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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

today sucks

posted by frances_sha @ 4:57 PM  
sianz! today i met my M.I.C seniors and they told me that the duet competition is only open for SMU students only. so i think i can forget abt participating liao.. and moreover, they might have an audition should the number of entries be high. and the audition is on 7th feb, which i would be already happily enjoying life in Australia.

and today i was late for TWC lessons. and it was damn sickening cos i din woke up late actually, but just that firstly, i miss my bus at my house bus stop. and secondly, i miss my sch bus stop loh! haha.. was smsing and suddenly when i look out.. i found myself in a strange environment.. and i am alighting all the way after farrer road... then i could not cross over to the other side to board bus back cos theres no traffic light or overhead bridge. so if i were to cross, i have to walk all the way to the farrer road junction.. which i think might as well walk back to sch.. and thats 2 bus stops and took me 20 minutes loh!

btw, today i also went for my LTB meeting and i am started to worry and worry how to raise enuff funds for our CSP as we need about $3500. and suddenly internally i feel quite piss and depress about my LTB group member. i feel that the grouping is quite unfair to let our group have 3 international students. i am not being biases against internation students or wat.. but just that in the CSP.. i find that they tend to have difficulty in contributing as they dun really know our culture.. like we say do fund raising by doing karang guni, they dunno wats that also.. then when we are looking for homes to do our CSP, they are not willing to call cos they have language problems. and the same problem happens when we are looking for sponsors. well i dun mean that they did nothing and i am not rejecting them or wat.. cos i think sometime i myself might also slack. but just that i feel how come our group got 3 international students when other group dun even have one. just now i even have the chong dong to go and tell mei mei. but i think tell also LL... haiz.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

going back to NYP

posted by frances_sha @ 10:53 PM  
today when back to NYP.. cos Billy invited me to go and watch his performance for open house.. Billy is a fren i know who study in NYP year one multimedia (which is same course as me). actually at first i was really struggling and thinking hard whether to go.. i want to go is bcos i am rather interested to watch Billy performance.. and secondly wish to see my juniors.. hope to get to know a few more juniors before they all dunno me haha..

so what are my worries? well, last time he kept asking me out.. like on xmas eve, xmas and new year day.. he say he got nothing to do and so ask me to go out. well, i must say i seldom or nv meet my online friends one.. and in fact i dun have much of them also. i dun trust online friends.. so the past invitations i all rejected him.. and it makes me thot of an issue..-> if he always alone.. wat does that says abt his social circle? so i kinda worry that he might be a snowman also. and thats the most dangerous part when u befriend an online friend.

so today was a good time to meet him. cos i wont be there for long also.. and beside him, i can still look for someone else.. (in the case if he is realli a snowman haha).. ermm so i went to look for him at his CCA booth.. and surprisingly, guitar club booth is just beside. i was quite happy that someone from guitar club would recognise me.. and haha and they are so cute to treat me like VIP like that.. then cos Billy is from Foreign Bodies, so he had a number of performance to go.. so i was so happy to get a chance to talk to jingle they all.. haha and it's damn funny when u know wat the year one know me as what? they say that i am the "pick gal" pick is a thing that we use to strum the guitar.. and cos last time for club orientation gifts, we used to print our club logo on the pic and give that. and for like 3 years i have been the one doing it cos i got all the contacts.. haha and so now the juniors know me by "pick gal" so funni and niao..

haha then today i also got a henna painting for free on my hand at NYP also. last time i used to go for every henna painting whenever they have.. so everytime they got open house, club crawl, or national day etc.. the make-up artist pple will have booth to draw henna painting for us.. so i kinda miss the henna man.. so happy today i done one..

well then about Billy, ermm i must say that he is realli superb loh. i think out of 10, i will give him 9.8 and yar if u know, i am stingy with points. so i guess 9.8 is so far highest record also.. so how is he good?

well, he mixed 3 jay's songs together.. all rapping songs.. at first i was wondering how good he can be haha.. cos the rap is realli not easy.. but he was realli good man. and atage wise, i think its bcos he got learn at LWS before loh.. teach him all the tai fong everything.. so he is like quite calm.. and he would walk here and there jump ard.. and really bit resembles jay.. then as i said earlier theres 3 songs, u know after the sec song where there was an interlude, he even try changing attire.. haha although it's just wearing a sunglass and take off his jacket lah... the way he take off his jacket is cool also.. i think he just sing like he is jay.. and somemore, he got a big group of "fans" loh.. all from his foreign body club one.. they really sway and shout to him.. and he also did a mic pointing to the audience gesture.. and the "fans" will shout "Billy Billy Billy Billy.. haha so seems like he got quite a good social circle rite.. well i think so too.. and i saw him hi here hi there.. he really knows alot of pple.. and as far as i know he not really that leng..

