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Sunday, March 27, 2005

posted by frances_sha @ 11:59 PM  
refering to the prev post .....

.:Joyce:. says:OMG
.:Joyce:. says:WAT THE FUCK
.:Joyce:. says:URE DAMN CHOR
† shA.. says: :p
† shA.. says:omg
.:Joyce:. says:U JUZ PUT IN MY NAME IZIT
† shA.. says: u are so chor
.:Joyce:. says:SO INACCURATE
.:Joyce:. says:SO NIAO
.:Joyce:. says:SO CHOR
.:Joyce:. says:SO e
.:Joyce:. says:SO YOU TO DO SUCH TESTS
† shA.. says: ok i will post all these as well
.:Joyce:. says:SO WAT
.:Joyce:. says:DUN BE JEALOUS AH E

Joyce is WET and WILD

posted by frances_sha @ 11:32 PM  
Joyce is WET and WILD!!!! (sorry joyce hope u dun mind)

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Why They Love You You are wet and wild.
Why They Hate You You won't take your socks off.
This Quiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 1943506 Times.
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11 hour of LTB!!

posted by frances_sha @ 12:46 AM  
oh we did 11 hrs of LTB today. all the way from 9am to 8pm. but we did quite alot of things also. we finish doing all the filming... and making of the videos.. anyway, during the course of recording, i realise that i can gesture well in my speech now. but according to melissa's theory, she said that i can gesture well is becos we dunno what to say next.. so we tend of like doing gesture to "fill up" the empty space.. haha... and thats explain y in our comms speech we can't gesture as much. all bcos we have memorised our script so well that we dun need to worry wats next to talk about.. hahaha!! so in the end, without having to worry about thinking what to say, we dun need the hand gestures liao. haha i think if we tell mark chong this, he will *pengz*

ok i am very sleepy now. although i still got many work to do. my comms speech and my learing journal. but i realli feels super sleepy. cannot tahan liao.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

i am pissed with the whole world

posted by frances_sha @ 5:58 PM  
i am f**kingly pissed with the whole world. please dun ask me why.
I am totally disappointed with some insincere friends that are only nice to people they are interested in. in regardless how much care u showed them.
it takes very hard to realli piss me off like this. congrats he done it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I did an extra FA quiz today.

posted by frances_sha @ 9:36 PM  
HAHA! i did an extra FA quiz today! well at first i dun intend to do it one. i just want to try out tony kang class. experience how his class is being said to be fun. and how chor the students are when come to class participation. but i see none! so disappointed. all bcos tony kang let the class do the quiz first. and it took us 1.5 hr loh. then he ask me if i wanna do... and since i got nothing better to do.. so i just take and do. although i din study at all. moreover their quiz cover from chap 7 to 12 but my prof haven taught us chap 12 yet. haha and so a lot of qn i just guess my way through. anyway i din submit it in the end. so it gonna be another "past year quizes" for my own reference.

anyway, last nite, me, ah niao and will was conferencing. both ah niao and will are zihighing and compeiting each other for Joyce. all along i am there lenging myself. I shall post some of the shocking secrets between joyce, will and chor yanfang.

[12:37:57 AM] beautiful me: nowadays gers r hard to please
[12:38:08 AM] beautiful me: i shall not please myself den
[12:38:11 AM] beautiful me: and my baby
[12:38:24 AM] shA: ?!
[12:38:28 AM] shA: wat ur baby?!
[12:38:30 AM] shA: so chor
[12:38:31 AM] shA: with who
[12:38:33 AM] shA: joyce ah
[12:39:01 AM] beautiful me: yarh yarh
[12:39:06 AM] beautiful me: our baby
[12:40:05 AM] yanfang: u kick urself rite in the ass
[12:40:08 AM] yanfang: type such things
[12:40:10 AM] yanfang: hahahah
[12:40:19 AM] shA: omg. yf is jeolous

From this point onwards, I am too lazy to change the colour of each person. anyway its quite easy to figure out who is who.. haha enjoy. below is the cream loh. hahahah

