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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Good morning my blog..

posted by frances_sha @ 9:47 AM  
haiz today still feelin super dense when i open my eyes in e morning... i hope to feel better as later i will be going for my CF camp.. in their packing list one of the item is "prayer heart and open mind".. think that implies that i should also bring along a joyful mind.. hope that the camp activities could release me.. and i am lookin forward to tmr ktv session :)


posted by frances_sha @ 1:40 AM  
sorry i am too depress to blog today.. so i shall only upload the pictures we took during our kayaking trip last sat.. enjoy..

posted by frances_sha @ 12:53 AM  

how i look like on sun.. my dad say i cant drive with this colour of face.. cos the traffic police will mistook me for a drunk driver... so niao! Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 12:38 AM  

yanfang and me.. "yanfang.. dun sleep when taking pic with me..." Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 12:37 AM  

gorilla and the BHB william Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 12:36 AM  

i think the background looks so nice.. next kayak i shall take pic with this bg also.. Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 12:34 AM  

this is how Jerry look like after being capsized twice by which once is on his own accord.. haha.. hair so messy haha so what Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 12:31 AM  

cher and yanfang again.. Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 12:29 AM  

cherysa and yanfang Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 27, 2004

GPA 2.0?? how shld i spend my hols... can i expect another kayaking soon?? :p

posted by frances_sha @ 11:11 PM  
mm.. ok yest i was really quite sad abt the GPA thingy.. then today i went to confirm with william wat will happen if my GPA falls below 2.0.. and he say will be put under probation... but he say its v diff to get below 2.0... omg.. if i really get, i will be damn xia sway....

ok enuff of all those unhappy stuffs.... yesterday went to watch Bridget Jones.. yes.. right after exams!! haha quite a funny show.. cos got me.. the linking queen linking everything to our dearest yanfang and joyce.. muhahahahha... so as usual i will link the characters inside the movie to them.. for details, can refer to yanfang's blog at http://frenie.blogspot.com

then this morning went for kayaking with 7 pple.. (yf, cher, jc, william, jerry, winnie, elaine) and initially when we say we are meetin at 10am.. i really thot that everyone will be late.. and even the prev nite gorilla even said that he WONT BE ABLE TO wake up... i thot that everyone will late... hahah.. but i am not the latest loh.. and i think i am always stressed up if i am meetin jc.. cos he always comment: I HATE GALS WHO ARE LATE.. but however.. jc shall change his statements.. if not he will be unfair to us.. he muz say "I HATE ALL PPLE WHO ARE LATE." and so.. tats includin someone... who make 7 pple waiting for HIM.... and the worst is he seems having no trace of rushness or worry tat whole bunch of pple are all waiting for him.. and he can still say pple see his happy face wont get angry liao...

anyway.. i enjoy my first kayakin exp.. rem the last time is canoe.. and it was all the way back in sec 3 adventure camp.. haha.. so fun of splashing/being splashed... and capsizing other pple kayaks and also being capsize.. and i even capsize my own boat.. poor winnie got to suffer with me...

then today i stupidly did a lot of mistakes.. and being suan as i am making "brilliant mistakes"... wat the hell... ok i shall not blog "my own mistakes" here.. for those who wanted to know.. ask me urself.. i am so paiseh to blog them.... hahah.. and i think i am juz too lazy to blog down all the details of today's event as yanfang had already blog most of them..so juz read hers... haha.. and my arms are gettin ache even when i am typing...

haha and i did a niao thing in church today.. pple were askin me why am i so red and tanned.. and i answered: oh i wanted to prove that i have finish my exams muhahahah... (pls dun say no link.. theres is ok...)

ok juz to show u all how red i was(all the cheeks and my nose) after the kayaking : took this while waiting for shuttlebus.. see the diff bet a one star and no star kayak cert person?? i kena the consequences of not puttin enuff sun block... and now even worst.. i can feel my face is burning.. my legs and scalp are so itchy.. dunno wat will i get tmr when i look myself into the mirror... arrgghhh!!!!!!