Billy and me

the beginning of the performance.. so tis is the attire he originally in..

after he wear his sunglasses and took off his jacket as he sang the third song.

thats his "fans" (wearing in green)

picture of billy and me after his performance.. think he looks great in sunglasses compare to glasses rite..

and a note to readers is that all these pic are taken using Billy Handphone. its so damn clear loh.. i forgot wats the model name liao.. anyway its a nokia phone.

well MIC is proposing to have a duet singing competition, if its on, i think i would be interested to join.. at first i was thinking of asking Mr A to sing with me.. haha now i think Billy would be much a better choice.. and i asked him already and he agreed..

Friday, January 21, 2005

LTB meeting on Hari Raya Haji

posted by frances_sha @ 9:34 PM  
today is hari raya haji and i was meeting my LTB project group to visit the home that we intend to work on. haha i think today i was kinda niao. and i can see that my TA had been niaoed by me until he bit siao liao..

firstly i was commenting that LTB TA must drive a car.. make this as a criteria for selection of LTB TA.... haha but must thank jin dao for being our chauffeur for the whole day lah..

then next i think he also cant stand our niaoing and started to niao back.. he damn niao.. when i find out that he is kinda familiar with the road in Hougang, (he live in woodlands) i ask him how come he so familiar with the roads there.. is it ur gf live in hougang.. and he say wat?! "no lah! who want to live in hougang?" haha this statement had cause me, charmaine and melissa to oppose him strongly.. haha then i suan him, "who want to live in woodland loh.. so chor, stay so near malaysia.." haha opps to all malaysian. i am not anti-malaysians. just wanna suan my TA only..

third, we fixed our next meeting next tues. so jindao say that day is his gf bd. and he tell us he cant come, and also asked us not to call him to disturb his 2 ren shi jie. haha.. he say if we call, he will let his gf ans.. so our plan is to tell her that LTB is more important (as wat jin dao always say when LTB meeting clashes with our other project meeting). and also tell her that he actually wanted to go for our meeting more, because she is v ma fan tats y he must skip our meeting just to pei her..

haha we damn devil eh?! but so what? anyway i am glad that my LTB grp is kinda efficient.. like we meet v little.. but every meeting is quality meeting.. and haiz realise LTB is realli quite texing when we find that we need to raise like $5000 for our project.. sianz.. and i told them abt snowman.. haha! and yar sorry yanfang, i told my grp that u went out with snowman which in the end i came home then realise that u din go out with him at all haha! but then all the while we are all pushing charmaine to go and meet snowman to get his contacts for sponsorship.. haha think we are damn chor loh.. still calculate how many times she must go out with him to get our target $5000 funds.. haha.. poor charmaine..

Cai Cai wedding

posted by frances_sha @ 3:01 AM  
ok the long waited pics of my cousin wedding. keep forget to post them.. u can click on them to view a bigger image.

so this is the pic of me with my cousin and my tang shao. i think it looks bit weird with me standing in between them.. but so wat? but i heard that 3 person take photo together will get sway one..

taken with my other 2 cousins. the centre one is actually the groom's sister. and the one of the right is my cousin who came back from new jersey which i have not been seeing for dunno how long liao..

haha! and this is the pic with all my cousin who are present at the wedding. ermm. actually i think that shld be all cant think of any cousin not present anyway.. and ya one more thing for the lustful chor yanfang. she is so chor to ask me to bring back a guy for her. so i say i will intro my cousin to her loh since she lust for a HK hunk so much. the first from the left. i think he is quite yandao leh.. the best of all my cousin loh.. and the one beside him is actually his bro but looks totally diff.. and also diff brains.. his bro now is a doctor.

i just love the way my hair is styled man!

after the dinner.. i love winter clothes. i look so cool in coat rite?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