[12:40:34 AM] beautiful me: yarh yarh
[12:40:39 AM] beautiful me: my baby with joyce
[12:40:39 AM] yanfang [ wh: siao
[12:40:40 AM] beautiful me: y leh
[12:40:52 AM] yanfang [ wh: i love ah chor
[12:40:53 AM] beautiful me: got any comments?
[12:40:57 AM] beautiful me: dun have names yet leh
[12:41:01 AM] yanfang [ wh: will be happy for her
[12:41:12 AM] beautiful me: hw can u love my wife??
[12:41:16 AM] beautiful me: told u we have a baby wad
[12:42:01 AM] yanfang [ wh: so waht
[12:42:05 AM] yanfang [ wh: ur wife is bi
[12:42:08 AM] yanfang [ wh: dun u know she loves me
[12:42:16 AM] yanfang [ wh: she always tell me she loves me
[12:42:21 AM] beautiful me: haha
[12:42:22 AM] yanfang [ wh: we both love each other
[12:42:23 AM] beautiful me: reali?
[12:42:24 AM] beautiful me: hmmz..
[12:42:30 AM] beautiful me: then u take 1 3 5
[12:42:34 AM] beautiful me: i take 2 4 6 7 la
[12:42:41 AM] yanfang [ wh: i nt stupid
[12:42:49 AM] yanfang [ wh: i take 1-7
[12:42:56 AM] yanfang [ wh: u take public hols lah
[12:43:08 AM] beautiful me: huh
[12:43:10 AM] beautiful me: hw can
[12:43:14 AM] beautiful me: she is my wife
[12:43:16 AM] yanfang [ wh: y nt?
[12:43:18 AM] yanfang [ wh: hmm
[12:43:21 AM] beautiful me: u r only her lesbian partner
[12:43:25 AM] yanfang [ wh: y dun let her chose?
[12:43:32 AM] yanfang [ wh: i m sure she will chose me over u
[12:43:33 AM] yanfang [ wh: hahaha
[12:43:36 AM] beautiful me: hahaa
[12:43:38 AM] beautiful me: reali?
[12:43:39 AM] yanfang [ wh: i m damn confident
[12:43:51 AM] yanfang [ wh: u can check her hp lor
[12:43:53 AM] yanfang [ wh: all is my sms
[12:43:57 AM] beautiful me: haha
[12:43:59 AM] yanfang [ wh: u check for urs lor
[12:44:01 AM] yanfang [ wh: confirm dun have
[12:44:03 AM] yanfang [ wh: hahahah
[12:44:05 AM] beautiful me: aww..
[12:44:16 AM] beautiful me: i noe she wun be so jie qin
[12:44:27 AM] beautiful me: i love her so much u noe
[12:44:34 AM] ? shA: jieqin
[12:44:35 AM] ? shA: ?
[12:44:37 AM] beautiful me: surely she keeps mine more den urs la
[12:44:45 AM] beautiful me: jue qin
[12:44:48 AM] yanfang [ wh: hmmz
[12:44:51 AM] yanfang [ wh: u r in denial
[12:45:00 AM] beautiful me: denial?
[12:45:00 AM] yanfang [ wh: y dun u look at her inbox
[12:45:06 AM] yanfang [ wh: u will see all my smses
[12:45:07 AM] beautiful me: what is denial?
[12:45:15 AM] beautiful me: everyone is denial?
[12:45:17 AM] beautiful me: isnt it?
[12:45:20 AM] yanfang [ wh: actualli it doenst matter hw much u love her
[12:45:24 AM] beautiful me: hahaha
[12:45:29 AM] yanfang [ wh: it matters hw much she loves me and nt u
[12:45:30 AM] yanfang [ wh: hahahaha
[12:45:35 AM] beautiful me: awww..
[12:45:53 AM] beautiful me: one day she will leave u!
[12:46:00 AM] beautiful me: for a nice guy like me!
[12:46:02 AM] beautiful me: hahhaha
[12:46:03 AM] yanfang [ wh: u shld start thinking of her nt u
[12:46:05 AM] yanfang [ wh: one day
[12:46:06 AM] beautiful me: she is mine!
[12:46:08 AM] yanfang [ wh: when is tt day coming?
[12:46:19 AM] beautiful me: hmmz
[12:46:22 AM] beautiful me: soon
[12:46:24 AM] beautiful me: very soon
[12:46:26 AM] beautiful me: hahah