haha maybe u all might not know.. but i copied.. see is i copied this pic from yf account.. cos i am too lazy to on my laptop.. and theres no hello software here on my family comp.. so i went to see the link of the pic in yf blog and copy here.. so yf, dun be niao and remove this pic.. or else my pic here will not show...

maybe tmr will try to post more photos.. and i think i wanna suggest to go kayaking with lingxin and huimian they all.. haha.. its so fun.. want to go again soon.. hope can make a success gatherin this time......


posted by frances_sha @ 1:12 AM  
omg.. i still cant believe that i have come to the end of a term.. orientation camp seems like juz ended last week.. and now i am in holiday again.. I think i will gonna miss my smu friends.. but yeah! it will be a good time to gather with Lingxin and Huimian again!! cant wait to organise that KTV cum over nite chattin at my house.......

anyway... this exams turn me off totally... i am totally f***kinly worry now cos i took a look at the gradin system in smu juz now... and juz to educate to my dear truly classmates, the followin is the gradin system:

Grade Grade Point Mark Range
A+ 4.3 86 and above
A 4.0 83 to 85
A- 3.7 80 to 82
B+ 3.3 77 to 79
B 3.0 74 to 76
B- 2.7 70 to 73
C+ 2.3 66 to 69
C 2.0 63 to 65
C- 1.7 60 to 62
D+ 1.3 53 to 59
D 1.0 50 to 52
F 0.0 49 and below

and we need to attain at least GPA of 2.0... and shit damn it.. cos i think i will be gettin a lot of C and D.. and therefore as u can see... D+ only got a pathetic GP of 1.3 and C- is 1.7... i wonder with all marks below 2.0, how am i able to get GPA of 2.0???? i am damn sad now.....

and at first still wanna blog abt the show we went to watch today with yf, cher, joyce and jerry.. and also wanted to blog abt tmr activities to come........ but now i got totally turn down by this GPA thing liao....... sianz

Monday, November 22, 2004

my HELL begins......

posted by frances_sha @ 1:30 AM  
mm.. knowing the fact that those NTU pple had already finished their exams.. my nightmares is juz abt to begin..... and in fact will begin in juz a mere 14 hours later.. and in 112 hours, my nightmare will end!! yeepee... and then i am sooooooo eager to see what that niao YANFANG will blog abt me..

meanwhile.. thoughout last week.. i found myself 2 new study companions... although bearing the risk that the two niao DEMURES will niao me.. still this is a fact i wont deny.. i really did feel tt its enjoyable to study with them..(juz that unfortunately i am also takin a risk of infecting flu from tt toilet paper gorilla.. opps haha) cos we will have jokes and chat.. but not very often... not like comparing to studyin with YF and J where we will end up talking and laff the whole day away.... then u might say then y dun i study alone.. then no one can talk to me... NO!! i will end up fallin asleep cos i think i am a easily sian-by-books person...... therefore, studyin with my 2 study companions will keep me awake with all the jokes and at the same time wont hinder my revision... :) well but i muz say.. this is my own personal opinions.. Maybe they might detest me?? or maybe they will think that we talk too much?? haha. ok hope that this proves that i had been studyin until i gone siao liao.. and have been thinkin too much.. (implied terms?? pple lurf to study with me??!! ok i know u will say "no link"..haha)

well i need to go and sleep now.. and dun think i will have the time to blog until friday.. cos i haven start studyin my biz law yet.. :( arrrgghhhhh!!!! so for those who dun have exams.. or those only have 1 paper.. and those who finished exams liao..would appreciate tt u all will help me keep my blog dynamic by taggin k.... thanks ah....