FA presentation

posted by frances_sha @ 11:39 PM  
today met yanfang for lunch.. well although only 2 of us.. but our conversation is non stop.. and i must comment that yf laughter is so loud n chor.. actually i quite paiseh there.. cos she realli laff v loud.. but cant blame her actually.. who ask her got such a good fren like me who can amuse her so much..

so wat is she laffing so loudly at?

haha the first joke is about wat my mum niaoed me.. well on wed, when she was coming to sch to fetch me home, she saw a v nice Lexus.. a 2 seater sports car. and she say:

"wah. smu student can drive such a nice car!! oh its a guy leh.. eh daughter, go and get him lah.. must PAO HIM (pun intended) remember to take a teapot and some tea leaves and PAO it with him.. then u sure can PAO him successfully.. "

this single joke can make that chor yf laff the whole food haven away..

next joke i rem is i told her abt how i manage to see through the whole plot of joyce's plan. well this is about the bet that yf and joyce had came up with.. well.. i manage to see thr joyce plot loh.. haha think i have diffuse some analysis power from robin yesterday man.. well anyone is blur and dunno wth i am talking abt can come and ask me.. cos i cant blog in detail abt this here.

today is my FA proj presentation. haha while other classes is still having conflicts forming FA proj group, my FA grp is having our proj presentation liao. again.. i am v impress by mingjun. i mean he just talk like a prof loh. and the apnn is also v good. can talk throughout without a script. so conclusion, me and mark are free riders haha!

anyway today i was quite happy. cos i think i can do my FA quiz 1 pretty well! even though i din get to study much. haha i was so happy i manage to balance my trial balance even the first time. at first i was kinda worry that my trial balance wont balance and my experience from O level accounts is that i shall do it using pencil first.. and only use pen to go over when everything is correct.. however, i din even use the eraser at all! thank god that my trial balance can be balanced so easily. haha while i see lot of my poor classmates drawing big crosses and using lots of liquid paper.. and after the test, yeah! my trial bal amt tally with da tou. and haha even royal ass din manage to balance! i was so damn happy. cos i rem tat time when i was struggling for my ma, royal ass damn zuai.. he think his MA damn good. i am damn poor loh. this sem i must biang. realli hope i can strive for gpa 3.0 man. determine to score a A- for FA.. *grinz*

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:50 PM  

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

gals shld not make the first move.

posted by frances_sha @ 11:53 PM  
I had always make it a point to tell myself, no matter how much i like a guy, i wont tell him. well pple say i am old fashion. this is the 21st century. gals and guys are equal.. whatever. thats y i have been reluctant to make the first move regarding to Mr A incident although everything is so obvious. well at times i am shaken by my friends.. who keep buzzing me that i shld tell him since i like him so much. but my principle just forbits me to do that. i still feel that a gal shld nv make the first move. and a chat with a male friend yesterday strengthen my beliefs in it even deeper.

well start of with a disclaimer first. i think my fren is kinda thick skin. ya. and so he told me:

"a fortune teller tell me that i've got lots of tao hua luck. "

"a lot of times not i want to be close with those gals loh.. actually they throw themselves at me one.. "

YES- throw themselves meaning that some gals go and tell him that they had a crush on him. and he say that as "throwing themselves at me" which i think can also imply that he is saying they are cheap.

so to all those who keep telling me that its the 21st century.. no harm telling the person u like that u like him. u must fight for ur happiness.. well.. do u want to degrade urself?

Monday, January 17, 2005

my poor vicky

posted by frances_sha @ 1:19 AM  
my poor vicky had injured her leg on friday. actually past few days she is still alright until wednesday after my parents came home from HK and we realise that one of her toe started to stick out and she started to crippled a bit. and on friday morning, my mum said that she was shocked to see that the floor is all stained with blood. and found out that its vicky's leg bleeding. so my parents quickly sent her to a vet. the vet said that she had to do an operation immediately to remove the nail that is sticking out. well its just a day surgery which means she can be discharge in the evening. but i am still quite worry thou.. cos she is getting on years. well she is about 12 years old liao i think.. and i read that a normal dog can live around 16 years.. so i guess a dog's 12 yrs is abt a man in his 70s?? anyway i have some pics of her here.

a picture of vicky taken last year aug. see how cute she is?

then this is after the operation when she had a leg bandaged. so poor her had to walk with 3 legs..

then after the surgery, i was quite sad to see how tough she is going through. and she hasnt been barking for 3 days. even for the happiest moment i.e. bring her down or giving her food. and oh ya haha i have been bring her down in a trolley these days as she cant realli walk. but still have to bring her down to pee.. then she cant even shake her fur.. so ke lian!

just see how sad she was...