[12:47:15 AM] beautiful me: u and her will never work out!
[12:47:20 AM] yanfang [ wh: hw come?
[12:47:20 AM] beautiful me: u cannot satisfy her!
[12:47:22 AM] yanfang [ wh: y nt?
[12:47:22 AM] beautiful me: hahah
[12:47:24 AM] yanfang [ wh: hahahah
[12:47:25 AM] beautiful me: only i can!
[12:47:28 AM] yanfang [ wh: hw u know?
[12:47:32 AM] yanfang [ wh: she likes it chor
[12:47:34 AM] yanfang [ wh: i m chor
[12:47:34 AM] beautiful me: cos u r not a guy!
[12:47:35 AM] yanfang [ wh: hahahah

*this part of the conversation is damn E.. talk about some sex toys. haha. too chor to post on my demure blog*

[12:50:13 AM] beautiful me: i mean satisfyin her emotional needs
[12:50:17 AM] yanfang [ wh: oh
[12:50:21 AM] yanfang [ wh: tt one u cant lor
[12:50:26 AM] beautiful me: r u sure?
[12:50:31 AM] beautiful me: i can loh
[12:50:37 AM] yanfang [ wh: u asked her who she sms nites and say I love u
[12:50:42 AM] beautiful me: hahaha
[12:50:54 AM] yanfang [ wh: actualli i m nt maggie
[12:50:55 AM] yanfang [ wh: hahaha
[12:50:56 AM] beautiful me: definitely not u!
[12:50:57 AM] beautiful me: hahaha
[12:51:03 AM] yanfang [ wh: it is me lor
[12:51:05 AM] beautiful me: haha
[12:51:07 AM] beautiful me: izzit
[12:51:08 AM] beautiful me: ok loh
[12:51:12 AM] beautiful me: later i forward u a msg
[12:51:13 AM] yanfang [ wh: u dun believe then ur prob
[12:51:15 AM] beautiful me: dun be jealous ah
[12:51:16 AM] beautiful me: hahahah
[12:51:30 AM] yanfang [ wh: when is ur sms dated?
[12:51:36 AM] yanfang [ wh: mine was yest
[12:51:38 AM] beautiful me: y muz i tell u
[12:51:39 AM] beautiful me: haha
[12:51:43 AM] beautiful me: dun bluff
[12:51:44 AM] beautiful me: send me la
[12:51:46 AM] yanfang [ wh: serious
[12:51:47 AM] yanfang [ wh: ok
[12:52:51 AM] beautiful me: haha
[12:52:55 AM] yanfang [ wh: she said she is keepin her V for me
[12:52:55 AM] beautiful me: nd to find so long ah
[12:52:57 AM] yanfang [ wh: wait ah
[12:52:59 AM] yanfang [ wh: gt alot of sms
[12:53:01 AM] beautiful me: dun bluff
[12:53:06 AM] yanfang [ wh: i need to read thru one by one
[12:53:07 AM] beautiful me: u oweself create one rite
[12:53:08 AM] beautiful me: hahaha
[12:53:10 AM] yanfang [ wh: no lor
[12:53:15 AM] yanfang [ wh: u can check my hp
[12:53:16 AM] beautiful me: oh
[12:53:17 AM] yanfang [ wh: tmr
[12:53:23 AM] beautiful me: hahaha
[12:53:41 AM] beautiful me: ok loh
[12:53:44 AM] beautiful me: tmrw i check
*obviously here will is reading the sms that yanfang forwarded to him..*
[12:53:46 AM] beautiful me: hahaah
[12:54:19 AM] beautiful me: pui!
[12:54:24 AM] beautiful me: she is lying!!!!!
[12:54:34 AM] beautiful me: hw can she cheat on me!
[12:54:35 AM] beautiful me: hahaha
[12:54:36 AM] yanfang [ wh: i sending more to u
[12:54:38 AM] yanfang [ wh: wait ah
[12:54:44 AM] beautiful me: ee.. er xin
[12:55:21 AM] beautiful me: correction
[12:55:23 AM] beautiful me: had
[12:55:26 AM] beautiful me: cant u see
[12:55:32 AM] beautiful me: our baby is there!
[12:55:35 AM] beautiful me: so cute rite
[12:55:46 AM] beautiful me: i even bought a bell for her
[12:55:48 AM] beautiful me: hahahh
[12:55:58 AM] yanfang [ wh: so wat
[12:56:03 AM] yanfang [ wh: i gave her my virgin kiss
[12:56:08 AM] beautiful me: hahaha
[12:56:09 AM] beautiful me: pui
[12:56:15 AM] ? shA.. will: omg
[12:56:19 AM] ? shA.. will: this is getting realli e
[12:56:26 AM] beautiful me: where u kiss her
[12:56:31 AM] beautiful me: no wonder nw her complexion so bad
[12:56:33 AM] beautiful me: yucks

