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Sunday, November 19, 2006

my new hair!

posted by frances_sha @ 11:56 PM  
had a new hair cut and colour again. and this time went to the hair salon with dar :)
and had a pre-xmas photo taking session heee...

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

beware of a china pervert in SMU

posted by frances_sha @ 11:54 AM  
we were still all traumatised by the pervert catching incident that happened after our Music east and west concert yesterday..

the concert were held at the T-junction (outside OCBC) and we were all sitting on the stairs.. then actually i've noticed this man standing on top, outside 7-11 who kept pointing his hp at us, instead of the stage.. happily doing it throughout the whole concert, 2 hrs throughout... its rather obvious that he's taking pic or video of us. i din really take it to heart then cos i saw that we were all not-so-skimpy dressed.. so i dun think he got much to take also.. but towards the end when we were all noticing that there's this guy there (although we din tell each other), some of us felt uncomfortable about it so one of us went to approach him to ask him what pic is he taking. He refused to show us and he walked away.. so some of us chased after him and some of us went to get guys.. i was with the gals who went to look for some guys.. after that we went to look for the other gals who chased after the pervert..

that pervert was actually quite stupid to lock himself in booklink.. dunno why he stepped inside booklink also.. so when we got there with the guys, we went in and ask him to show us his phones. but he refused.. in the end, i say we have alot of eye witnesses seeing u taking pic of us, and yet u refused to show us. this only increase our suspisions about u.. if like that we call the police.. we can see this his hand is trembling.. and btw, he's a cheena man who speaks rotten english. looks exactly a pervert, skinny, wear a round framed spec, in long sleeve shirt and pants. and yar he's not a student, neither is he a staff of SMU.

anyway, in the end i decided to go to the command centre and ask security guards for help since they can arrive faster anyway. so he had no choice but to let us touch his hp only when the security guards were there.. but everything is too late. we are too stupid to forgot ask him leave his hp on the table. he had deleted everything when the securities arrived. i was so angry! this kind of ppl must put them behind the bars lor. anyway since the pics are not there liao but i just sacre that he had sent them out before deleting them... haiz. anyway i think i had the most direct head on argument with him among the gals. haha then marcus say i had to be careful later he come and seek revenge on me later. come to think of it, quite scary hor. but then wats done is done.. i regret not asking the security guard during the concert! shud have caught him red-handed. argh..........

anyway on another note, went for my church prac last night.. haha after sho long since i last went second service man.. had been going to the traditional first service cos i always have proj meetings on sun. tink i nv go second service for a month so.. so many things change, they changed a new laptop, guitar strap also changed, and stream of praise had a new album also. seems like i haven been there for a year like that.. and also due to a long time since i touch a guitar, skin on my fingers had soften. argh.. and after the practice, i am shocked to see 3 blisters on my fingers on my right hand. so PAIN when i typed this blog!!
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

catch joyce presenting in chinese!!

posted by frances_sha @ 6:40 PM  

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Strategy semi-over!

posted by frances_sha @ 10:47 AM  
yeah.. haha yup after yesterday last presentation for Strategy, my group went to have a feast at the school TCC!!

at the beginning i say we take a pic.. but dunno who say wait for the food come then take. but then when the food came, we were all so hungry (i din have food since breakfast till 4pm..) then we forgot all abt taking pictures. anyway we manged to take one before we left. :)

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yew wei din join us for the TCC feast.. anyway, this is our full grp pic at the debate..
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just a word of warning. NEVER TAKE ANY COURSES UNDER BEN CHAN. serious. i am not joking. he is scary. u will die under him. my grp is smart so we din die. but we almost died. lol..despite the fact we biddd over 30 bucks for this course and i am the lowest bidder some more. and its in BOSS1, not Boss1a.. yup so dun take strategy under him. heard he teach other modules also. yar just dun take.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

yeah.. 2 presentations just finished today!

posted by frances_sha @ 2:43 PM  
whewph....... lalala.. i am so happy!!!

cos I just finished 2 presentations today, one after another! its my SCM and strategy presentation.
haiz i am sho tired. spent a freaking 13 hours. yes! THIRDTEEN hours in a single classroom!! argh from 10am to 11pm lor.... haha had 3 projects meeting at the room at the same time. lol

and the best thing is i only did my scm slides this morning in the train...and i only type out my script for strategy after my SCM presentation.. haha.. was so glad that the SCM presentation was fine, based on the fact that we onli do our slides in less than 12 hrs before the presentation.. lol.. one best thing is that the prof has no questions for us.. but he got qns for every grp...

anyway, i'm happy that my
1) CHina presentation is over = China is OVER! =)
2) SCM project is over
3) my music rondalla concert is over! oh yar yar... i have a clip of us performing last friday at the music lab! and took so many wonderful photos... really love the rondalla group!!

Group pic during practice
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Group pic on actual day with prof..
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Funky group pic......
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the Laud (my instrument) peeps... Shine(he's a korean exchange student!, Lilin(new friend!) and I
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anyway i gotta rush presentation prep for tmr's CB presentation.. the worst thing is that that we have done nothing abt the presentation slides yet.... no template, no content, no report yet. (y this sem all my proj grps so last minute one?!)
anyway sometimes i really dunno how to say my CB group.. on the surface the grp dynamics seems okie, but deep down i feel that we are covering up a lot of things. sometimes feel really sianz when it comes to CB proj meetings. maybe bcos dear isnt around....... *sob*

i think i'll have a late night today again? :( gotta play cinderella every night leh.. must reach home before 12am.. haha not curfew.. just that i need to go home in time to book gsr for study week. -_-

Friday, November 03, 2006

Virtuoso 2006 ~over

posted by frances_sha @ 1:19 AM  
hmmm.. finally virtuoso is over.. haha after doing this last mailer..

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hmm. i am very happy that i am part of Virtuoso 06 team! MIC indeed have grown. compared to last year finals, this year the whole conference hall is real packed! we even have to put extra chairs at the back and people are sitting on the steps! i guess our first president will be delighted to see the current MIC..

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I l o v e M I C ...

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