Thursday, November 18, 2004

do u think that people who fart should own up?

posted by frances_sha @ 11:39 PM  
today i went for prac for this sun service.. weide played a v lame game with us.. well, he indicate 4 areas, with each labelled, "Strongly Agree", "agree", "disagree" and "strongly disagree".. i say this sounds like survey.. haha.. then i suan him.. wat qn u asking.. is it ask wether u handsome or not is it... haha.. no! initially he asked qn like "are guys always stubborn?". "do all gals like to cry?", "is Fann wong pretty?".... so we r suppose to stand in the areas according to our opinion. then got one qn is "do u think that people who fart should own up?"... haha damn it.. i am the only one standing in the "disagree" area while all the others all stand in "strongly agree" area..... they i kena suan.. say next time if got smell and no one own up means its me??!!! wth.. i mean its like if theres no necessity to own up.. if nobody ask... y muz u always own up? dun tell me tat if u farted in the mrt, will u announce to everyone tat u farted??

and so sad.. its already friday.. the last weekday of the study week.. however it seems that i haven been studying tat much.. dunno how.. haiz and i dunno how am i suppose to pass my MA...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Joyce and YF? or robin??

posted by frances_sha @ 10:40 AM  
mon, after "studying" the whole day (act is chatting and laffing the whole day) with yf, joyce, winnie and JC.. then when i was on my way home with JC.. he say that i am very fortunate to have found yf and joyce as my buddies in SMU.. :) yup.. i also feel so... was really having fun here with them.. however.. this conv with him also make me realise that recently i have been straying away from robin also.. :( dunno y.. somehow, we dun talk to each other that often on msn.. neither do we sit together in class liao.... think i really stray away from him... dunno is yf the cause... (opppsss) but however.. if i need to choose.. i will definitely chose my dear buddies over robin.. muahahhahaa

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I know u click on me :)

posted by frances_sha @ 11:40 PM  
Mr A click on me tonight again!!! haha.. but he din talk... his nick tonight is "Shitzzy exams" and being enlightened by yf.. i change my nick to "nasty exams"... :)

posted by frances_sha @ 11:32 PM  

funny mark asking binbin to fish for AS knowledge.. muahahahhaha Posted by Hello

yeah!!!! we got A+ for MA proj!!!

posted by frances_sha @ 10:28 PM  
yeah feel so happy... finally i see a A+!!!!! we even beat mingjun grp!!! all thanks to feng ying.. i think she and her bf is really great... we are so fortunate to have her in my grp.. if not i think we will die loh... where got the time, idea, talent and capability to do this stupid ABC proj....

so today me and joyce went to our MA prof to claim for our deserve points for our test paper... well my case is really a v niao one.. u all say lah.. the qn is "There are two people cutting and printing the cards who are paid $12.00 per hour and they are expected to produce....." well... u say lah.. based on this.. can u tell whether it shld be 2 person getting $12 together?? or 1 person get $12 and 2 person getting $24???? very misleading rite..... then nvm loh.. i actually called him and asked him during the test.... he told me "oh.. it is ONE PERSON GETTING $12... 2person getting $24" so of course i done my ans according to it..... and it come out to be false!! and the correct ans should be working according to "2 person getting $12" loh........ wth..... this is call NEGLIGENCE ADVICE!!! its a tort!! its a misrepresentation... i am relying on his advice.. and he knew that i will be relying on his advice loh..... then when i argue with him for that marks which i think i deserved, at first he also try to smoke his way thr... but then the end, think he gave up and ask "ok.. so u juz want that marks rite.." and he altered the marks on my script and return it to me.. well i was thinking, is he doing this juz for entertaining me?? so i ask "will u be updating ur records also?" then he say "oh yar.. let me see"... wth.. if i nv say then wat? i go there look for him for fun is it.....

then also read that he wrote in our MA proj "maybe u should also write on the limitation of impleneting ABC..."... while we already wrote one whole paragraph with the title so big "Limitations of Activity Based Costing".... wth... and he din read it and juz comment that we din do??!!!!! really wonder how he mark our test and proj.. and worst of all our exams........