[12:59:23 AM] beautiful me: hw can she do that to me!
[12:59:27 AM] beautiful me: pui
[12:59:32 AM] yanfang [ wh: too bad lor
[12:59:39 AM] beautiful me: u r my xiong di!
[12:59:41 AM] yanfang [ wh: sometimes the les lover is always better
[12:59:50 AM] beautiful me: hw can u take my wife!
[01:00:00 AM] beautiful me: i shall tell everyone u r les!
[01:00:02 AM] beautiful me: wahahhaha
[01:00:09 AM] beautiful me: im gona mass mail to everyone
[01:00:10 AM] beautiful me: hahahah
[01:00:24 AM] yanfang [ wh: eh
[01:00:34 AM] yanfang [ wh: she juz send me another sms t
[01:00:45 AM] yanfang [ wh: this is to inform me tt she is going to sleep soon
[01:00:53 AM] yanfang [ wh: i forwarded to u liao
[01:00:58 AM] beautiful me: pui!
[01:01:19 AM] yanfang [ wh: y u pui?
[01:01:25 AM] yanfang [ wh: u dun believe rite
[01:01:29 AM] yanfang [ wh: nw i tell u lor
[01:02:13 AM] yanfang [ wh: dun b so sad lah
[01:02:23 AM] yanfang [ wh: i initially dun want to tell u tt we are an item
[01:02:28 AM] yanfang [ wh: scared tt u will be sad
[01:02:56 AM] beautiful me: pui
[01:03:01 AM] beautiful me: i dun believe!!
[01:03:07 AM] yanfang [ wh: ok lor
[01:03:07 AM] beautiful me: yucks
[01:03:14 AM] beautiful me: she wun love someone like u loh
[01:03:16 AM] beautiful me: hahaha
[01:03:16 AM] yanfang [ wh: i cant help it if u dun believe
[01:03:19 AM] yanfang [ wh: u dunno
[01:03:23 AM] beautiful me: dun be self delusional
[01:03:25 AM] yanfang [ wh: u din see her nick abt marrying me
[01:03:28 AM] beautiful me: hahah
[01:03:29 AM] yanfang [ wh: i m nt kidding
[01:03:31 AM] beautiful me: marrying u??
[01:03:39 AM] beautiful me: next life la
[01:03:45 AM] beautiful me: she needs a real man like me!
[01:03:46 AM] beautiful me: wahahaha
[01:04:00 AM] yanfang [ wh: we are thinking of going to san francisco
[01:04:31 AM] beautiful me: no use loh
[01:04:36 AM] beautiful me: i will hunt u down!
[01:04:39 AM] beautiful me: and kill u!
[01:04:39 AM] beautiful me: wahaha
[01:04:42 AM] beautiful me: she is minE!
[01:05:24 AM] yanfang [ wh: i realli dun know hw to put it to u so tt there will be minimal hurt
[01:05:36 AM] yanfang [ wh: looks lk i shall die for being a les
[01:05:43 AM] yanfang [ wh: hw can god be so unfair?
[01:05:55 AM] beautiful me: pui
[01:06:13 AM] beautiful me: hahha
[01:06:18 AM] beautiful me: she loves u????????????????