Friday, January 14, 2005

junmin wedding

posted by frances_sha @ 11:12 PM  
after a long day of lessons, and a MIC meeting at red door, i went to junmin wedding buffet. oh ya before i went on, would like to talk abit on a frustrating event. normally when i was gg home from red door or evans, i will use the cut through from the stadium running track. however today i was stopped by the niao security guard, after walk so long thr the whole floor ball field.. and he told me that i am not an authorised person so cannot enter to the stadium.. i was in rush of time and was so tired to walk thr the floor ball field, i realli cant stand it and scolded him. well i feel that now they had new regulations they shld at least in form us. or at least put a big notice outside before the jockey field. and not until i walk thr the whole field then tell me i cannot enter and i had to walk back all the way and use the slope. so damn niao. and it happens when i am rushing for time.

but anyway i still reach junmin house on time. well junmin is from my church. and he is only 23 and turning 24 this 2005. and his loving wife is dunno 4/5 years older than him. but it cant realli tell as both of them are so baby face and they are even once mistaken as o level grads.

well today the niaoest thing that happen is that Mr A got to know i keep a blog. so niao! all thanks to my mum. cos weiliang was talking abt my HK trip when we are all eating. so he said: "oh.. ur HK trip bought a beautiful bag and a nice boots rite? got wear them today or not?" well weiliang dun have my blog add.. and when he said that i bought this two things, it is obvious that he have read my blog. so i asked him how he know. and he said that my mum was showing them my blog. wth! so niao! showing my blog in the public! and so Mr A got to know i keep a blog. sianz. hope he dun ask for my blog add.. but come to think of it.. i think its time he shld know either.. since i already clean my feelings abt him liao. how do u think?

Monday, January 10, 2005

back refreshed!

posted by frances_sha @ 9:30 PM  
yeah! finally back to my sweet home singapore. singapore's air is juz so wonderful compared to HK.. so clean and fresh. HK's environment is getting from bad to worst.. these few days everyday is smoky.. dunno y.. not fog although it looks very much like fog..

even so, i still love winter v much. cos winter clothes is nice.. and winter season everyone have to wear like ball like that.. no matter u are fat or thin, u will still look like a ball. haha! so those nice figure gals wont get to show off their figure anyway.

well.. today's HK temp quite low.. was the lowest since i went there last fri.. today only 14 degrees.. quite freezing cold to me.. maybe cos my clothes not enuff.. so quite lucky that my trip ends today.. well.. go HK mean mai dong xi shi dong xi. which is guranteed true. despite its the winter season now, i still bought myself a big luggage of clothes weighing 23.4KG.. damn heavy.. and carry it all by myself since no one is kind enuff to come and fetch me from airport.. despite the fact that so many of my friends have driving license already..

well talk abit abt my flight back. i was back alone cos my parents intend to enjoy their winter season till wed. and i had to be back cos i am a diligent student who would not want to skip too much lessons since i already skipped 2 last fri. then today when i checked in, i requested the window seat. then when i board the plane, then i rem that its a air bus with only 2 seats instead of 3 at the window.. so meaning to say that i will have to sit with a total stranger all by myself. shit. i prayed that i will have an angmo juz like during the flight when i flew to HK.. but i cant get to know him cos my mum is sitting beside me. and here i see... a chinese skinny 20+ man. not shuai at all. so i decided not to have any conversation with him haha.. i sat down, quickly took out the headphones and indulge myself in songs rightaway. well.. then i had some silly moments during the flight. cos this airplane have TV installed for every seat, so we get to choose which movie i wanna watch.. and i saw that theres finding nemo. last time wanted to watch v much since all my friends said it was super nice.. theres quite a no of funny scene.. and i laffed to myself. i had to admit that even i myself finds myself leng. quite paiseh.. but i cant help it.. haha was indeed quite a nice cartoon.. then about the food, marvalous. even got haggen daz ice cream. and i even gian peng for one more cup. so i ate a strawberry flavour and a coffee flavour.