Monday, November 15, 2004

tummy yummy chat with me! :)

posted by frances_sha @ 9:43 PM  
i am so happy.. cos i had a good chat with tummy yummy!! think i haven been chatting with him for abt 2 weeks liao.. cos i am determine not to initiate chat with him.. and hahahhaa... he started chatting with me!!! all thanks to my msn nick again.. :) "feelin as if i am in sch hols"....

so he came askin wat sch hols?? then he change his nick to "everyday is holiday"!! :) haha well, think he hasnt been changing his tummy yummy nick for 2 wks also.. hehe yup yup so this holiday nick idea muz have been coming from me..

i m so happy.. so i went to tell yf.. she so niao.. ask me to change my nick to "not everday is a holiday".. haha niao.. but i think its damn good idea!!! so i change immediately.. and waiting patiently for his response.. and i think those church pple will notice also.. cos its not a trend in my church to use similar nick, or linking nick with each other.. unlike my sch friends..

haha.. so he really response after awhile.. "eh...u trying to oppose mi eh" :) then again thanks to advises from niao yf... i change my nick to "i am not opposin u.."
so sweet.. i tink.. haha.. and this lead us to a though short.. but wonderful chat session... and got to know that he and roy will have their gig at diff shoppin malls for Xin Yao fest... and he sent me their schedules.. haha.. think i will try to go for all of them.. miss his singing so much.. oh yar and we even make a prom that we shall go ktv again after exams.... :) really cant wait for exams to be over.........

posted by frances_sha @ 6:30 PM  

zouk within SMU gsr 1 Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 6:24 PM  

zouk within SMU gsr 2 Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 6:20 PM  

zouk within SMU gsr 3 Posted by Hello

my proj frustrations

posted by frances_sha @ 4:00 PM  
i am hestitating whether to really continue from my prev blog to blog away my frustration abt that D... cos i am a christian... so i am not suppose to say this kinda things.. and according to the bible teachings i learnt throut the years, i am suppose to love my enemies. so in the end, my disclaimer is that.. i dun hate her, i juz dun like her.. but i will still love her like i love myself..... hahaha... therefore this disclaimer shall allow me to blog abt her ridiculous doings for our project.

1) she is always habitualy late.. on deepavali, its is the only day left for doing our bgs proj, and on the next day, we need to submit not only our bgs proj, but also our MA proj.. both in which we still got a lot haven finish. so we decided to meet at 8am.. while i expect pple to come at 830.. and u know wat time she came? 10.30 loh! thats 2 and half hr late loh! and late nvm.. the most unbearable is that she keep complain and complain that she is tired. when we are discussing, she keep failing asleep.. in the end when we each doing our own part, she go and sleep on my bed.. pls loh, the prev nite, she is the first one to go to sleep while the rest of us are rushing our parts.. we all feel tired loh.. u come so late and keep complaining...

2) then on wed nite, deepavali eve, she keep saying she wants to go and chiong. then we keep tell her can forget abt it. then she like not happy. and she keep insist that if we are going to do proj on thurs, then she muz go chiong on wed nite.. and if we are going to do proj on deepavali, then we must not do our proj on wed so she can go chiong... but she din realise that we might not even be able to finish all our projects even if we do for all the days... and so we tell her, if she could finish the report, then she can go. so in the end obviously she cant finish it.. so she have to call her chiong session off.. and then she keep complaining and complaining say she want to go..(even after we went home, she still complaining abt it to us on msn) while she din see the fact that we are still far from the finish point.

3) after that, she keep complaining that my hse is too far for her. the rest of us is staying in the east like me, in punggol and the rest in sengkang and tampines. we travel everyday to sch loh.. now asking u to come once.. and last time also once we meet to do proj at my house.. she last min then dun want to come.. and give lame excuses. i mean is like.. since u are the only person staying in the west.. isnt it fair that u come here, rather than the rest of us going to the west? moreover, we need to rehearse our skit and presentation, we need a more conducive environment... then the prev nite when we are discussing where to do our proj the next day.. she keep complaining that my house is too far.. even though the rest of us all agree to do at my house.. until i really cant stand her and shout at her "y are u the one always with prob".. cos other than this, she also alot of prob.. like not willing to stay back in sch to do proj.. and complain she want to go fashion show.. wat ever..