Monday, March 21, 2005


posted by frances_sha @ 4:56 PM  
HAHA.. cant stop laffing looking at this photo. well as i needed some stats of student enrollment for my comms speech so i went to oasis to do research.. haha and so i surf ard to look at some photos.. and i am amused looking at one of the pic!

GO to: https://intranet.smu.edu.sg/Apps/Regustd/Program/std_photos_r.asp?seq_n=16

Scroll down and find the name "NG SIM YEE TERRY".

damn funny... dunno is he transparent or wat... maybe like what divya said.. he might be wearing the Harry Potter coat. muhahahha

ok back to work! >,<

Sunday, March 20, 2005


posted by frances_sha @ 9:10 PM  
I just cant resist to blog. despite the fact i have tons of work to do.. well stayed at home today to do my comms speech. anyway, i have changed my topic and its been approved. I am gg to slap all the women in the world (including myself) by saying that we are bad bosses. we are temperamental. we are picky. we are petty. BUT.. we must change! therefore, my new topic shall be.. "Women should and can become better bosses"

anyway, i was getting bit sianz at my prep and decided to give myself a break. and i was looking thr my msn contact list.. hoping to recall who i hasnt been seeing him/her online.. haha however, i come across heng heng's msn.. his funky email (btw if u dunno.. its jonathon@heng.org... so cool right?!) suddenly makes me curious and i am wondering.. since his email is @heng.org... i suppose that heng.org is a domain.. therefore there should be a website named http://www.heng.org! very logical right? and so off i went to enter this URL.. haha gotcha! theres realli this website! and really dedicated to his family!! and realise that his family can even be divided in singapore side as well as the USA side! then there is even a small family tree where u can see who heng heng's forefathers were.. and there are also a number of photos inside.. so interesting!

ok enuff of heng heng stuffs.. anyway my mum just come to me and tell me a great way to earn money. she said that she is telling me this cos she said when i was very small.. still in HK that time.. once, her friend, who tells fortune as hobby, told her that I will have lots of sickness in my 40s and i will die early. so sad! and the great way of earning money from my mum is that from the time i graduated, and got a job, every month spend 20% of my salary to buy blue chip stock. she said she read this in the newspaper.. theres really such a person and he had become soooo rich when he sold his blue chips when he retire. she said i would need the money.. if not i will die even earlier cos no money to see doctor. as such, she strongly encourage me to take her advice. >,

kunfeng birthday

posted by frances_sha @ 1:46 AM  
haiz busy the whole day.. finally get to rest liao.. spent one whole day playing.. feel kinda guilty now cos din do any sch work at all today except that i replied to MJ regarding which FA questions i want to do for our project.. however, i still wanna blog despite the fact that i wasted one whole day away.. well since i already wasted so much time.. might as well waste more.. hahaha..

today is actually a birthday celebtation cum steamboat for Lingyun and Kunfeng. too bad lingyun last minute cannot come.. :(
so lucky kunfeng is the star tonight.

well... we had a series of programs line up for him(is them actually)! firstly, we prepare a lot of "present" for him(them).

haha.. its just layers and layers of newspaper... and there are many of them.. and we actually put lingyun's present in one of the newspaper ball. haha we plan to bluff them that their presents are in one of the balls.. but we only put in Lingyun present, so this is suppose to trick kunfeng to open up all the balls but cannot find his present..

so we prepare numerous newspaper balls and put them in this big carton..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

haha he seems to find something in this newspaper ball...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Indeed his present is too big for the newspaper balls lah..

haha dada! this is the present we got for him.. a pretty cute and funky WINNIE THE POOH hilum ballon!! so cool!!!!!! muhahahhahha..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

just see how happy he is with the ballon...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
it will be fun for him to carry this ballon back home.. and we actually forbid him to take cab. so he can carry this lovely ballon on bus, then mrt, then bus again.. from Punggol.. haha all the way back to Kallang!!