ok so what i bought in HK? haha i counted:

one bag. purple in colour. my fav! haha not v cheap cos it made of genuine leather. but defintely i lurrrffff it v much. and i think i wont be able to find it in spore. and i am sure it will cost more than wat i get it for in HK.. anyway it cost ard SGD$60+ and it looks like this:

then next i also bought a boot. I hav always gian wearing boots.. cos they are so nice.. but this time i nv wear my boot from spore.. and i din intend to get one also since my stay in HK is so short. but nonetheless.. i can resist buying one. cos its so nice and so cheap. if i cant get to wear boots this time, when i can wear it man! so wat if i only wore it for a mere 3 days? here the boot:

and u know how much it cost only?? less than SGD$30! with all the nice embroidery, i think if i sell $80 singaporeans will still find it cheap.

then after that i also got myself:
1 jacket,
6 tops,
1 pair of jeans,
2 shawls,
1 slipper,
1 sandal and
2 wallets

and acc to my mum, after i left HK today, she went for more shopping and gotten me 2 pairs of shoes, one pair of slipper, one snail shape brouch, one crystal handphone strap, and somemore i forgot wat liao... this is such a fruitful trip although its so short.

so what i got for my dear friends? well, jerry said he wanted a set of mahjong. fat hope. i am not ur wife anyway, so not oblige to carry that damn heavy thing back. then robin said he wanted some HK souvenir. haha i told him, i nv see any souvenir shops everytime i go back HK.. then he say get a set of poker cards from plane. kaoz ask me do so GPS things.. well.. in the end since i am travelling alone, i think its realli quite wierd if i ask for poker cards.. and it will only shows how GPS i was.. or even worst later the guy beside me ask me to play cards with him i faint loh.. then this morning initially i wanted to get wife biscuits for all my friends.. but i searched everywhere cant find a single shop selling it.. so too bad.. i juz got some other pastry...

anyway, for everyone info, HK disneyland is opening this year. i plan to go next year. most prob go in winter. trust me, gg disney land in winter is juz like gg sentosa within a huge aircon. damn shiok. if summer will be hot like siao.. well.. anybody interested in gg also? i hope tt we can also go tour malaysia first lah.. or bangkok.. juz like lingyun.. so coincidence she also catching a flight last friday morning.. she is gg bangkok with her NUS friends.. so shuang.. i also hope to go tour with friends..

Thursday, January 06, 2005

yeah finally a good group!!!

posted by frances_sha @ 11:59 PM  
last night i was so depress. cos i feel that i am gonna be unlucky this sem again. y? cos my ltb got litter bug. and my FA class??? my FA prof is so chor and so ks to tell us to form our proj groups even before the start of first lesson. and when i was looking at the email list, apparently i only rec v little pple. without joyce. w/o feng ying. w/o jerry. w/o robin. not even snowman or grace. so sian! although i do see royal ass and jimmy's name.

and back to y last night i was so depress. well i was kinda worried for myself for my FA class (abt forming the proj grp thingy). so i go and check out did royal ass and jimmy really did follow the instructions by my prof and form their proj grps. and so niao! they realli formed their grps already! and tat royal ass even rub salt into my wound by being so sacastic. he say: "oh i pity u. i realli wish i could help u. realli. i think most pple have formed their grps liao. so only some leftovers are left. nvm lah, u juz get powerhouse like mj or wc for ur other proj shld be ok" kaoz! so niao. form form lah. big deal?! and so obvious he is saying that i am one of the leftovers as well. really hate him now. anyway but i realli scare by then. i scare i am stuck with other leftovers. i think i am not so jian until to work with them on my own accord rite? pls.. litter bug for one proj is already too much. if one more i will can go and hang myself liao.

but! haha thank God heaven is on my side though! i found out that MJ had not form his FA proj grp yet. just like me! yeahpee!! my wish is coming true. haha.... so what if ernest so ya ya.. my grp got ernest, and somemore got divya.. haha although i might have infinite problems trying to hear what she is trying to say.. but i heard she is as power as mj. and the other member of my FA grp is no other than the niao mark. haha well before the addition of Divya, even mj is soooo worried that william would juz join us. cos i think he is that kind of nice person and quite shui bian.. so he wont reject williams if he realli come and say wanna do proj with us. so we faster chop chop get one more person before williams You Ji De Cheng. haha and he is really the leftovers man! and some ignorant gals (which are also the poor leftovers) volunteer to work with him. he so damn lucky. i pity the gals out there. my condolescence. and i guess arpit is the hot guy out there.. seems like everyone is snatching him.. i think he is now in jimmy's grp..