4) during proj, she like to on her chiong music and dance as if she is at zouk. she will full blast her speaker loh.. and hello.. we are doing projects in a GSR leh.. she think she really at zouk.. and her music is really disturbing.. esp when we r doing our acct proj loh.. all numbers in our mind.. and she can blast her chiong music.. and dance there right away.. and according to her biz law proj grp, they also say that she can dance in ficus(for non-smu stud, ficus one of our canteen) loh.. and they commended that it was horrifying..

5) when we say tat she din contribute much on the MA proj, she keep using biz law as excuse, saying that she need to chiong her biz law.. even when after they had already submitted their biz law proj on tues... pls loh.. she think i am a 3 yr old kid is it... wat so big deal with her biz law proj.. and the fact is that she really biase on biz law loh.. she had been skippin a lot of our proj mtg for biz law.. and in the end we had to start so late and rushin like mad.. and i ask her biz law grp pple.. they commend that she is not the one who did the most loh.. and she always msn chatting during proj.... then the next lame excuse from her for not doing much for MA "sorry lah.. i really dunno..." wth.. i came from an engineering background.. as if i know is it.. and as if the rest of us know is it... dunno how to learn meh??

6) durin proj, while she keep doing all these nonsense.. she still forbids us doing our AS homework. and she suggest that we shld copy and not do cos this is wasting time and we shld use tat time to do our proj.

7) her hand is so itchy to peel the protective sheet off my laptop loh.. i admit i am quite niao abt this... but i really took care of my laptop.. and the protective sheet.. although i am aware that it shld be use to protect my laptop.. however i am protecting my protective sheet.. but so what? the fact is that is MY LAPTOP loh.. then e protective sheet had been there still very nicely for 2 months loh.. and all she does is to use her itchy hand and flip the sheet.......

8) she keep disturbing me during BS.. keep making strange sounds, make her look juz like those kindergarten kid in my church... and sometimes she even fall asleep ... i already warn her b4 that.. i mean is ilike the BS class only got me, and joyce and plus her. no other liao.. cant u show more respect for the leader? and she is there making noise.. and in the end she still on my laptop when our leader went to toilet and since then she started her msn chat again and even conti after our leader come back... well.. let alone that she is not worshipin with all her heart and soul.. but she dun even respect the BS leader loh.. haiz make me feel so paiseh towards my BS leader..

9) she keep using her injured thumb as excuse for not being able to do projects.. using her super high pitch voice and say her thumb hurt.. for 2 weeks already.

10) and in conclusion, during all proj meetings, all she think of is eating, sleeping and dancing

well.. welll, u might find wat i blogged is way too exageratng.. but this is the truth.. and wat i blogged abt is only her ridiculoursness with regards to project meeting with us loh... i could have come out with more ridiculous things abt her on what she did as a friend or as a student in smu... (e.g: she can ask u for 1 week: do i look better in red hair or brown hair?? and she can redo her hair 3 times in 1 mth...) haha

Sunday, November 14, 2004

posted by frances_sha @ 10:38 PM  

joyce and polly pocket pink paul in skit Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 10:30 PM  

joyce and grace in the skit Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 10:25 PM  

our BGS proj presentation.. Posted by Hello

sleepin is dangerous...

posted by frances_sha @ 10:20 PM  

haha.. suppose to be a porn photo taken by joyce.. not me k.. but i think it shld be censored cos i am afraid theres a no of pple who are under 21 viewing my blog :) including the photographer.. hahah Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 10:11 PM  

forever arguing grace and paul... Posted by Hello

posted by frances_sha @ 10:05 PM  

geeky me is rushing our BGS project.... Posted by Hello

i miss my blog

posted by frances_sha @ 10:03 PM  
hmm.. have not been bloggin for a week, since last sun. i miss bloggin v much.. however, i have been busy like mad for the past 1 week. and was under great physical and emotional stress.

