first day we reach san franc.. so when we check in to our hotel, theres a starbucks downstairs and they thot they can get a cake there. but to their disappointment, theres no cakes there...

then on 8jul, last day in san franc, we planned to go cheesecake factory.. they actually plan to celebrate there.. lingxin say they even brought the candles there....... hahahha and the reason that she told me, i gonna pengz lor.

she say, when all the 3 of them saw the cheesecakes at the cheesecake factory, they all gone crazy and they totally forgot abt celebrating my birthday. best leh. i really wonder are the 2 guys really guys or not. can be so crazy abt cheesecakes hur....

anyway, really love ya all.......... thanks for the celebration.. and video is on the way!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

my piggy birthday.... 24 years old liao

posted by frances_sha @ 11:19 PM  
"celebrated" my birthday in USA this year. thot it gonna be special. and i guess you guys are curious about how i spent my birthday.......

it was a v peaceful birthday spent. or rather more of forgotten.
dunno y, i guess it has something to do with age? i feel that birthdays are getting more and more undesirable. i recall my last birthday was a disaster.. initially des brought me to outback, which i have been wanting to go since dunno when, and it was our first time celebrating my bd.. but something happen between me and my mum and we had a big quarrel.. i rem in the end i cried throughout the whole dinner and i din have any appetite to eat anything at all.

yeap and that was last year......what about this?

well no doubt i shud be thankful that i am able to spent my 24th birthday out of Singapore and in a wonderful country call USA, and in a v v v beautiful city call San Francisco and Yosemite National Park.. but then it was not as if it was planned for my birthday. and well if u know me enuff, i am not that kind of person who will organise a birthday chalet or party to invite friends to come. so i din really say plan how a wanted my birthday to be..... but then..... hahaha din know it turn out to be like this......

woke up at 5am......
drove to Yosemite...
Yosemite hot weather (40 degrees!!) almost melted me.
got lost while on the way to san fran after Yosemite..
had KFC for dinner.....
finally reach hotel at about 11pm......

k lah lingxin got wish me by giving me a surprise notepad note on my comp while i was bathing.. other than that, serveral close friends like ivy dear, corinne, joyce, leemin also gave me their birthday greetings..... but abit sad that my roomies all forgot abt my birthday.... :( when they dun even rem my bd, how am i suppose to "celebrate" my birthday leh?

then des got my timing totally wrong. and at first i thot my dad forgot abt my bd too, but in the end realise he sent an ecard which din reach my mailbox. grrr.......


sadz ultimate.

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