haha anyway i said that we are already being kind to him by not giving him a powerpuff gal ballon instead.. maybe we shall get him one.. those that the whole ballon takes the shape of a whole powerpuff gal.. maybe be nicer to him lah.. let him choose which powerpuff gal he wants.. muhahahhaha

oh yaya.. we got a cake for him(them) too.. its a bread talk tiramisu cake.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and we sang one whole day of ktv. haha.. but quite sian this time round cos actually only me, xinci and kf singing.. the others are mostly listening.. and alot of those who likes to sing cant make it this time...

and of cos.. not forgetting the steamboat!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
took this pic on self-timer mode.. and can't help it with the TV blocking part of it.. cos have to place it on a platform so view is limited..
from the left, Xinci, Xinci bf - Chris, Birthday Boy kunfeng, ME, Xiaoyen, Xiuwen bf - Alan, Xiuwen.

well.. dun say that i am v cheapskate to give kf only a ballon for present. anyway, this ballon idea is from xinci. haha only she will think of such lame idea loh.. poor kunfeng haha... well.. of cos i am still getting a better present for kf.. maybe will jio him out next thurs (his birthday day) ba...

Friday, March 18, 2005

kill all ladies bosses

posted by frances_sha @ 9:24 PM  
Today, MJ's persuassive speech topic was on Marriage for homosexual couples. He was then challenged by this question: "MJ, I thot you are always against homosexuals.. how come now you are supporting them?"

This makes me reflect much on my topic. Do i SERIOUSLY thinks that Female bosses are better that people should appreciate them more? I dun think so. reflecting on my previous jobs, i have always work better with male bosses than female ones. So i think i should not be hypocritical.. since even i myself do not support it, how can i do a good speech on it? so i decided to change my topic. after much thots, i decided that i should change my focus instead. I decided to do something chor i guess.. haha... i am gg to slap all gal's face, including myself. I think we should all admit this fact and face it bravely. Female bosses are real bad. believe me. at least in today's context. so, i think of persuading gals.. work and strive to be a better boss! haiz.. but again.. got a no of problems.. the first problem would be of cos that this course of action is only applies to females. how about the guys? haha no course of action for them? anyway, i just emailed mark chong on this and hope that he can reply me with his valuable comments soon.

ok enuff of comms speech... anyway when i was reviewing the things due next week, i was glad that there seems nothing due next week! and somemore wed no need to go for that dreaded LTB class.. haha! but looking at wk13 will just make me faint.

wk13, these are due:
1) Econs project on mon morning
2) LTB Learning Journal 3
3) LTB final presentation
4) LTB portfolio
5) FA project report
6) FA quiz 5
7) COMMS SPEECH!!!!!!!!

7 things to finish. siao! realli got to start real work soon.

anyway, to end on a happier note... well today i just signed up for the Tioman dive with ah chor. realli looking forward to it... of cos not bcos of ah chor, but is bcos of the diving and bcos i have longed to go Tioman long ago. then beside that i also signed up for the kayaking expedition to kayak from kallang to east coast... must exercise and get tanned!

so the time table after my exams is rather tight liao... with econs exam ended on monday, 18th Apr, that week i will need to go for theory and pool classes for my diving trip.. thurs i have to go for faci retreat if i am eligible to be one... then fri, sat, sun i will be at tioman! and btw the kayaking expedition is on the following wednesday....

yeahhh... thinking of all these just lighten my heart.... :)

ermm.. today is 18th March.. oh ya its lingyun birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to LINGYUN..
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

HAHA.. not to forget, one month from now, i will be totally free!!!! yes.. looking forward to 18th April...... :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

yeah one more project finished!

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yeeppeee!! finally the stupid lame and boring TWC proj is finished!! well.. just finish my TWC presentation. today dunno y everybody is so chor to ask so many questions to every group.. compared to last week where normally nobody hardly asked any qn... and i am actualli quite pissed off loh... cos i have spent alot of time doing the slides.. however when fengying and I realised that our presentation is too long, we decided to cut off alot of slides to make sure our presentation's duration within the prof's requirement of 10mins. its was such a sad experience leh.. deleting my hard work last nite last minute... and wat?! today i notice that most group did not follow the 10 min limit and just present as long as they like.. and....... the chor prof did not remind any group of the time limits unlike what he did last week. damn chor loh... then now it would seems like our presentation had no depth at all.. cos we removed so many information. :( :( :(