Physical? bcos everyday i had only abt 4-5 hrs of sleep, which is definitely not enuff for me cos i usually try to sleep for about 7 hrs at least. then everyday do proj in sch and reach home only around 11pm!! this is so mad.. and i am so sick of sch food. lunch in sch, dinner also... and smu food sucks loh... then y emotional?? cos some proj mate is driving me crazy. some free loader would not come for meeting, giving damn lame excuses like nv read the email, not feeling well, got to go visiting on deepavali (tt person is a chinese ok!!).. and even if she came, she agree on doing the job, but in the end also did not do at all... then when we call her for confrontation, she still appeal to pity.. saying she dun want to be a free loader.. and ask us to give her something to do... wth.. it is a accounting project.. everything muz count one.. how to tell u wat to do when u are not here.. think by the time we sort out something for her to do, we would have finish them all by ourselves liao.. then as if we nv gave her something to do like tat.. we assigned her b4.. but to our dissapointment, she dissapointed us. and deepavali is already the last day, the next day we muz hand in our proj b4 12noon. theres no time more to waste. and we wouldnt want to take a risk on her. and wat make me even more angry is when her good friend told us.. that this free loader score quite well in her other test as she is a gifted student all the way since sec sch... so what?? gifted then no need do proj ah... hello, u know wat is teamwork or not.. u know y u come to smu? smu is all about doing proj. so wat if u got good grades for ur test.. not my business wat.. so good then dun register for proj loh... anyway 30% only rite.. forgo tat u can still pass easily i think..

yupz i agree with yanfang, we shld come out with a list of NO people in our future project grps.. and i have already fill my list with some name.. however, i also come out with the YES people in my future proj grps too.. with yanfang toppin the list!!! yanfang, i am dying to do proj with u next term... mustnt let me down k...

i always thot free loaders like william wont appear in my proj grp.. but i am wrong loh.. beside those free loader, still got some crazy pple... who .. hmm i cannot say this person din contribute to the proj. but is always disturbing... i really cant stand this person also.. shall call her D since she always like to disturb. and i shall continue more in my next blog..

Sunday, November 07, 2004

so sick of studying

posted by frances_sha @ 8:05 PM  
last nite was home too late after the steamboat at church.. then gotta rush the christmas banner. so din manage to blog. mm.. yesterday my mood swings again.. dunno y.. maybe too stress.. so i din really enjoy the steamboat.. find myself very outcased.. dun like to talk to pple.. dun interact with pple.. and was telling joyce, i wish that Mr A wont be here for e steamboat, cos 7.30, he still in sch.. and xinci said he act prom to come.. but i wish he wont be here tonight.. and in the end, he really din turn up.. however i am disappointed. i wish i had nv had that wish tat he wont come....

ok. think i wont have time to blog everyday this week. cos tmr is my MA test, and i'm having 2 projects deadlines this week.. gonna faint.. initially i was suppose to be next sunday guitarist, but i swop with junhao instead cos xinci wanted 3 practices!! sun, mon and thurs.. so KS..... how can i manage 3 night practices with my almost scrap projects??? hai~ last time theres only 1 prac.. then recently to increase to 2 prac.. and now 3??!!! although its quite a good fellowship time.. but i think we shld do things with more efficient lah.. and definitely, we muz begin with a sincere prayer......

haiz since i will be busy throut the week, so theres shldnt be any creative pic produced by me for the time being.. hope u could bear with me until sat.. as i've trusty info that this sat so funni things will happen... wats that funny thing?? stay tune... be right back! :)

ok.. gotta go back to revision liao.. :(

Saturday, November 06, 2004

A very happening day...

posted by frances_sha @ 2:45 AM  
mm.. i would say that today is a very happening day.... think this gonna be a v long blog with lots of interesting happenings..