anyway, today i enjoy both my lessons v much. early in the morning is econs class by tan swee liang and afternoon is my FA class by tan teck meng. the 2 tans teach well. well, my FA prof make a lot of jokes and i almost laff my tears out! then when he talked abt his wife company.. selling pens and things like that.. that niao mark started to guess what co his wife own. popular? kinokuniya? or amazon? haa he so damn zi high. then when our prof say that his wife co had more than 45 000 (duno staff or shareholders wat ever) mark like confirm is the co is popular. and i nv know that he is so damn GPS to shout out: oh prof, ur wife owns popular right? got discount card or not? kaoz. sitting right beside me. so GPS. then after that he even ask how old prof's daughter is. haha he told him he got 2 daughters, one 30 years old, and that niao mark shouted immediately "oh i dun mind" haha and the next is 17 years! wow. golden 17 yrs. haha. and he said she is studying USA government in the states.. and juz top the second last sem. he is v proud of his own children. keep saying how good they are. so funny. then i rem him saying how bad his accounting prof is. haha first thing reminds me of forbes. and what? it realli tally with forbes loh. my prof say until so jialat. he said: "i nv come across such a bad prof b4.. she is the prof until now i can show no respect to. can u imagine she can teach sitting down??" oh gosh. isnt it same senario as us?? haha.. anyway i was relieve and glad to be in this class.. although there are a lot of trade-offs though haha!

well.. tmr flight at 8.05am. and i gonna wake up at 530am. so i better sleep. realli started to miss u all liao.. :( anyway, my return flight is on mon, CX735, reaching at 5.40pm. haha anyone with car kind enuff to come and fetch me?? keke...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

window shopping

posted by frances_sha @ 11:59 PM  
firstly. was v dampen by the morning rain. i was earlier than usual by 15 mins, but was still late in sch by 5mins. so sianz. wake up so early no use one. also have to wait the bus until 730.

then after that the second sian thing is to meet up my LTB proj grp. Argghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that stupid f*** ABNN litterbug williams is in my group!!!!! my ltb sure gone case. but when i look ard, beside the blissful yf with her dear jerry group, it seems like everyone is stuck in a bad group. dunno is meimei fault or that prof kong fault. haha but i was niao also. cant let tt litter bug off so easily. so when ask what we expect for LTB. haha while others is saying things like expect good grades, i say i expect good project mates. haha he seems to know that i am refering to him. good. at least he is aware. but this time he is ok enuff to volunteer to write on the majong paper for the whole group. maybe he repent during the holidays. hopefully so!

after LTB, i am suppose to stay in sch cos i intend to go for make up class for Comms since i cant go on fri. but some frustrating events occur. well, juz when 3.30 is abt to come, will come again. haha he wore the shirt that lingxin bought for him as xmas present. quite nice. haha of cos. muz trust my taste. well and then he is applying duress on us(me and jerry) to go shopping with him again. and when i say i wanted to go for class liao, u know what he did? he KIDNAPPED my bag while i was walking away answering a call from minyu asking me am i gg for class. pls loh will, kidnapping is death penalty one ok. he so niao to kidnapped my bag into his bag until 330 is over then return me the bag. whats the use? so obvious to prevent me from gg to class by such unscrupulous methods.. u got ur jerry to go with u can liao wat. what for still need me???!! i will be so bright then. so me, jerry and will left the sch togther. again 2 person acc him to go shopping. so damn niao. then tat jerry was even more niao. while waiting to cross the road, Jerry jaywalked and pang sei us. and he so happily run away and got onto a bus before we cross over the road. wtf! chou jerry. making use of me to pei ur darling. so i was stuck with william. sianz. and i was lenged by him when he met up with a gal from his jc and they started chatting so engrossly. leaving me in the coldest polar region.