well i haven been blogging diligently again. haha! haiz too busy with everything... i would rather spend more time to sleep... but then not much things happened to me these days also.. of cos not as happening as yf.. haha! cos have been staying in school everyday.. coming back to school even on sat and sun... sianz.. have been coming to sch for 16 consequetive days liao.. and for the rest of the week oso.. but hopefully no more going to school this weekend! haha i am gg to reject all project meeting this sat cos i am gg to invite church friends to my house for steamboat cum ktv session! :)

yeah.. realli looking forward to this sat activity man.. and in the meanwhile, gotta do bd shopping again.. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

over slept >,<

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arrghh.. i overslept this morning. initially wanted to wake up at 6am to do bit of econs proj, and hopefully some TWC slides also.. arghh.. but i forgot to on my alarm last nite...

last nite went to sleep at the freaking early hours of 11.30pm.. hahhah.. think one of the reason is due to the perfum my mum tested on me.. and spray on my neck somemore.. so all i smell is the perfum.. hardly have any oxygen gg into my lungs... then i find myself getting giddy and sleepy... and doze off a few times.. haha but i think partly also due to the super damn boring econs article about karl marx.... all his shit logic.. hahahaa...

so now gotta go back to work. find that i am doom liao. haven do much of econs yet.. twc slide also not done.. tmr gotta meet fengying for twc rehearsal liao.. and later gotta meet for econs project.. sianz.. its gg to be continuously 14 days of everyday in sch....

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

all alone

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all of the sudden. i feel that i am all alone in sch. are things are happening too fast pass me? or i am just cant be bothered? or am i getting anti-social?

i dunno how long can i hold on..

tones of work are waiting for me to do..

lots of relationship problems..

misunderstandings arised....

y are everything happening to me at the same time??

what have i did?

Sunday, March 06, 2005

zach pic

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haha! finalli got the pic from melissa.. a side view of zach.. but i think this pic is not as good as the ones in his friendster.. his friendster pic is realli shocking man.. haha even jerry say he can just use his pic as his own pic....

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

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LTB proj Fundraising ---------DONE

our project reach LTB camp ---------------DONE

yeah!! so happy that we had finally gone thr the launch and end of Project Reach! after all.. the kids are not as jialat as what we are briefed on... hahaha.. Mona realli scare our wits off man.. by telling us that they might ask if we are virgins.... ??!!!!! hahahhaha anyway we are working with a guy's school, st. gabriel sec.

well and anyway, the most surprising thing in our this project reach, is that we have one faci helper named Zach, who look abt i would say 95% alike with jerry! haha mah jiam his lost twins.. and 100% of pple will comment that they resemble each other. when meimei saw Zach, she almost fainted hahahha.... they resemble each other in terms of their height and the way they walk too! both got bit hunch back haha... their side views is like almost 100% the same! have taken a pic of Zach side view using Melissa camera.. will upload here when i got them.. but meanwhile, haha i found his friendster.. maybe u all can view his pic first...

and ya litter bug almost got me, mel and charmaine to vomit blood... he is the overall game master for the day.. and we felt that he did a bad job loh. as a overall game master, he duno his games well enuff.. everytime he explain, nobody understand. he always explain in his own world.. he thinks that everybody understand him as long as he understands himself. then he nv get his games instruction correctly one.. like eg, when he brief on trust fall, he say the person must be blind folded when there is no need.. where got trust fall blind folded one.. and somemore, the prev 2 games we already did blind folded.. now the third game blind fold again.. like as if all our games are blind folded one.. are we gg to tell the kids the message that LTB is abt working in darkness??!! and we today then realise.. tat litter bug, could spend so many 50 cents to buy packets of cigarettes a day.. and cant even contribute a $0.50 to our cash box to drink the ribena loh! damn him..