today is the second week of BGS proj presentation..the most funny thing happened during mingjun grp presenting.. Grace.. dunno y.. bombarded them with questions.. and she asked in a way like so fierce, even using her fingers to point at them somemore.. and she keep talking and talking, saying they are wrong.. and dun even let them have a chance to talk... haiz.. die lah.. me being same bgs grp with her, who is goin to present next week.. really in cold sweat... this grace is really something wrong lah.. cos after that, we are discussing where to do our bgs proj on sat... cos last wk is at my house.. so they suggested at my house again.. then she shouted.. no shld be screamming.. "YOUR HOUSE?? DON'T WANT LAH!!! I DUN WANT!! UR HOUSE DAMN FAR LAH.. COME TO SCH LAH.. Y CANNOT COME TO SCH..." omg... she screamed at me for such a small thing... then everyone was quiet, all looking at her.. haiz.. fine loh.. sch then sch loh.. so what.... then after that during msn chat also... she say whenever she chatting with me, all her other chat windows will close off... and she shouted at me in msn using all CAPS WORDS.. i mean its like.. well, i know u r sick lah.. but doesnt mean u can throw ur tantrums like tat rite.. ur other chat windows close got nothing to do with me loh.. shld bring ur comp to CIT instead lah...

we went for lunch after the bgs as usual.. but today something funny happening.. well.. cos j and jc was betting on bush and kerry.. so j bet bush win, so jc owe her a lunch... suprisingly jc is so kind and so gently ask her wat she want to eat.. after thinking for a very very long time, then she say pizza.. meat lovers.. so jc went to buy.. when he come back with the pizza, he ask her in a very soft manner.. u need a drink? wow.. haha tats sounds quite like something a bf would ask his gf during lunch lah.. and i am not being too sensitive.. i ask yf, she thinks likewise too.. haha j, u r doomed..

and i went for christian fellowship today.. still doing on bible study on the book of John.. today beside me and joyce, robin, suprisingly tag along with us... but he is soo niao... when ask if he knows abt christianity.. he doesnt admit he is christian and said he come to find out more abt christianity lah.. then some more niao thing happen... when asked... do u think that theres some pple in the world, so bad that they din deserve to go heaven... so serene say like Hitler.. and robin so niao.. say santa claus... hahaha... anyway, now comes some serious stuff.. well, i asked a qn in today bible study, but i think the ans is still in suspense.. we are studying on the chapters abt the Samaritan women and Jesus.. so theres this conclusion saying tat.. God's eternal life is for anyone who believes in him.. juz like the samaritan woman.. Jesus did not look down on her.. so God would not choose and block anyone to have the eternal life... so my qn is aint we the chosen ones?? God chose us in the first place to be his children so we can have eternal life. so does that contradicts with the conclusion in the samaritan woman story where anyone can have eternal life and be His children as long as u believe in Him?? well.. hope to get the ans soon........

then after the BS, i went to look for prof Tham to get back my biz law... was prepared for the worst liao.. was expecting fail.. but ok.i got a D+.. though D is really awful but its 3 grades better than a F...and theres nothing i can do abt it.. prof talk v long time with me and j lah.. from 3 to 4.20pm.. thats 100mins k.. jimmy, u think u meet him for 45mins very long?? me is more than double of urs... haha.. but sadly, being long with prof tham doesnt reflect positively abt my test ans.. he said tat wat i scribbled on the qn paper seems totally fine.. but dunno what happens when i transfer them to my ans.. all become rubbish already.. arrghhh.. wat happened to me then.. how come like tat?? then as the prof goes along, whenever he say things like mm.. this pt is v good.. not a lot of pple got it.. only a few pple brought up.. "mingjun" would fly out from tt niao J mouth... then later when prof is telling us abt a news report abt a temple and the jurong corp thing.. when mentioned abt few pple want to go and clear their statues at the temple for the last time, but the authorities dun let them in.. so those pple were quite piss and they nearly go into riots... tat niao J say "riot??! good wat! can catch all back" haha.. see the prof the way he looked at her.. astonishingly... hahah.. so i add in.. oh.. dun care abt her lah.. her screws are loose...

mm.. thinking tat this is all for today??? NO! HAHA... the most interesting thing happen in the night lah... haha.. tt JC.. dunno y.. call me during my dinner.. and ask..