and we got off at far east plaza. haiz gg to a place i have come until quite sianz liao..... well juz more GPS stories abt him. anyway, i saw his ers acc. well, he got 600 shares more than me. haha! and i saw his bank acc balance also. not interesting at all. it seems tat we have always got the wrong impression of him.. opps... well. the most GPS is that he keep saying he is broke, and he keep gg shopping. i dun understand y until today. well. he wanted to look for the spec that Mr A wore. so niao. Mr A wore wat he also want to wear. want to be Mr A is it. pls lah.. then it was quite paiseh to go shopping with him leh. cos he compare alot. well, we went to spectacle hut and he saw the spec Mr A is wearing.. haha and the price is quite erhmm.. haha after will nagging and nagging, the person say the lowest can offer him is $260. then he still see many many designs.. then even tried the more exp okley.. while he keep saying he is broke. and u know what. not only he nv buy anything.. but he still GP the shop assistant help him adjust his spec for free. so GP! omg. i was bit paiseh. if i am the shop assistant, i will curse him loh.

well, just for a moment, i wanna clarify something. I DUN GIAN GOING OUT / BEING TOGETHER WITH WILLIAM OK. pls dun get the wrong intention. i am just being a friendly friend who is so nice to offer accompanyment and maybe even fashion counselling. and next is I DUN GIAN HELPING HIM CARRY HIS STUFFS. pls. again i am just a nice and responsible person who think that by leaving my friends' stuffs anywhere is so irresponsible. so i actually mind alot with carrying his heavy stuffs just that the way i express is not strong enuff. well, this had got to do with my upbringing. i am brought up to be not complaining. esp so chorly in the public. so pls dun think that i am so xin gan qing yuan carry things for him.

well today he also admit that he is a xiao bai lian. then at CK tang, he keep asking me to buy this buy that. siao! i am not ur someone ok. anyway haha i choose a pink tie with bright green flowers on top. haha at first he was realli lenged by me but later his GPness came out again and said that he will wear it if i buy. pls loh fat hope. kaoz i think his someone muz be a top student then next time can join big companies and earn big bucks every month.

then after accompanying him to purely window shopping, he lenged me again at the platform by telling me that his chauffeur is picking him up at visma.. so i had to go home all alone loh. anyway it doesnt realli make a diff if he is or is not around... but it juz make a diff if i am or am not ard by his side. haha! well anyway everyone is affected by that too. not only him.

and i had to even lie to my mum for accompanying him to window shopping today. cos my mum thot i am at sch studying. i feel so bad.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

bad start for school

posted by frances_sha @ 9:28 AM  
well. as compared to yanfang, i have always thot that my year 2005 started off better than her. until yesterday only unfortunately. today is my first day back to sch and it was damn bad day for me. y? cos i was one hour late for sch although i have made effort to sleep early the prev nite. so why am i late? all thanks to the stupid alarms. well all along i always use my HP alarm as my alarm clock. as i have juz switch to a new HP, i have even tested the workability of the alarm of my new phone. and i am sure that the alarm is working well last nite. and i set the time to ring is 6.50am. and as i knew that the next day is my first day of sch, i wont want to be late. so i even set the alarm clock by my bed which i normally dun.

then what happen this morning? well.. my hp doesnt ring when the time comes.. and my alarm clock dunno y was slow by one hour. damn it! and actually i wasnt woke up by any alarm. muz say thank you to the discipline mistress of punggol secondary sch. having such a long assembly. well. she speak so loudly and so long that i cant sleep. i still thinking how come so early(cos i thot alarm clock haven ring so the time muz be 6+) got assembly.. and thanks to her waking me up. sianz.. stupid samsung.. and the next bad thing is while i was on the bus.. juggling with the damn cold aircon which is directly blowing above me, i dropped my brand new samsung. and i saw a lot of scratches on the back liao. sianz~!!!!!! dunno samsung is so easily scratched one.

and now i am in sch.. and i cant even find a gsr.. everyone so KS.. so early come sch to use the GSR dunno for what... so i had to GP the network, the aircon and the sofa at the CIT office. and looking right in front of me is sophia's brother. haiz.. dunno my dear yf and joyce got chop place for me to sit or not...