then in the midst of preparing fund raising yest, i quarrel with the auntie selling drinks in food haven.. the story is that on thurs, i paid $5 to her, to buy 10kg of ice. u know its 10kg loh! 10 kg is damn alot lah.. and my ice box is not v big, so she say she will help us fill our ice box one at a time.. when we filled up the ice box, i think it's only abt 3kg loh. definitely not 5kg.. and we took ice twice on the first day. on the second day, melissa went to take ice again, the auntie ask her for $2.50.... then i only got to know abt this when i do my shift at 3.30pm in the afternoon. by then we have no more ice and we need more ice to do more drink.. and i feel that now the auntie had collected $7.50 from us for 3 servings of ice which i dun think it amounts to 10kg even. and since we are working under a v tight budget, so i thot of asking for another serving from the auntie for free and i believe even so, i am the still the one on losing end loh.. so off i went to food haven. and she started to raise her voice at me saying that when i refill once is 5kg! siao! then i tell her "auntie ah.. u cannot say like that one.. i carry a 5 kg pack of rice like siao leh.. this is obviously not 5 kgs lah... " then she v chor loh tell me that its like that... she sell like that.. and if we not happy, we shldnt have bought it from her yest and go outside and buy ourself. damn chor lah. she think that only she is selling is it... hate unreasonal people like her. then i keep quarreling with her that its obviously my ice box cant carry 5 kg of ice... then i say u want we can weight lah.. then in the end, she say she return me the 2.50.. the morning part of ice sua.. so $5 for 2 serving of ice.. and ask me to go somewhere else to buy. damn her.. obviously she knew that she gonna lose soon.. so she is just trying to salvage for herself only... realli cant stand her. she thinks we good to bully loh.. so wat, so wat? i am gg to boycot her products.. will drink my own water. will nv buy her stuffs.. and anyway we are moving to the city campus soon.. so i dun think it affects me..

then in the end, taking the 2.50, i went up to ficus hoping that they sell ice to us.. haha so i was asking them if they sell ice.. and showed them the ice box and say i just need so much.. and the reply i got is "can lah.." haha so i said, can lah means how much ah.... they replied "oh no need lah.." lalalallalallaal.. ficus ppl are so nice! shld have gone to them in the first place lah.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

LTB fundraising

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HEY! tmr is the LAST DAY of sale of 50 cents Ribena!!! come and buy before u regret it!!!

today sales is not bad.. at least better than what we expected.. but still.. i consider our selling price too low liao.. have to sell like more cups before i can see the significance of our fund raising.. sadly speaking lah.. to me, i just sort of like treating this fund raising as an experience only..

ya so indeed experience sia. i experienced the gps-ness of litter bug and the niaoest of some pple loh..

litterbug is damn super gps lah. i cant stand him.

firstly, he was late for 45 mins. i told him to come at 10.15 to prepare the drinks. he came at 11am. the reason is "I woke up late". idiot! i mean... 10.15 is not a v early time wat. not like asking him to come at 7.30 to chop the place first or wat...

then nvm. next he keep requesting for free ribena. i refuse to give. cos firstly, i am furious that he came so late. secondly, our profit margin is so low and one cup is one more profit. cant afford to lose any. thirdly, he haven paid us the initial capital, $20, everybody is suppose to chip in first.. everybody had paid except him.. anyway the $20 ts for buying of all the ribena, cups, deposit of lunchboxes for camp day etc... so wat had he contributed that deserve him to have something from the group? nothing! he deserve nothing loh!

then he started to complain and complain that he is v thirsty. well. its JUST a 50 cents! man!!! he cant even take out a 50 cents. and he realli dun wanna buy.. and the niaoest thing is that he is asking a gal to treat him loh. and the gal actualli treated him. so i was so buay song and i said "are u man?! asking a gal treat u to drink?" haiz but i guess i was making the gal bit paiseh.. so bad of me..... but realli cant stand that litter bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i kinda worried thinking when can we get the $20 from him...

then who are the niao pple?? well some Aplus pple like to come to our stall and analyse our business in front of us and start to say that our profit margin is damn high... eh please mister, we are doing fund raising leh. and secondly, its only 50cents. the profit margin is not realli so that high.. we are worse than some stall no need capital, one day can earn more than 400 bucks.. and some group even better, doing absolutely nothing and can get a bloody 1500 bucks donation from lottery club something like that......

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