"still having dinner??"
"yup.. "
"ok. nvm.. later i will call again.."
"wat lah.. juz say lah.. if its not too long.."
"mmm... nvm lah.. mm... let me think about wat i wanna say then call u again later.. bye"

so tats keep me wondering wats so serious tat he wanna talk abt.. hahaha.. so later he called again.. suggest that y not we study overnight at someone house.. and he say his house is out.. so implied terms means my house.. but i mentioned robin house also.. terrace house leh.. muz be bigger lah... so he said.. not only the 2 of us.. he say wanna call joyce and robin also.. haha. ok i told him, j v diff lah.. as far as i know, she always study at home alone one.. study in grps dun work for her.. but JC is still super enthu on getting J to study together.. then dunno how in the end.. he accuse me tat i wanna chat with robin.. and tat he will call J, and i will call robin.. wat the hell.. u wanna chat with J say so lah.. hahhahhaha.... no big deals me calling robin anyway.. so i called.. and i started telling him this whole story.. we laff so long lah.. until abt 5 mins later, JC called me on my HP.. ask me how liao. hahah we r so gossipy tat i haven ask tat qn lah... but JC is sooo disappointed.. telling me tat J cant come cos her parents is soo traditional.. as to not letting her stay over night outside.. but tat JC seems din really believe.. but who cares.. then he so niao.. ask me if i called robin home or hp... well i said.. he now using 24 hr free incoming.. might as well call hp lah.. then he say : shld call home lah.. firstly, less radiation.. secondly, got chance robin mom would pick up and so i could say HI to robin's mom.. wat the hell.. haiz.. but he is juz a disapointed and heartbroken soul.. i shall not blame u.... then expected, J called me with a lot of doubts haha.. "wat the hell is going on??!!" scold me shldnt have given JC her hp.. and said he even ask for her house phone.. hahhaha....so i told her the whole story.. and while we are talking.. her msg keeps ringing... hahaha all JC msg.. asking.. oh if not studying at my house.. study in sch ur parents allow or not.. hahaha.... LOL he is sooooo enthu in studying with U joyce.. hahaha and tat make joyce in the end... so scare.. and she dun even dare to go online.. and she say if he call again, she is going to off her hp.. "haha.. another royal ass ah.." i asked.. hahha.. she say.. oh yah.. shld transfer my hp to his house phone lah.. haha then when he call me, his house phone will ring.. hahaahh... haiz.. but poor J was under so much duress.. miss ya online lah....

but again.. think today my blog might offend J quite a lot... Joyce, so sorry.. but this is juz the facts of wats happening today.... hope u can take them lightly k and dun kill me k.......... and today i even blogged using ur fav colour leh.. so dun scold me k... lengz..... chills....... =P

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robin is a BIG BULLY... =( Posted by Hello

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BIN, taking pic with me is very hard on u is it.... =P Posted by Hello

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another pic featuring LKCSOB.. with me, robin and joyce.. took this pic at the risk of being stike by lightning leh.. Posted by Hello

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winnie... dun be sad.. i can lend u my shoulder.. Posted by Hello

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here's a tragic FOUR PARTIES love story........ Posted by Hello

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yanfang's biz law grp doing their written biz law project.. haha .. if u notice, yanfang's bak jiu is spying on my camera when others is discussing lah.. yf, dun be another William.. betta concentrate on ur proj.. stop spying others lah.. hahahaahha Posted by Hello

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me, yanfang, grace, winnie, joyce standing in front of SMU's LCKSOB.. sob sob.. haiz. really sob when i thot of my MA test + 2 proj deadlines due next week.. all in next week die... Posted by Hello

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Me, YanFang, Grace, Joyce (haiz my low cut is nowhere to fight with yf lah) Posted by Hello

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