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Friday, January 19, 2007

angry day!

posted by frances_sha @ 6:17 PM  
waited for 6 hrs for nothing!!!

plan to go for BBM internship briefing today at 6pm and my classes end at 12pm.. and i gotta stone for 6 hrs in sch library! and when 6pm comes, i reach there and the OCS staff told me that i cant go in cos i din register for it. ok i take it. i sway.. but wait, i know that the other 2 BBM briefings are on wed.. and wed i have the boring proj mgmt class which start at 4 and end at 7.15pm.. shucks.. so i wanted the tell the OCS staff abt it. this is where my fire comes. when i was trying to talk to her, she can bloody ignore me and talk to the person behind.

and i tried again. and she totally ignore me.

call urself staff. cant u have a bit of basic courtesy?

treat us students as what? huh? the lowest class of ppl in school is it?

really angry leh... firstly waited for 6 hrs for nothing. secondly nobody reminded me that i need to register for it. thirdly met this bloody rude OCS staff.

really start to hate the school staffs. all dumps and cant do anything.

reminded me of a stupid cheque. submited the invoice from tinybox(MIC vocal course school) for the subsidy of the vocal courses. i submited i rem is abt 12dec. and until now its still not processed. what the hell is the school staff doing? huh? to process a payment for 1 mth is it? so what if i delay all my bills for one month? collect money from us they are so pro, comes to payment they are so slow. they simply dun understand what the private sectors works is it.. we are rushed by the vocal school like mad. come on' its not even our fault and we are forces to face it and get haunted by the music school everyday. can't they bloody process the cheque in one week? are they so bloody slow in all payment? can anybody tolerate that?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Johor trip with my Korean Friends!!

posted by frances_sha @ 4:18 PM  
went to JB with my Korean friends, Shine and Haemi on New Year Day!

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and together with us is parents also.. haha daddy's driving.. well, din expect him to accompany us.. actually it all happen on christmas day.. cos i met shine and haemi, then i asked them if they got any places wanted to go, and i say if weekends i can drive my father's car out also... so shine say oh if got car he want to go JB.. so i told him, JB cannot.. cos i dun dare to drive.. when i got home, i told my father abt it and he say oh JB also can go ah.. we go together lor.. i was like surprise... to hear this response.. yup and yar off we went to JB on New year day...

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Haemi and I on the causeway....

since both of them say they dun like shopping, so dad suggest we go sight seeing... drive around the whole JB.. and we ate the famous herbal chicken...

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Shine and I at this place which i also dunno where is it.. but its damn nice.. think its the Istana... haha been to Johor so many times but its the first time i went there...

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and Haemi and i take a pic together again..

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hahhaa.. and that guy on the stone chair is Shine... haha.. can't believe there's such a scene in JB rite?

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yup.. and we are so lucky we saw RAINBOW!!! if you notice, there's actually two layers of rainbow.... the lighter one is above...

And we got so excited and we took so many pictures.. and we each took a picture of ourself with the rainbow.. first in the life time!!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and i like Shine's one the most!! hahhaa.. and his pose is so good... lol btw the pic is taken by me! actually wish to learn photography this year.. dunno got chance or not... its such an expensive hobby...
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