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Monday, March 30, 2009

posted by frances_sha @ 2:18 PM  
A comforting prayer from a friend that God provided:

let;s pray
dear father in heaven
holy be thy name
your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as in heaven
so today as we pray together for your will to be done on earth in this matter regarding XC
as well as XS
XS's fears regarding __ being taken away from her
her insecurity
and the attacks of satan in her mind
we trust that in the name of jesus
you will order all these to pass
all these to be removed from her minds now, immediately
and replace in her hearts and thoughts
the comfort of your truth
that all things work together for the good of your ppl
and that they will be protected as you will bless them and provide them with the best according to your wishes
according to your will
and your plans are to prosper and to give us hope
and thus, no matter what happens
it will be the best for us
we should not fear
as you will be with us every single step of the way
you will carry us when we are sad and weary like now
and you will cry and comfort us like now
we now entrust frances to you
and may your holy spirit comfort her
comfort her lord
and be with her
in this we pray in jesus name

.: Fran :. says (2:08 PM):

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last day of freedom

posted by frances_sha @ 4:06 PM  
I am back! haha realise i will always blogged during my long MC. lol
well, so it doesnt really means good things right?

this time round its really not very good but well i did had a good 12 days of rest.

I was in very great pain last last thurs and was admitted to Gleneagles after being referred by my family doctor. Did an 1hr operation with full body anesthetic! after that i need to stay in hospital overnight and was discharged the next noon.

this is my surgery in my life, quite an experience haha.

Before my operation, I was actually given an pain killer injection and I went to sleep, a very nice sleep throughout the whole afternoon. I have to wait so long because I had lunch and I need to fast for at least 5 hrs before the operation. So at about time for my operation i was woke up by nurse. still blur blur, i was told to move myself to the next bed which they will push me to the OT. then they put on those paper caps on my head and feet. Though I still feel very giddy, i can feel my heartbeat increases and i start to shiver! haha

I remembered how scary it is to be pushed on the bed here and there, and finally to the operating theatre with those big lights that we always see on dramas haha.

I was quite surprise that the anesthetist gave me the GA by injecting near my palm. I still rem I asked him "not smell one meh?" haha before that I was still worrying how much i need to sniff? too little wait i wake up half way how? too much then i can't wake up after long sleep how? well after the injection i can't recall much already. Because I was still giddy from the pain killer and sleep, it seems to me like I am just continuing my sleep and i just sleep.. lol

when I woke up again, i felt like going to the toilet, and just nice there is a nurse beside me, so i ask for help. I was told that it is normal that after the injection I will feel like gg to toilet but actually its a false alarm. i was like huh? and I asked the nurse: "you mean i finish my operation?" haha what a silly question right? but i am glad its over. really love GA man. haha thou i know its quite hurtful to our body.. but i still rem when i lye on the operating platform with so many people around me, i was really shivering for the worst time in my life! I can imagine how can I go through the whole operation if not for GA. haha.

some random photos i took while in hospital..

my bed.... 941

haha this is really my bed....

the name tag on wrist

for the drip and anesthetic injection... got a bruise for this for few days!

Really glad to receive heartwarming concerns from surrounding friends and family!

my mum accompany throughout the whole day on that thurs and my relatives from HK/china called several times to check how is my condition..

many from my cell grp also smsed and called me to check on me and prayed for me =)
Jenny even brought me lunch and visited me one day last week and brought me a book and dvd, scare that I am bored..

I was really quite bored, i even got sicked of the wii.. haha

oh yar! on the day I was discharged, the very night I received a very very nice hamper.

see..... so nice and sweet right??
Photobucket Photobucket
inside got a dome, 3 bottles of bird nest, 3 bottles of 雪蛤, 3 bananas, 1 apple, and a lovely pot of fresh flowers, my fav - sunflowers!

You know from who???

My company! so sweet of them!
haha anyway going back to work tomorrow liao.
tats why the title "last day of freedom"... haha but i think my real freedom starts tmr! cos i am really sick of staying at home the whole day.. and now after the surgery, i feel free!

oh yar lastly, today's kf birthday..
haiz wanted to ask him for lunch, but he say market was v busy and dun have time for lunch.. seeing how things goes, i can't help feeling more and more negative abt us.. =(

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


posted by frances_sha @ 12:21 AM  

周杰伦 - 说好的幸福呢
词:方文山 曲:周杰伦

你的绘画凌乱着 在这个时刻
我想起喷泉旁的白鸽 甜蜜散落了

情绪莫名的拉扯 我还爱你呢
而你断断续续唱着歌 假装没事了

时间过了 走了 爱情面临选择
你冷了 倦了 我哭了
一开始的不快乐 你用卡片手写着
有些爱只给到这 真的懂了

怎么了 你累了 说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦远了
开心与不开心一一细数着 你再不舍
那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得
你不等了 说好的 幸福呢
我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了
只是回忆的音乐盒还旋转着 要怎么停呢

你的回話凌亂著 在这个时刻
我想起喷泉旁的白鸽 甜蜜散落了
情绪莫名的拉扯 我还爱你呢
而你断断续续唱着歌 假装没事了
时间过了 走了 爱情面临选择
你冷了 倦了 我哭了 一开始的不快乐
你用卡片手写着 有些爱只给到这 真的懂了

怎么了 你累了 说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦远了
那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得
你不等了 说好的 幸福呢
我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了
只是回忆的音乐盒还旋转着 要怎么停呢

怎么了 你累了 说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦远了
你不等了 说好的 幸福呢
我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了

Monday, December 08, 2008

looking for my long lost friend

posted by frances_sha @ 2:57 AM  
Was chatting with huimian and got to know that she and meiling actually fell out because of some misunderstandings.

somehow reminds me of yanfang.. a friend that i have lost and now i cant even rem how i lost her. someone that i really missed hanging ard with... how i used to call her ah chor and how she call me ah e...

told huimian abt me and yf case and she encouraged me to speak to yf again...
and after some thoughts, i finally had the courage to do so... dunno wats the outcome thou..

Monday, December 01, 2008

ktv with kf and shishi

posted by frances_sha @ 3:17 AM  
haha finally made that KTV trip on 2NOV!




love the photos taken with shishi.. haha dunno y i look slim leh..






haha somehow i wished i taken more photos with him instead haha..

Friday, November 07, 2008

bad day

posted by frances_sha @ 4:31 PM  
haiz.. bad day today..

customer cancelled my appointment
- this customer had been cancelling my appointment for 2 mths..
- every week we fixed friday, and every friday he will say he cannot make it.

shipment cock up and kena scolded by customer
- customer say : your service sux

customer send HTC phone with battery.
- operations request customer to provide non-DG certification
- customer refused to declare
- i am sandwiched

sianz ah!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

growing up....

posted by frances_sha @ 12:47 AM  
Saw this off someone's MSN nick.. think its really quite good.

"To grow up means to love more logically and less emotionally"

haiz... how? i shud learn to love less emotionally right??

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