Monday, January 03, 2005

sch starting tmr!

posted by frances_sha @ 10:26 PM  
today initially wanted to go to sch. cos wanted to try to see if theres books at vertz. and secondly wanted to pass a tshirt to wanzhen. and thirdly wanted to dine with that tai tai. scare she dine alone, but i think its quite ridiculous and immpossible.

however, since wz told me that first day vertz sure no books one. so my main purpose of gg sch is gone. so i might as well dun go sch. as if i miss sch like that. haha!

but then, i still have a busy day. follow my dad out in the morn to office. and tat weiliang(will: pun intended).. everytime like that. everytime gone back malaysia come back sure sick. dunno he friegn sick or wat. so he took an mc. then everytime after big holidays(like xmas, NY and CNY) dunno y everyone likes to come and make chops and namecards. then everytime after these holidays, the first working day will be damn busy. and tat weiliang can jolly well take MC.. well he is lucky loh. i am sway. cos i mon no class. so today i become a free labour. but lucky it was only busy during the noon time. so in the morning again doing things for weiliang. so niao. think i owe all the weiliangs in my prev life. so now all the weiliangs come to me in this life for the debts i owe them. anyway, this morning have to walk all the way to suntec juz to help weiliang deposit his cheque.(my office is in bugis. act not v far la) oh ya btw if u got bit blur, thinking how come i am like kinda v shu with this staff of my dad?? haha act he is from my church, and i intro him to my dad co. well. so u can see, i am being so nice to a weiliang. then after that i was thinking since i already at the bank. i rem that i need to change my daily limits of my nets. and also withdraw money to open a new ocbc acc.. haha cos i observed that theres act many ocbc atms ard.. then everytime posbank atms are having damn long queue. so i shall have an ocbc acc so that i no need to queue for posb atm anymore!

so after depositing weiliang's cheque, withdrawl money, haha of cos gg to ocbc bank to open my new savings acc! so this took my whole morning away. so after finishing with banks, my mum called me said that theres problems with one of the pcs again. haiz. so i had to rush back. and omg. saw a quite-scary-and-damn-stupid-problem. well. everything on the monitor is inverted. invert as in turn up side down. so the taskbar is on top now and if u move ur mouse to the left, it will go to the right. and if u move ur mouse up, it will go down. so scary. well. although i know roughly where are the setting to set it back to upright, but it still took me sometime as i realli cant adapt to an up-side-down environment. haha. haiz lucky juz when i finish setting it back to upright, its the time when the flock of customers came in. then again i was busy until i missed my lunch. haiz. then in the afternoon i still need to go to SIR building to submit some document for my oath taking.. then my mum ask me go far east plaza to take a look at their comps again. haiz. initially wanted to go simlim.. so in the end no choice loh, have to go from lavendar, to far east plaza, then finish liao then go back to bugis to go sim lim. well purpose to go simlim is to repair my portable hdd.. which is giving me damn so much of trouble. but expectedly, i was asked to go directly to the manufacturer.. then i also wish to look for a cable for my new phone. yes!! i got a new phone people. haha. so happy. bought it yesterday.. its samsung E330C.. well since i gian a flip phone for so long liao.. i die die muz buy a flip phone.

My new E330..

its a super new phone tat juz lanched last sat. actually i din know abt this model until i went shoppin on sun and saw it at samsung road show. well.. its wasnt realli my dream phone.. but i am contented having a flip phone now :) hehe act i gian peng the price more. its was realli quite a great deal. i would say that this phone have mostly same features as E700.. juz that this e330 have no infrared.. but i can always use a wire. e330 also have no ext antenna sticking out, have dual lcd 65K screen.. with camera.. ya so this e330 if no plans, the samsung road show is sellin at $618. then if signing a starhub or m1 2-yr plan, it would be $498.. ahaha and if signing singtel 2-yr plan?? best! it only cost $168!! thats so much diff from the original price! so muacks to my mum for letting me buy the phone using her singtel line.

ya.. so i intend get a data link cable for my hp.. and it seems like i cant even find a single original samsung cable link in sim lim... but i saw some samsung date cable that is connected by usb port. insnt it graeat? so i can also use it not only at home.. if not the original cable only comes in serial port. but then the price range again.. from $10.. all the way to $40+.. dunno which one shld i buy.. so in the end my dad rushing me as he is reaching sim lim soon to fetch me.. so i was forced to leave.. think i shall go again maybe tmr..

well tmr is the start of a fresh new term. well. realli enjoy the holidays. i tink surprisingly i realli had a good time bonding with yf, joyce, jerry, jc, will etc.. and not forgeting lingxin.. so i feel this holidays is v special. cos normally i dun meet my current sch mates during the holidays.. haha like my poly days.. well. hope that this coming sem will be a better one for all of us. and of cos not forgeting, may all in singles club find their another half soon!

got to sleep loh.. tmr 830 lessons... :(

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